We Love Spain: Moroccan Fantasy Tour Review

Morocco has been one of my dream destinations since I was younger. Something about the culture, the people, and the country in general intrigued me! Also, having family friends and an uncle who are from Morocco definitely piqued my interest. They always told me about the beautiful cities that Morocco had to offer, the rich culture, and more stories about their home life before they immigrated to the United States. Whenever they went back to Morocco to visit their own family, my sisters and I always received small gifts and trinkets when they returned. I felt like the country was calling my name!!

I was finally able to tour a bit of Morocco with a popular tour group in Spain, called We Love Spain. I’ve heard some good things about this company, they have a lot of reviews online, and a few of my other friends booked with them last year for the same trip. I booked the Moroccan Fantasy Tour and Gibraltar for a three day weekend (I don’t work Fridays!), with all transportation, accommodation, a camel ride, and food included in the price (which was very, very reasonable)! Here are some thoughts about the company and the tour:

Big Tour Group

When I first booked the trip, I really had no idea how big or small the tour might be. When we arrived in Gibraltar with our tour bus (we were about 50+), we were told that another tour bus is coming shortly to meet with us. The entire tour group ended up being about 100+ travelers, split into two groups of around 50~. IT WAS A BIG TOUR GROUP. And, if you know me, traveling in groups is not one of my preferred travel plans. The pros about having such a large tour group was that we were able to meet and chat with so many different people from the United States and all over Europe. The cons about this, however, is the amount of time it took to get through specific aspects of the tour; and the group was big enough to meet people, but it was still hard because there were smaller groups of travelers within the large group. I have to give the company credit, because with 100+ travelers, the four tour guides were able to get us all at meeting points on time, through customs/border control, and have things run smoothly and efficiently with (what seemed to be) no problem!

Great Price!

Let’s face it, I’m a bit of a budget seeker when it comes to traveling. Don’t get me wrong, I definitely splurge where need be; but when it comes to finding the cheapest and most effective way to get from point A to point B, I’m always looking for the next deal. As a post college graduate and expat, I don’t get paid too much in terms of the American salary. This trip offered travelers accommodation, all meals (not beverages), transportation, a camel ride on the beach, professional tour guides, and a FREE album from a professional photographer all for 189€. If you opted for more specific things, you would need to pay extra. This is a great price! For everything being taken care of, I was so happy with the price and the quality of the trip!

Fun and Friendly Atmosphere

We Love Spain is a tour company that specifically markets to Erasmus students, students studying abroad, and the younger folk. Our tour guide (who happened to be the owner of the company), kept the vibe of the group, and the trip in general, fun and light hearted. Each of the tour guides were fun, easy to talk to, and always doing silly things to make sure we had a good time. You could tell the dynamic between the guides was definitely teamwork, which made me feel more comfortable to “let loose” and enjoy myself! The tour guides seemed to really love what they were doing, and that in turn made me trust in them more.

Not Enough Time

Morocco is a fascinating country, filled with history,so much culture, and many tourist areas, that one weekend definitely wasn’t enough time. Through this tour, we visited the cities of Tangier, Chefchaouen, and Tetuan, with a pre-Africa stop in Gibraltar. Most of our time was probably spent traveling by bus from one location to the next, so I never felt like I was able to dig into what Morocco had to offer. We moved quickly, efficiently, and safely from four different cities and were able to have a “taste” of Morocco and it’s scenery and vibrancy. I do wish that we had more time to roam around each area, wander off on our own, and were able to interact more with local people.

Overall, I am happy that I traveled with this tour company. They made exploring just a bit of Morocco exciting, fun, and safe. Plus, it’s so nice to have someone else plan everything for you besides trying to schedule everything yourself!! I was able to sit back and relax, and only needed to show up at the right time. We Love Spain also offers other weekend trips, or for “puentes”, when we are able to have a longer weekend. I’m looking into booking the Sahara Desert Adventure, which is a five day trip and they would take you camping in the desert for one night. The tour guides were telling us that this trip allows travelers to see more of North Morocco and South Morocco, and the contrast between them both. It’s definitely a bit more pricey, but if I can save up (which, I’m not too great at…) than I’ll definitely be booking!

Have any other travelers booked with tour companies? What was your experience and which ones would you recommend?

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4 thoughts on “We Love Spain: Moroccan Fantasy Tour Review”

  1. Hi John!

    I didn’t end up going on the trip, it ended up being too much money for me and I couldn’t find the time. I definitely recommend the Moroccan Fantasy Tour, or the tour that doesn’t include Gibraltar. Those are great, and they’re nice for a quick overview for the north of Morocco (:

  2. Hey Cassandra!

    Thanks for writing the post! My girlfriend and I really would like to have a fun trip to Morocco and are looking into doing the Sahara Desert Adventure trip with We Love Spain. Did you end up going on the trip? We found a lot of reviews for the Moroccan Fantasy Tour, but are having a tougher time finding a lot of reviews for the Desert trip and we’d love to hear your opinion.

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