Traveling Luxurious in Rome, Italy

As a person who studied Hospitality Management, and also a frequent traveler, I am always interested in the luxury hotels that a city has to offer. Actually, when I travel with my parents, we stay in different hotels but also wander around and pop in to see the lobbies of other hotels in the area. My post college budget is much smaller, unfortunately, so instead of opting for the luxurious hotels that I lust after from time to time, I settle for “couch surfing” or staying in hostels. These are definitely not the same!

Photo by ayeferanim via Trover.com

My travel “capricho” is still on my mind, so for the past week, I’ve been researching almost everything I can find on travel blogs and scouring Pinterest boards for beautiful pictures about Rome, Italy. I’ve even gone so far as to find three luxury hotels that I wish I could be staying in during my trip with my family. They are all restored historic buildings in Rome and are top-notch luxury-wise. I was scrolling through their room galleries, and if I could insert *heart eye emojis*, I would!

Here are three luxury hotels you should keep an eye out for, if you’re traveling to Rome, Italy!

1. The First Luxury Art Hotel Roma Preferred Boutique Hotel

Originally built as a 19th century nobleman’s palace, The First Luxury Art Hotel Roma Preferred Boutique Hotel is now a renovated five-star hotel in the heart of Rome. The First boasts All’Oro, a restaurant overlooked by Michelin Star chef, Riccardo Di Giacinto, a bar, and a lounge, not to mention a beautiful rooftop terrace that allows guests to overlook the historic landscape of Rome from above. As a boutique hotel, The First offers 29 rooms for their guests to choose from. Each room has been carefully decorated with beautiful artwork from local Italian artists.


2. Hotel Lunetta

Hotel Lunetta does not fail to disappoint the luxurious traveler! Scrolling through a vast array of pictures of this four star hotel left me itching to book a room for one night, just to be able to experience what this place had to offer. The luxury hotel is in Rome’s prettiest and most picturesque neighborhood, Navona/Campo de’ Fiori. The Hotel Lunetta is one of the newer hotels on my list of luxury favorites. It opened in early July 2011 and was renovated from a historic building dating back to 1368.


3. Hotel Splendide Royal

Hotel Splendide Royal is the biggest of the hotels I’ve listed. The hotel has a total of 70 rooms that range from Suites, Non-Smoking, and Family Rooms. It has recently been restored from a palace dating back to 1890. I’m sure you can imagine the type of history and architecture that surrounds this luxury hotel! With many amenities to choose from, this five-star hotel offers a comfortable place for your family and conference rooms and a business center if you’re looking for somewhere to host meetings.


Each of these luxury hotels are found in the center of Rome. Most of the popular tourist sites are only a short walk away, and the neighboring streets are rich with vibrant cafes and the picturesque beauty of Rome.

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Picture by Allan Tan via Trover.com

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  1. Oh yes, very expensive! I couldn’t afford staying here until I made a bit more money! Definitely a big dream to stay at a luxury hotel and experience the customer service first hand!

  2. These look absolutely amazing. There are many great hotels in Rome. I had the pleasure to stay at the Aldrovandi Villa Borghese last year and it was really awesome as well!

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