5 Ways To Add Velvet To Your Wardrobe

Before, I used to only think that velvet was specifically for old curtains and the 70’s era. Now, it’s definitely making a comeback. I can officially say that I am obsessed with velvet pieces of clothing and accessories. The fabric is SO soft, warm, and adds a different sense of texture and dynamic to your outfit. Pulling together an outfit that incorporates velvet is not as hard as you think! You don’t need to be a 70’s queen or vintage chick to be able to wear velvet, nor do you need to be a walking curtain (hahaha, that’s silly). Here are five different ways to add velvet to your wardrobe, and still remain modern.

  1. Harem Pants
    I own a pair of black velvet harem pants from Urban Outfitters that I am absolutely in love with. My sisters always tell me that they think it looks funny, but, what do they know! These harem pants are so comfortable and can easily dress up any outfit with a loose fitting top, or even a more slim fitting one tucked into the waistband. Add some earrings and you’re good to go!harem_pants_thequirkypineapple
  2. Blazer
    Oh, how I wish I had a velvet blazer to wear with skinny jeans and a t-shirt. A velvet blazer is probably the easiest velvet piece you can style! All you have to do is pick your favorite skinny or distressed denim jeans (or even high-waist), a graphic t-shirt or basic t-shirt, a statement necklace, and some flats or ankle booties. This is the simplest way to dress up any look, and the simplest way to add a bit of flair to your wardrobe!

  3. Clutch
    To tell y’all the truth, I am not a fan of clutches. It’s something about the fact that it’s a “clutch”, which means no straps… and you’ll always have to have it in your hand. Although I’m not a big fan of this accessory, I still have outfit envy when I see other ladies have a beautiful and statement clutch that completely rounds out their outfit. With a velvet clutch, it’s a simple way to add a bit “more” to your outfit. Adding an accessory like this can easily pull together your entire look and make girls like me (who hate clutches) feel envious that you can pull it off so well!

  4. Dress
    When I think about velvet dresses, I think about a burgundy, wine colored skater dress, paired with patterned tights, pretty earrings, and a wedged suede ankle boot. If you’re looking more for a GNO dress, you can find a more bodycon type velvet dress for a night on the town, or a special date night with your boo. I would dress up a bodycon velvet dress with a statement necklace and simple makeup, to keep the look young and fresh.

  5. Leggings
    Leggings, like harem pants, are easy to throw on when you’re feeling a bit lazy to get dressed. The best thing about velvet, is that because it’s such a different texture than normal, you instantly look like you actually put in the effort! Pairing this with an oversized tunic and ankle boots, heels, or your go to flats, is fun and simple! I would wear this more during the Fall, when I’m a bit lazy to put in the effort but still trying to keep the illusion that I’m really stylish!


    Velvet is a fun and different fabric to wear, that allows you to feel chic or grungy all in one; depending on the accessories you pair with it. You can find easy velvet pieces at stores like Forever 21 or Urban Outfitters, that aren’t too expensive!


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