5 Things Every Woman Needs In Her Bag In Spain

A woman’s purse is, honestly, like a secret-never-ending cave. You could keep reaching in there, and reaching in there, and find a plethora of knick knacks and “just incase” items! Think, Mary Poppins and her magic bag… well, I’d say that some women’s bags are something similar to that. This is no different when you travel! Here are five different items that every woman who is visiting Spain should carry in her bag at all times. I’m being serious, this will DEFINITELY come in handy in the future, especially when you’re out with friends.

  1. Tissue Packets or Napkins
    If you don’t take my advice with anything else on this list, this is the one item that you MUST carry around. I’ve learned this lesson the hard way numerous times. It’s become a habit of mine to take napkins at whichever bar we are at and hide them away in my purse for “just incase” moments. Tissue packets or napkins are so essential as a woman, especially when you’re out at a bar or club with your friends, and 10/10 times there won’t be any toilet paper in any of the bathrooms here. Also, during the summer, Spain is known for having town “festivals/carnivals”. At these festivals, there are only port-a-potties that definitely DO NOT have any tissue paper. And to be honest, lines for the port-a-potties are ridiculously long, so I have peed between cars before. Oh yes, UNASHAMED!
  2. Hand Sanitizer
    Just as much as toilet paper is a scarce commodity in the bathrooms, soap is also not usually found. This definitely goes for the festivals/parties that you will mostly likely go to during the summer. Port-a-potties are disgusting (and I’m sure y’all know that), and there is definitely no soap there. Do yourself and everyone around you a favor and bring a small bottle of hand sanitizer wherever you go. It will make you feel so much better!
  3. Mints or Gum
    Spain is known for cooking with garlic. Garlic and more garlic. When you’re out to eat with friends, there is a likelihood that you will be ordering something that has either been fried with garlic, or has olive oil and garlic mixed together. One of my favorite tapas to order are the “patatas ali-oli“, which is boiled potatoes or fried potatoes with an aioli sauce. Trust me, y’all will leave the restaurants breathing garlic, and if you’ve had enough of it, garlic burps are so real and so dangerous.


  4. A Small Snack/Water bottle
    This might sound ridiculous. I mean, how big is the purse that I carry around? While I’m traveling or visiting another neighbouring town or city, I always carry around a small snack (ie: apple, cookies, banana, etc) and a small plastic water bottle with me. The schedule in Spain is different. Breakfast is around 9am-10am, and later you won’t be eating lunch until about 2pm-3pm. That is a lot of hours between breakfast and lunch. I know I’m a huge snacker, so I try and pack something light to hold me over until I can sit down and have a real meal. It helps with my “hangriness” and I’m sure the boyfriend appreciates that I pack him something, as well. As for the water bottle, it can get heavy in your bag, but you’ll thank me later. Water is NOT, I repeat, NOT free in Spain. When you’re eating at a restaurant and ask for water, most of the time they will give you a bottle of water. I’ve tried to get around paying for the bottle of water, and get my free glass just like the American I am, but sometimes I’ve been told they “don’t have tap water”. Alright, you sneaky waiters! Also, while walking around and visiting different areas, at least in the center of Spain and in the south, it will get hot, and you will get thirsty. Bring dat water bottle!
  5. Red Lipstick (Or Another Bright Color)
    Need I say more? Most women I see here, 21-30 year olds, always have a bright swipe of red lipstick on when they are out and about on the town. In the beginning, I always thought that it looked so nice for just a day of errands! Now, I see myself participating in this cultural aspect of swiping on a lipstick color before I head out. Whether it be for tapas, grocery shopping, or even sometimes when I end up staying at home, I make an effort to put on a little bit more lipstick to spruce up my outfit and my face. I love the look on Spanish women! To me, the red lipstick (or another bright color), looks confident, fun, and plain fashionable! I recommend carrying a tube of red lipstick with you, to swipe on after you’ve had your tapas, and before you head out to the clubs!


Any other things that women need to carry in their bags with them? Have y’all ever peed between two parked cars in public? Don’t lie… I know I’m not the only one! (;

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4 thoughts on “5 Things Every Woman Needs In Her Bag In Spain”

  1. Haha, I never used to carry around tissues or anything… but now I can’t seem to stop myself even when I’m back home in the United States! I almost expect to NOT have toilet paper in the bathrooms now!

  2. Hey Silvie!
    Thanks for reading! I do have to say, I miss those good ole’ JMU parties haha! All of the lipstick shades I posted can be found at your nearest CVS, I would go there almost once a month to pick out a new lip color. I’d love to do a European makeup post, thanks for giving me the inspiration to look into it. Skincare, I don’t know so much about… but makeup is a bit easier for me! I’ll start researching it now, so be on the lookout in the future for a makeup post! (:


  3. This post made me let out a huge laugh! Kat and I have definitely been a little indecent while looking for bathrooms at JMU parties so this brought back some memories. I love all the lipstick shades you posted. Do you think you’ll ever post about European makeup or skincare?

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