Salmorejo Cordobés

Salmorejo, a typical dish from the city of Córdoba, is a tomato and bread based purée that can actually knock your socks off. Just kidding, but, it’s that darn good! I first tried it last year, when Tim and I visited Córdoba for my pre-birthday weekend festivities. I might be obsessed with salmorejo… and if it’s on the menu, 10/10 I will order it! We found the original recipe on a small street wall in Córdoba, and gave it a try. It’s an easy dish to make, and only requires five ingredients!

I’ve translated the recipe for y’all from Spanish to English, so you can make this dish at home! (:

Our homemade Salmorejo

1 Kg of tomatoes (2.2lbs)
100 g of olive oil 
200 g of bread
1 clove of garlic
10 g of salt (or to taste)

1. Wash and dice the tomatoes, and then put them in a big bowl.
2. Use a mixer to make a purée with the tomatoes. We used one of the hand mixers (“batidora”).
3. Pour the tomato puree into a large strainer to remove the seeds and skin.
4. Return the tomato purée to the large bowl.
5. Chop the bread, and add into the bowl of tomatoes.
6. Add olive oil, diced garlic, and salt (to taste).
7. Continue to mix until the puree is thick and even.

Spoon the puree into bowls. Top with diced hard boiled egg and diced Jamón serrano or iberico.
Best if served chilled and with extra baguette on the side for dipping! Qué aproveche! 


Now, when you’re adding the garlic, only add one clove. The first time we made this, we are all garlic lovers and decided that the more garlic, the better! Unfortunately, adding four cloves of garlic was not the best option. It left the soup tasting much too “garlic-y”, a bit spicy, and left us with garlic breath for the rest of the night and into the next day. So, one clove of garlic is perfect! If you’re hesitant about adding garlic, you can even add half of the clove and the salmorejo will still taste delicious.

IMG-20151016-WA0005 copy
Enjoy! Let me know, in the comments below, if you tried this recipe out for yourself! (:

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2 thoughts on “Salmorejo Cordobés”

  1. Hahaha in the beginning, I wasn’t sure if I would like it either because I don’t really like gazpacho… but now, I am always ordering it!

  2. At first I didn’t like salmorejo (don’t kill me XD) but overtime I grew to like it. It’s so refreshing on hot summer days, though I’m sure it’s just as good in the winter time!

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