My Secret for World Domination

Wow, y’all must really mean something to me if I’m letting you in on my secret for WORLD DOMINATION. Seriously, is this relationship getting that serious? Where are my flowers and chocolates? Just kidding, I’m much more fond of plane tickets, souvenirs, and post cards with a handwritten note on them. But, in all seriousness, I suppose you’re here to find out this secret to my plan for taking over the world. If you know me in real life, I’ve probably mentioned that one of my goals is “world domination”. I’m not kidding, this is definitely a real goal of mine. Currently, I am still trying to figure out all of the specific details that this type of task entails, and what my plan of action is… but I do have my one secret weapon.

Have you ever heard of the phrase, “Kill them with kindness”? Well, that’s it. My secret for World Domination is kindness, an open heart, and helping others. It sounds a little silly, doesn’t it? I’m on a mission to really, really, be kind and have an open heart wherever I go. Now, kindness doesn’t mean letting people walk all over you and take advantage of this amazing trait. A lot of times, through my own experiences, I’ve learned that although kindness is something I am trying and choosing to emanate, there are people who don’t deserve it. And sometimes, although it terrifies me to do this, there are people who just need to be taught that I’m not a doormat! That’s right, I AM NOT A DOORMAT!

“I came in like a wrecking ball!!!” || Valencia, Spain

I’m terrible at confrontation. I actually avoid it at all costs. It’s taken me 23 years of living life to learn to be more assertive, aggressive, and more confident in who I am and getting my voice heard. My mom has always taught me: “If you don’t like something, speak up!”. Her advice has always rung true inside my head when I need to confront a problem head on. Sadly, I am a little bit of a chicken when it comes to these things, so at the ripe, young age of 23, I’m continuing to find my voice. If you’re interested in this plan for World Domination, and it sounds like something that you’d like to be a part of, I’m always in search of companions to build the “Kindness Army” (:

Being part of the “Kindness Army” means spreading peace and love. Sounds like something in the 60’s, right? I truly believe that the millennial generation believes in making the world a better place, and helping others. We are all global citizens, cultural ambassadors, and teachers in some way, shape, or form. Working in a foreign country, I am not only an English teacher, but I am a cultural ambassador to the United States and my own cultures. I’ve faced numerous situations of ignorance and disrespect, being a Vietnamese-American living in a mostly homogenous and non-immigrant country. Most days, I try and not let the ignorance and disrespect bother me, but I’ve got feelings, too! Sometimes, some of these feelings range from defeat, frustration, sadness, unworthiness, and weakness. No human should be made to feel this way regarding their ethnicity, culture, or race; and sadly that’s how I’ve felt sometimes, living over here.

Porto, Portugal
Porto, Portugal

Now, I’m challenging you all, to take part in the “Kindness Army”. When you see acts of ignorance, prejudice, and racism; educate people. The conversation that entails will most likely be awkward, uncomfortable, and probably extremely frustrating. I’m giving most people the benefit of the doubt, and hoping that they are willing to learn about different cultures and open their mind, but if they aren’t… you can’t teach someone who doesn’t want to learn. At least you tried! I’m taking my Mom’s advice: “If you don’t like something, speak up!”, and my Dad’s advice: “Act out in love, stand up for yourself, but do it with love”, to deal with situations like the ones mentioned above. My secret for World Domination, is to “kill them with kindness”, open my heart and mind, and help others. Not to mention, I’m a fucking badass bitch, and one to be reckoned with! So, if you can’t see that, that is your problem.


I’ll leave y’all with my morning mantra that I tell myself everyday before I leave my house: 
“Cassandra, you are a fierce,independent, and powerful woman. You are a DIVA who has a voice and knows exactly what she wants. Don’t let them take advantage of you; you are WORTH IT, and you are WORTH MORE.”

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