Things to be Thankful for:

I know I missed Thanksgiving by a few days, but… when you’re without Internet and wifi in your piso and left to run around finding free internet cafe’s and stealing internet from the library… life can get a bit hectic! I have many, many, many, things to feel Thankful for this year. I have many, many, many, people and things to be grateful for. Today, I am taking some extra time to recount the abundance of blessings and opportunities/things that I am so appreciative for this year:

  • My family : no matter how far away we are from each other, no matter the distance and the complications of communication, they are consistently there for me. My family is the biggest part of who I am, of where I’m going, of what I’m doing. They are the essence of my actions, my mannerisms, my personality. The support that I continually receive from them is astounding. We may not always agree on certain aspects (but, who ever agrees on everything?!), they may all think that I’m a little crazy because I am so unconventional in my ways, we can argue and bicker, but at the end of the day – their support remains the same. I’m thankful and grateful for having my family as my foundation.
  • My friends : who have spread all over the world and all over the United States! My closest friends, who consistently accept me and also support me. My closest friends who have always been there listening to problems, offering advice, or handing me the tough love that I really needed. I am thankful for each relationship I’ve built with all of them, and the relationship I am building with new friends.
  • Living Abroad : there are moments here, small and quiet, and usually hidden – but there are moments when I disconnect from a situation and take the time to think about the fact that I am living abroad in a foreign country, immersed in a foreign language and culture, and I am here drinking cafe con leches in Spain. I am able to call this country, this town, this place, my home for the next year. I am doing it – I am doing things – I am doing something I only dreamed of! Sometimes, it still feels surreal. Through mundane activities, like grocery shopping, I sometimes forget that I am living out an amazing and unforgettable opportunity and journey. What I’m doing could inspire others to do the same! I am thankful for all of this!
  • New Experiences : the awkward, the fun, the painful, the exciting, the sad – all of the new experiences I am able to have! There are times when I am so homesick, I am on the verge of crying. There are times when I miss my family and friends so much, making new friends here isn’t the same. There are times where I’m overjoyed and my heart is so full because of one of my students. All of these moments and new experiences are changing me, teaching me, and helping me. I couldn’t be more thankful for having all of the painful and fun experiences!


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