March Birthday Giveaway!!

It’s my favorite month of the year! Just kidding, it’s not actually my favorite, but it IS my birthday month! Can you believe that we’re already in March? It feels like just yesterday we were all talking about our New Years Resolutions and getting ourselves pumped up for an exciting 2016. When I was younger, I would always tell my family and friends that my birthday celebrations would last one week, deeming it my “birthday week”. As I’ve gotten older, I realized how ridiculous this was and instead now celebrate my “birthday month“!! Did you think this was going in a different direction? Hehe.

This month, I’ll be turning 24. Whoa. I’m almost at my quarter life mark! Last year, I celebrated my birthday with a small dinner with a few friends and was able to travel to Lisbon and Porto, Portugal, and Barcelona, Spain for my “Spring Break”. This year, I decided to do something a little different! Y’all may think that celebrating a birthday for a month long is expensive and absurd, but don’t hate on this idea just yet. For the entire month of March, I’ll be hosting a giveaway on this blog and on my Instagram to all of y’all “Quirky Pineapplers”! I can’t tell you everything that I’ll be giving away, just yet, but the best way to stay on top of the giveaway is by following me on Instagram, @TQPineapple.

Porto, Portugal

This is my first giveaway, and I’m excited to have y’all celebrating in my “birthday month” with me, by receiving some presents for yourself! I’ve put together two different giveaway packets with some items that I think that every traveler should have with them and also a few fun items for the style-savvy woman. Each item was carefully chosen by yours truly, to be fun, quirky, and of course, useful! It’s for the style-savvy female traveler who is always on the go, always planning her next getaway, and for the ladies who know how to have a good time. Ya know, with those delicious salt-rimmed beverages and maybe a few glasses of red wine!

Here’s what’s in store for the month of March for The Quirky Pineapple

Week One (March 1st – 8th)

I believe that travel is not only about seeing all of the touristy areas and those historical monuments, it’s also about the adventures you have along the way. They say the journey is the best part of anything, so this week, I’m asking all of y’all to share your quirkiest or craziest adventure with me on Instagram! It doesn’t have to be anything too wild, but maybe an unexpected adventure or story you had while getting to your destination or even in your destination. Share your picture on Instagram, and in your caption, share your story! I love hearing about all of the unexpected things that happen to us while traveling, because I truly believe that this is what makes the trip memorable. Don’t forget to tag me in the photo (@TQPineapple) so I can read it and use the blog’s hashtag: #TQPineapple or #TheQuirkyPineapple!

Also, these pictures don’t need to be about you traveling outside of the country! I’ve had many great and unexpected adventures roadtripping in my own state! So, get creative and join in on the storytelling, and get your friends to join, too! This will be going on the first week of March, so you can browse the two different hashtags (#TQPineapple or #TheQuirkyPineapple) and check out other people’s stories; and if you resonate with one of them, share a comment and share the love. Traveling is all about meeting people, creating connections, and sharing a moment!

arc de triomf_thequirkypineapple
Barcelona, Spain
Week Two (March 14th – 22nd)

As a kindof recent college graduate, navigating the post-grad life is really, really difficult. Like, really difficult. To be honest, I’m kindof floating through an unemployed/employed limbo at the moment and I have no idea where my life is heading. One thing that I know for sure is that me and “Corporate America” rub each other the wrong way. It’s not that I have anything against them, it’s just our interests don’t align! You know the good ole’ break up line, it’s not you, it’s me! That’s why I’m on a mission to create an unconventional lifestyle, outside of the corporate cubicle! I know there has to be more people who are totally not about corporate and want a life that brings them financial stability, happiness, and success, but on their own terms. I can’t be alone here, I hope!

For week two of this “birthday month” celebration, this one is for all of the go-getters and #ladybosses (or #manbosses) who are taking the big step and chasing after their dreams to do something different! I’d like to see a sneak peek into what you’re doing to chase your dreams! Share your behind the scenes picture on Instagram, tag me (@TQPineapple), use the hashtags #TQPineapple or #TheQuirkyPineapple, and share your story about chasing your dreams. I love hearing about people’s passions, what drives their motivation, and what they hope to accomplish in the future! This will also be going on for the second week of March, so you can browse the two different hashtags and check out other people’s stories. Remember, if you resonate with one of them, share a comment and share the love. Being in the post-grad stages is hard, trying to chase your dreams is even harder and sometimes lonely! We’re building a tribe, y’all, and creating connections and meeting people is what it’s all about!

Last Week (March 28th – 31st)

During the end of my birthday, or “birthday month”, I always take a step back from everything and reflect on how I got to where I am today and how the past year has been. For 2016, my word for the year is intentional, and I’ve been working very hard in everything that I do to make sure there is intention behind my actions. I’m a big believer in always, always having gratitude and appreciation for the things you have in your life, but also for the people who always root for you. For the last week of my “birthday month”, I’m challenging all of you to step away from Instagram or my blog (for just a little bit!) and tell the people who have been on the sidelines rooting for you, through all those crazy ideas, rebel years, growing pains, chasing your dream pains, and all the people who have missed you while you were traveling, just how much they mean to you! I couldn’t have gotten where I am today without the support, encouragement, and love from a lot of people, and this is always the time when I feel so lucky.

Last year’s birthday celebrations! (When I decided to be blonde)

Alright, y’all, I hope you’re ready to celebrate this very exciting “birthday month” with me!! I mean, you only turn 24 once, right? I’m not that old. Heck, I don’t HAVE to have my life together, do I? I’m excited to look through all of your posts and read all of your travel stories and chasing your dream stories! Make sure you’re following me on Instagram, @TQPineapple, to get all of the information about the birthday giveaways and to stay in the loop with the Instagram birthday month celebrations! Happy March, friends!! 

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16 thoughts on “March Birthday Giveaway!!”

  1. Thanks Brenda! You totally could do a “birthday month”, no shame in admitting it either! (:

  2. Thanks Esther!! I’m looking forward to reading your story behind one of your craziest or quirkiest adventures! (: I’m all about helping other people celebrate their birthdays all week or month long (: Sending you back some love from Córdoba!

  3. Wow! Really nice idea for your celebration! I will try to use my ig to celebrate it with you!! Enjoy all month! I’m also a week-bd celebrator 🙂 it’s just an excuse to have fun and meeting your people 🙂 love from Barcelona, which I hope you enjoyeeeeed a lot!

  4. Thanks, Melissa! I’m beginning to learn that this is a general trend, and that having it all together in your 20s may be a myth!

  5. Thanks, Eva! (: I’m excited to see some of the photos that you post! I am definitely in that awkward “not knowing what I’m doing, is everyone like this” stage… No one told me your 20s would be so confusing (and I’m only in the first half of them!) Thanks again for the birthday wishes! Month-long birthday celebrations are always needed!

  6. Great idea!! I will definitely be following along on IG and tagging The Quirky Pineapple! I’m 26, and still feel very much in the “quarter life crisis” mode that you described. Thankfully, I have a bit more clarity now than I did two years ago (but I’m a firm believer that you need to rumble with some stuff before you can come out the other side!) And overall I think it’s better to deal with it now in your twenties than when you’re much older and have the dreaded mid life crisis lol! Happy birthday month!! (I totally do the same thing :P)

  7. That sounds like an awesome birthday month and I love the IG pictures. So classy but nice.
    Happy Birthday to you and I hope all your wishes are comming true.


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