10 Instagram Accounts That Inspire Me Daily

There is no way of hiding that I might be a bit obsessed with Instagram. Ok, maybe a bit more than obsessed, like really obsessed with Instagram. It’s not my fault I love scrolling through my feed, obsessing over the beautiful and curated squares that the people I follow have created. The boyfriend tells me that I have a problem, I beg to differ. Through all of my obsessing, curating, planning, and trying to connect with other Instagrammers, there are 10 accounts that I follow that inspire me daily. These Instagrammers not only have the enviable pictures, style savvy squares, and thousands of followers, they’re doing something that leaves me feeling inspired everyday! Check them out below:

  1. Jinna Yang of @ProjectInspo
    I first found Jinna Yang through her brother! She doesn’t actually know me, but her brother and I went to the same University; so, six degrees of separation, right? One day while studying, I was telling him my giant plan for avoiding corporate America and becoming a blogger. He told me about his sister who is a successful blogger who lives in New York City. I started following Jinna when she was first @Greaseandglamour. She has now changed her name to @ProjectInspo to match her new brand. Jinna has a heartfelt story to her blog and to everything that she posts on Instagram. She inspires me daily to keep pushing forward even if I may feel lost. Her story about her father is what captures me the most. She reminds me that at the root of everything I do on this blog, it’s for my family who have continuously supported me every day. Not to mention, while she’s traveling and sharing these beautiful landscaped squares, her sense of style inspires me to step up my outfit game a bit more!


  2. @GirlsLoveTravel
    @GirlsLoveTravel is a Facebook group created by Haley Woods. I just recently joined this group and the unconditional support, acceptance, and encouragement that all the women in the group have for each other is extremely inspiring! Sorry fellas, this is only for women! The group encourages female travelers to connect with one another, inspire one another, and help each other with any travel questions, doubts, or insecurities. It’s a group of strong females who LOVE traveling! We have meetups around the world, encourage one another to take the plunge and book that trip, and look after one another through heartbreak, scary travel situations, and more. If you’re a female traveler, join the group and start feeling the love!


  3. Gloria Atanmo of @GloGraphics
    I don’t actually remember how I found Gloria’s Instagram page, but I started following her about a year ago when she was living in Barcelona, Spain. She is originally from The United States, specifically Arizona, and was living and working in Barcelona and hustling hard at becoming an entrepreneur and a full-time blogger. It’s crazy to think that I started following her when she only had about 800 or so followers, and now whenever I look at her page, she’s got up to 14,000 Instagram followers! She’s such a personable Instagrammer who always showcases the “real life” to travel blogging and is always honest about her journey. She inspires me to keep grinding and hustling hard to create the type of job that I love while also being able to support myself. You can check out her blog, where you can get a taste of the sass she dishes as well as the honest truth to her storytelling!


  4. Kat Schmoyer of @dearsweethearevents
    I found Kat Schmoyer of @dearsweetheartevents through the Rising Tide Society, a group of creatives who promote #communityovercompetition. She’s not the typical person that I would follow on Instagram, but after reading through her captions, scrolling through her feed, and reading about who she is and what she does, she made me feel like I could do anything I set my heart to. She is the founder of the Creative At Heart Conference, a conference specifically designed for people who are, you guessed it, creative at heart! Her feed is filled with a lot of pink (not my typical go-to color), but what she expresses in each photo and how she emanates collaboration and building and uplifting others is contagious!


  5. Nastasia Wong of @nastasiaspassport
    Nastasia is the creator of one of my other favorite Instagram pages, @dametraveler. Nastasia created Dame Traveler, a women’s travel blog, to help inspire, inform, and create a global community of female travelers from all over the world. On her personal account, she shares snapshots of beautiful landscapes, scenery, and architecture of countries that I never picked as top choices for travel, but she continually inspires me to add to my ever growing travel bucket list. Seriously, if you never even thought about traveling, her feed makes you have a serious case of wanderlust!


