Style Me Italian!

Let’s play a little game, I’ll “say” a few words, and your job is to tell me the first word that pops into your head! Ready? Set… Go!

  • Fashion
  • Gelato
  • Gladiators
  • Leather
  • Ancient

What were your answers? Mine ended up making me think of Italy and their famous style. With wanderlust always coursing through me, I’m always thinking about what other destination cities have to offer, and what I can experience there. I’ve written before that food is definitely one of the big things that I look forward to while traveling. Another aspect I love to do is people watch. Hands in the air if you love to people watch, too! I’ve admitted before that I’m an avid shopper, fashion enthusiast, and bargain hunter. Traveling inspires me fashion-wise as well. With different styles, textiles, and trends in all different countries, I like to draw inspiration from the places I’ve visited, and incorporate it into my own unique style. With my trip to Rome, Italy coming up in July, I’m excited to feast my eyes on chic Italian style *insert heart eyes emoji*!


As an American living in Spain, I’m definitely one of those girls that says “Everything looks better in Europe!” Which, may or may not be true. But walking the streets of Madrid, I’m always having, what I like to call, “outfit envy”. Ladies and Gents, has this ever happened to you? Have you seen an outfit that is (as the kids say these days) “#killingit”, causing you to have immediate outfit envy? In every European country that I have visited, outfits have ranged from so many different styles – but the one thing they all have in common is the equal amount of outfit envy. This is no different than Rome, Italy!

Picture by Patricia Campbell for Elle UK

I’ve been scouring through Pinterest boards that have been labeled “Italy”, “Italian Travel”, “Style in Italy”, “What to Pack while in Rome”, and it’s giving me an anxiousness and excitement to be there and experience it for myself. Drawing from what I’ve seen and read through the many, many travel blogs and fashion blogs that I’ve found, there are a few essentials for blending in with Rome’s style. Some keywords to keep in mind are: chic, comfortable, versatile, and laid back. Contrary to Milan, where one of the four Fashion Week shows are held, I have learned that Rome’s style is less high fashion, and more classic. There are a lot of sights to see in Rome, which means a lot of walking! Pack athletic shoes, especially ones with a decent arch support. If you are traveling to Rome in the near future, I found this packing list on one of my favorite travel AND fashion blogs!

Picture by Patricia Campbell for Elle UK

And of course, if you’re looking to be “styled Italian”, the best place to stay is in a chic, stylish, and beautiful hotel! The First Luxury Art Hotel Roma Preferred Boutique Hotel, can be just that. As a five star boutique hotel, you will be offered the utmost hospitality, as well as, the coziness of smaller hotels. The First offers 29 rooms, and five different suite styles to choose from. Scanning through their room gallery, the rooms embody Rome’s fashion forward style. Looking chic, comfortable, and laid back, I’m ready to book a room and enjoy this luxury accommodation hotel!


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