Bold copy and content for brands and leaders that want to change the world…

We help you turn your message into a MOVEMENT.

You know it’s not just “some big dream” to make the world a better place - you’re intentionally here doing the damn thing. The problem is, you know you could be reaching more of the right people - partners, clients, collaborators, sponsors - but writing and creating all the copy and content gets messy.

Instead of following the marketing advice you find online, what if you had a tailored strategy and plan to bring your visibility and marketing goals forward? We don’t just strategize and plan with and for you, we operationalize and create marketing systems that streamline you and your team’s efforts to make the most impact.

If you’re like most of our clients, you could also be feeling…

Frustrated working with other marketing agencies that don’t follow through - you want a trusted and strategic marketing partner that shows up for you and your brand, too!

Bored with ‘marketing best practices’ and following the cookie-cutter marketing tactics, you want to bring in new creative ideas for innovative campaigns

Overwhelmed keeping up to date with marketing trends and algorithmic updates, you want the headspace to test and implement new ideas with trusted advice

Stretched in your marketing because there’s a lack of systems supporting your efforts, you want need a marketing system in place to make things easier for everyone involved

Kinda lost in the online space because you don’t ‘fit in’ with what everyone else is doing or saying… and damn, you just want a strategic marketing team that GETS you and your nuances


Imagine if all that changed…

When we confidently stand out, use our voices, and celebrate our communities - we inspire, activate, and move with more ease to create sustainable impact (and hey, our businesses usually grow along with it)!

Our mission is to help you share yours...

With a culturally competent and liberatory approach to our brand messaging, copywriting, and content marketing strategies (yeap, anti-oppressive marketing that still makes you money!)

With systems and processes to make marketing strategies, copywriting, and content marketing a smooth process, from strategizing to drafting and ending with publishing.

Without marketing manipulation, and instead with inclusive, human-centered approaches that feel like a late-night, heart-to-heart conversation with a close friend.

With 13+ years of copywriting and content marketing experience, rooted in customer service, community connection, and cultural competence… we’re here to amplify your message and connect you with your clients (and community)!

Community drives our work. Connection drives our mission.

Get the brand message and content strategy to turn your message into a movement.
Ve’Lyn Crosby
Life, Health, & Leadership Coach

California, USA

“Working with Cassandra and The Quirky Pineapple Studio to clarify my brand message and voice was a huge turning point for my business.

Cassandra's ability to listen to your story and then transform your words, experiences, and talents into a cohesive brand message is unparalleled! When I received my Brand Message Handbook, I was amazed to find that each element (mission & vision statements, service descriptions, etc.) perfectly embodied the heart of my business.

I would highly recommend working on your brand message with The Quirky Pineapple Studio to any entrepreneurs and change=makers who are ready to expand your business by authentically and unapologetically telling your story!”

brand strategist with pineapple, copywriter holding pineapple, the quirky pineapple studio

Hi, I'm Cassandra! (she/they)

Founder, Brand Strategist, and Copywriter

I’m a first-generation Vietnamese-American, immigrant living in Spain. I work as a Brand Strategist & Marketing Consultant and believe business and marketing can be fun AND be used as tools to dismantle systems of oppression.

For 13+ years, I’ve been creating content across all mediums (written, graphics, audio, video, photo, etc.), and through my business, The Quirky Pineapple Studio, I’ve worked with mission-driven brands and thought leaders around the world in English and Spanish - helping them share their story, connect with their community, and drive brand awareness with content marketing that is enjoyable and anti-oppressive.

When I'm not writing or marketing, you can find me searching for the best bubble tea spot in town, picking up a creative hobby, and trying to learn stick shift so I can get my Spanish driver's license!

📍 Moving around Spain
🇺🇸 Originally from Northern Virginia, USA

Team Quirky Partners & Writers

As the agency’s founder and creative director, Cassandra Le oversees all strategy and creative deliverables for clients.

The Quirky Pineapple Studio’s clients are supported by a remote team of talented creatives, consultants, and specialists matched with your unique identities, culture, stories, and industry knowledge.

copywriter in Colombia, copywriter working remotely, copywriter sitting with dog

Camila (she/her)


📍 Bogotá, Colombia
🇨🇴 Originally from Cali, Colombia

Julia Bocchese, SEO specialist in Philadelphia

Julia (she/her)

SEO Specialist, Julia Renee Consulting

📍 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
🇺🇸 Originally from Washington, DC

Mario (he/they). Member of the Quirky Team

Mario (he/they)


📍 Moving around Spain
🇪🇸 Originally from Toledo, Spain

Georgia (she/her). Member of the Quirky Team

Georgia (she/her)

Writer & Podcast Manager

📍 Bogotá, Colombia
🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 Originally from London, England

Gabriela (she/her). Member of the Quirky Team

Gabriela (she/her)

Writer & Designer

📍 Toronto, Canada
🇨🇴 Originally from Colombia

Gabriela Aguilar, Creative Director Brand Strategist

 Gabriela T. (She/ Her)

Creative Director / Brand Strategist, Teran Media Design

📍 Maryland, USA
🇧🇴 Originally from Bolivia

Isabella Sanchez Castañeda Podcast Producer Pennsylvania, USA
Isabella Sanchez Castañeda
Podcast Producer

Pennsylvania, USA

“Before working with Cassandra and The Quirky Pineapple Studio, I liked my content but was inconsistent with it. I was afraid of stepping to the full power of my brand message and committing to what I wanted to stand for and who my ideal client really is.

