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Multicultural Brand Strategy & Content Marketing Studio

For BIPOC, LGBTQIA+, and Feminist-run brands, small businesses, and thought leaders who want to get their message heard, give power back to their communities, and (r)evolutionize their industries.

Where brand strategy, website copywriting, and content marketing get a lil’ sassy

So you get bold, play big, and yes - have fun with your marketing!

Your business is here for more than just profits - you want to create change, give back, and do your part to burn down the system (and rebuild it, of course).

You’ve been in business long enough to know you can’t do it all - especially when it comes to the creative, marketing, visibility aspects. So far, your work has spoken for itself, but now, you want to make a *bang* with your message and create deeper relationships with your clients, community, and collaborators.

You’re looking for an organized brand and marketing strategy, one that keeps your ideas streamlined and your business efficient! We’re imagining that you get to work on what you’re good at while a trusted agency can build the strategy to share your message, ideas, and awesome work.

We can help with that. 

We work with mission-driven, ass-kicking brands, small businesses, and thought leaders to amplify your message and get your work seen; so you get visible, online and in-person, and create systemic change through your business.

Your mission is too important to play small. With brand strategy and conversation-starting content marketing, you’ll be able to boldly share your message, lead with purpose, and rally the community around you.

Are you ready to (r)evolutionize your industry, together?

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Website Copywriting Checklist

Make website copywriting easier with a step-by-step guide. Download our Website Copywriting Checklist to help you revamp your old website or write new website copy. We’ve included a checklist for each website page and tips for copywriting with inclusive language and sales psychology!

website copywriting checklist for service providers
Jeannie Riley, Iceland With a View. Hiking glaciers, woman in iceland, woman glacier hiking in Iceland
Jeannie Riley
Iceland Travel Guide & Blogger

Reykjavík, Iceland

"Cassandra is just amazing! Having the right strategy for my content and copy for my product was a game changer for my business. Working with her was such a pleasure - she is so organized and detail oriented. She has provided me with so much guidance and clarity for my brand I am forever grateful!I would highly recommend anyone looking for help with brand strategy or copywriting to book her asap!"


How we can increase your visibility & impact, together

Side effects may include: increased page views and organic traffic, higher lead generation, more community engagement, and international Internet recognition.


Copywriter working online

For businesses, organizations, and people who want to work alongside a brand strategy & content marketing studio, handing over their copy and/or content. 

Let’s get your message heard and your community engaged! We offer brand strategy, copywriting, and content management services to help you connect with your community and make inclusive, awesome shit. 

Want to book us for a lil’ marketing and brand strategy workshop? We’ve got something for that, too!


Brand Strategy Resources for beginners

For folx who want a DIY approach to brand strategy, copywriting, and content marketing.

Set your marketing up for sustainable growth (not that capitalist burn-out stuff) with our tools and resources! We’ve put together an extensive resource shop to help you create content, write heartfelt copy, plan out a consistent marketing strategy, and more - so you can start getting visible and use your business for good.

Go at it at your own pace with all of our templates, resources, and tools.

Theresa Truong, Looplink Coachsulting. Operations coachsultant, systems coach, systems coach smiling.
Theresa Baretta
Systems & Operations Coachsultant

Alberta, Canada

“If you’re looking for a strategic partner who can help you become more present, visible and heard online and on social media, Cassandra and the TQP team is what you’re looking for! They’ll walk with you to make sure your content and your business is taken care of to free up more of your time to focus on what you do best!”

Pineapple with flowers

Meet your multicultural & international marketing team!

Hola! We’re a multilingual and multicultural award-winning team made up of copywriters and marketing strategists. With over 10 years of experience writing for the web and creating engaging content, we help industry-disrupting brands hone in on their brand message, so you get seen and celebrated for your work and build your community - through the power of words. 

Our passion is connecting people and celebrating them.
Our mission is to increase your visibility and clients, through words and content.

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Annabelle Reyes, Spanish & Lessons. Spanish teacher in Madrid, spanish teacher in retiro park, Spanish and Lessons.
Annabelle Reyes
Spanish Teacher

Madrid, Spain

“I am very happy with Cassandra and our interaction. After working together I feel extremely focused on my ideal clients, goals, and honing in on the core of Spanish & Lessons. I can develop ideas so much faster because of the clarity I found after working with Cassandra! My business Facebook page is growing slowly and having more views and the biggest takeaway is that I feel super focused and have clarity in my goals and vision – to me that is the most important.”