Marbella la Maraviosa — Luxury at its Finest

luxury |ˈləkSH(ə)rē, ˈləgZH(ə)-|
noun (pl. luxuries)
the state of great comfort and extravagant living: he lived a life of luxury.

If there is one place that I dream of visiting in Spain, it would have to be Marbella. Marbella is one of the prettiest and most luxurious cities of “Costa del Sol”. The city is in the province of Malaga, which is in the southern region of Spain, called Andalucía. “Costa del Sol” refers to the southern coast of Spain, where the lifestyle, people, and accent are very different than the rest of the country. The luxurious lifestyle is not taken lightly here!

The city is an international tourist attraction. Marbella attracts guests from all over the world, as well as many socialites. It has the most famous port in Spain, Puerto Banús, that house many yachts of wealthy travelers and diplomats. From pictures that my friends have shown me to being curious and “googling” this city, most photos show beautiful yachts and cars that I could only dream of owning one day! As a post college graduate and cheap traveler, it would definitely be nice to pretend for a few days that I was part of this luxurious crowd.

Photo by Stephanie Ling via Trover pictures

Not only does the luxurious lifestyle pique my attention, the beaches and the Mediterranean Sea do as well. Marbella is on the “Costa del Sol”, which directly translates to the coast of the sun; you can imagine what the climate is like year round! The annual climate is 64°F (18°C), and even nicer when the summer season rolls around into Spain. With the beach right at your toes, the weather could not be more perfect for lounging on the beach or taking part of the Andalusian culture. There are many luxury hotels in Marbella that allow you to take advantage of the sea and the weather.

The “Chiringuitos” are the typical Spanish bars at the beach, where you can enjoy the view of the Mediterranean, the heat of the Spanish sun, and your own caña (not to share, because you’re on vacation)! But a fair warning, the Spanish sun is not to play with. I have been burned, even after applying 50 SPF sunscreen. The sun is very strong here, which means, if you’re like me, you’ll want to sit and soak in it all day.

fixedw_large_2x (1)
Photo by Kelly S via Trover

I’ve asked many of my friends here in Spain, the families that I am close to, and even my students, where my next visit should be. Marbella is always listed as one of the top five cities that I need to see.

If you are like me, I really try to get into the “nitty gritty” of a culture, and take part in cultural norms that the country has. For example, in Spain, when summer season approaches, the terrace culture is extremely popular. This is where you can find the vibrancy of culture and people, enjoying drinks and tapas with their friends. Marbella is no exception to this popular cultural aspect; if anything, the city has a larger “terrace culture”! One plaza that is very well-known, is “La Plaza de los Naranjos”, where you are able to have a drink (or a few) and enjoy some of the most beautiful sights that Marbella offers.

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Photo by Martin Macdonald via Trover

My mother has always told me to “travel in style”, and Marbella allows me to do just that (but of course, on a post college graduate budget).

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