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MULTICULTURAL Creative marketing & media agency

We bring a multicultural perspective to brand strategy, copywriting, and content marketing, for mission-driven brands, their marketing teams, and thought leaders so you leverage your story, connect with your community, and elevate your content.


Bold copy and content for brands and leaders who… yeah, wanna change the world.

Your brand isn’t just here for profits - your mission is to create cultural and systemic change, giveback, cultivate communities, and do your part to burn down the system (and rebuild it, of course).

Your impact can be felt in the results with your clients, in your immediate communities, and with key partners and collaborators…

But something is still missing.

Visibility around your mission and message with copy and content that tells a damn good story, connects with the right people, and is shared on all the right platforms.

Instead of falling prey to ‘marketing best practices’, what if you stepped outside of the box and reimagined what marketing could be? A creative, fun, and inspiring tool that not only grows your business, visibility, and leads… it can shift the dominant narrative and spoke change.

We can help with that.

We work with established mission-driven brands, organizations, thought leaders, and marketing teams to amplify your message and get your work seen; so you get visible, online and in-person, and yeah… change the world through your business.

Can we be honest with you for a second? Your mission is too important to play small.

With a strategic brand message and conversation-starting copy and content marketing, you’ll be able to leverage your success and story, boldly share your message, and rally the community around you.

Are you ready to create copy and content, together?

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How we can increase your visibility & impact, together

Side effects may include: increased page views and organic traffic, higher lead generation, more community engagement, and international Internet recognition.



For businesses, organizations, and thought leaders who need all the right words and a plan that communicates who you are, what you do, how you do it, and why it’s important… but in a bold and fun way, not that boring stuff.

We work with you to hone in on your strategic messaging and/or content marketing, so you know exactly what to say, how to say it, and when to say it to deepen your impact and reach - this has looked like sales and launch campaigns, evergreen content plans, brand messaging for speaking engagements, and more.


Copywriter working online

Looking for bold copy that packs personality while also being effective to reach your goals?

We love all things words and language. We work with you to clearly and effectively write copy that moves your audience to where you want them next.

No manipulative, shame-filled, ‘cookie-cutter’ copywriting, we write copy that is culturally competent, liberatory, and anti-oppressive while still sounding like YOU and making money!

Content marketing

Working with you for Content Marketing

Set your marketing up for sustainable, organic growth (not that capitalist burn-out stuff) with content marketing that’s elevated and fun!

Whether you’re looking to grow your thought leadership on Instagram or LinkedIn, want to increase organic traffic through SEO-optimized blog posts, or stay in contact with your community using email marketing…

We create content that connects with your people and keeps you top of mind - no matter the industry.

Our approach to brand strategy & marketing

Culturally Competent & Liberatory Marketing Strategies

Culturally Competent & Liberatory Marketing Strategies

We start off every project creating an anti-oppressive marketing strategy - this looks like de-centering USA marketing and messaging tactics and instead, developing a unique strategy tailored to your brand and customer’s identities, culture, and values.

Bold & Engaging Copy and Content

Bold & Elevated Copy and Content

After we set the strategy we come in to create bold and engaging copy or content that connects with your people. Our copy is anti-oppressive, which means we don’t use sleazy copy tactics for quick sales… we use our copy and content to build community and create connections, while still making money.



Everything we do is community-centered. If we work together on a retainer basis, we’ll have monthly check-in calls to implement the feedback and data we’ve collected from your community to create better content and copy.

Our goal is to build and grow your community with copy and content that speaks to them.

Regina Lawless
Coach, Speaker, Former Head of DEI at Meta

California, USA

"Cassandra and the Quirky Pineapple Team are the creative partners you need if you're looking to solidify the messaging and content strategy for your brand.

They helped me to get clear on who my company Bossy and Blissful is actually serving, how to describe my offerings in a compelling way to my target audience. Beyond that, Cassandra was a delight to work with. Her and her team are kind, responsive and go above and beyond!"

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Your multicultural & international marketing team

We are an immigrant and woman-owned, award-winning creative marketing and media agency made up of copywriters and marketing strategists based around the world. We bring 13+ years of experience writing and creating for digital platforms, as well as cultivating loyal communities around brands - online and offline. We help you get seen and celebrated for your work AND build your community, through the power of words.

Our passion is connecting people and celebrating them.

Our mission is to increase your visibility and clients, through words and content.

Could we be the right marketing partner?

Download our SERVICES BROCHURE today to see how we can co-create a bangin' marketing strategy that works for your brand, business and thought leadership.

Trust us, your brand can benefit from adopting a sustainable, inclusive, and holistic marketing strategy.

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Catherine Acevedo Marketing Manager London, England
Catherine Acevedo
Marketing Manager

London, England

"I worked with The Quirky Pineapple Studio for the organic social media of our large scale exhibition for Women in Business & Tech UK. We were pleased with the quality of content produced, attention to detail, professionalism, and friendly approach.

Collaboration was a keyword and the content was always delivered on time. Cassandra and her team were an absolute pleasure to work with and I’d definitely recommend her services!"