  6. Zooey Miyoshi of @Zooeyinthecity
    Zooey Miyoshi is the definition of a style savvy little lady. Scrolling through her Instagram feed makes me have a serious case of outfit AND style envy, because this girl can pull off just about any look! She’s the cutest little Instagrammer with a lot of charm. Her mother runs her Instagram page, which makes sense because little Zooey is only THREE years old! Check out Zooey’s Instagram page and let me know if you aren’t smitten with her cute style, adorable quirkiness, and those poses! This little three year old inspires me to have a bit more fun with my own style and to seriously step up my posing game.


  7. @RisingTideSociety
    I joined the Rising Tide Society sometime in July, right before I headed back to Spain for my 2nd year. It was EXACTLY the type of creative group that I have been searching for, for FOREVER. This group is made up of creatives that stretch from photographers, bloggers, event planners, florists, makers, calligraphers, etc. I think in our Facebook group, there are about 14,000 of us, and that’s the number I checked last week! This amazing creative group was founded by Natalie Franke and Krista Jones who wanted to have a group of creatives who whole-heartedly believed in #communityovercompetition and that by lifting and helping others in your creative field or other creative fields, we all win! Their Instagram feed is filled with beautifully styled photos, motivational quotes, inspirational quotes, and just a sense of understanding between all creatives who are working hard at work in their small creative businesses. If you’re a creative in any of these fields, I definitely recommend joining them!


  8. Kiersten of @TheBlondeAbroad
    Kiersten’s blog, The Blonde Abroad, was probably one of the first travel blogs I started reading. This was when my obsession with traveling and blogging started to take more of a serious turn, which lead to binge-reading a lot of different travel bloggers and figuring out how I could turn this into my own life. Kiersten is a travel and fashion blogger originally from California, who quit her elite job to find a different way of happiness and success that involved traveling! Her Instagram feed screams colors (something I love), style (something else I love), and an all around sense of excitement and adventure. Seriously, scroll through her Instagram feed and just soak in the amount of colors that jump at you, creating vivid images of faraway landscapes and amazing hotel rooms. Kiersten’s Instagram feed fuels my adventure and excitement for traveling, finding adventure, and looking damn good while doing it!


  9. Vickie Liu of @Vickiee_yo
    Originally from Melbourne, Australia, Vickie writes in her Instagram bio that she is an amateur baker and a professional eater. Her Instagram feeds leaves me drooling over delicious baked goodies that are actually TOO cute to eat. For an amateur baker, she sure beats me in the kitchen! From her donuts, cookies, cakes, and her milkshake creations, I can scroll through her Instagram endlessly, just eyeing all of the amazing things that she bakes. All of these delicious and wonderful eye candy pastries make me want to try and give my hand to baking and recreating some of the things she has made; but, I’m sure it’d be like one of those #PinterestFail moments… where my cute avocado cookie will be more of an oblong shaped burnt cookie, with maybe smudges of green…


  10. Sabina of @Girlvsglobe
    Sabina, from Girl Vs. Globe, was also one of the first travel blogs that I started following. Sabina has now switched from a “Travel Blog” to more of a “Lifestyle Blog” that encompasses travel, fashion, and food. She is known as one of the youngest travel/lifestyle bloggers in the game, who was able to travel to 17 different countries while still studying for her undergraduate degree. I believe she just turned 22 a few weeks ago! Sabina’s Instagram feed gives followers bright colors, fashion, and shots of delicious food. If you also follow along on her blog, she opens up about her life and inspires women to find the magic, by helping them become the main character in their own life!


Do y’all have any favorite accounts that you like to follow for some inspiration? Leave them in the comments below! (: Also, if you haven’t checked out my Instagram page, take a look and join the adventure of creating life outside of a corporate cubicle!


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  1. Awesome post. I also follow a few Instagrammers for inspiration related to love, travel, women role-models, etc. I’d love to share my fav as well on my blog site.

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