I’ve bought programs in the past that were too surface-level and was following advice meant for coaches. I reached out for support because I saw TQP Studio was bold and social conscious, as well as is very firm in their core values and offers, while remaining kind, intersectional, and nuanced.

I appreciated how patient Cassandra was in the process of me figuring this out while firm and pushing me toward doing better. I am more confident in my brand message and ideal client avatar. The accountability has allowed me to show up more often, sell with more energy, and convert new clients. I have a lot more clarity around my offers and how to describe them with ease. Working with Cassandra has elevated how I talk about what I do.

I would absolutely recommend working with Cassandra on brand and offer messaging! She not only sees your brand and copy, she sees you as a person building the business.”


Can we brag about ourselves a bit?

We are a multicultural, multilingual, and fully remote team, working with clients around the world in English, Spanish, and Spanglish

We’re an award-winning creative marketing and media agency (20 On The Rise 2019, from Rising Tide Society & Honeybook)

We co-wrote a book called Branding Quickies, which was ranked #1 on Amazon in the Leadership section

We’ve created an international & global community that spans the world - we’re really proud of ourselves!

video editor in Madrid, video editor in Spain, video editor in Retiro park
Estrella Sansait
Video Editor For Course Creators

Madrid, Spain

“I highly recommend Cassandra and The Quirky Pineapple Studio if you want to get clear on your business’ messaging and content creation. I wanted to change my brand messaging, but didn’t know how. I’d read sooo many DIY guides on branding, but still didn’t fully understand how to apply it to my business.

Working with them helped me get clear on what I wanted my messaging to be, and how to convey that through my content. They encouraged me to use my voice and add more of “me” to my business, which was pretty bland up to that point tbh. After some tweaks, I started attracting and booking the clients I’ve always wanted to work with.

Cassandra fosters an amazing environment and I always felt supported. If you’re considering working with The Quirky Pineapple Studio, go for it!”

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The Quirky Pineapple Studio Headquarters

The Quirky Pineapple Studio headquarters is proudly based and registered in Spain.

Our team, however, is located all over the world! If you are a business based in Spain or the EU, all invoices will include VAT. If you are also an EU VAT holder, please share your EU VAT number when you accept your proposal and sign your contract, so we can reflect that on your invoice.

We work on a Central European Time Zone (CET/CEST), from 10 AM to 5 PM, Monday to Friday. We observe all United States and Spanish holidays, unless otherwise stated.

Among that, rest is important to our team and we do not expect our clients or team members to respond if they are currently participating in self-care or rest activities. We prioritize our people first, before we try to keep up with capitalist “standards” of production.

When working with us, we take into account your mental and physical needs, accessibility, cultural background, and more - if there’s something we missed, please let us know!


Our Core Values & Beliefs

We are committed to speaking up - loudly and clearly - for what we believe in and the values we stand for.

If you rock with our core values,
we rock with you, too:

🍍 Creating diverse and inclusive communities. Brave places for people who come from different walks of life, experiences and backgrounds to come together, learn, and share.

🍍 Leading in excellence. A standard of excellence in the online business market for our branded experience, diverse and international communities, and efficiency in our operations. We want to set the bar.

🍍 Taking bold action. We use business and marketing strategies to dismantle systems of oppression, give power back to our communities, and create sustainable and inclusive businesses. We do not play small in our accomplishments, achievements, nor our message. We take bold action - even if it is scary, for community care and action.

🍍 Engaging in honest communication. Open, honest dialogue even if they are awkward or difficult.

🍍 Committing to efficient practices. Awareness of privilege, cultural awareness, time, priorities, and opportunities in our systems, processes, and operations. We commit to efficient and inclusive practices that incorporate each person’s lived experience and needs.

Among those core values,
we also believe in:

🍍 Black Lives Matter

🍍 Anti-racism work is a lifelong journey

🍍 Intersectional feminism FTW - if it’s not intersectional, it’s not feminism

🍍 No human is illegal

🍍 Equal rights for Queer, LGBTQIA+, & non-gender binary folx

🍍 Accessibility for ALL

🍍 Honoring & giving back the Indigenous lands we live on

🍍 Community care & protection instead of authoritative action

🍍 Sustainability and co-creation

Are we the right marketing partner for you?

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Trust us, your brand can benefit from adopting a sustainable, inclusive, and holistic marketing strategy.

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