5 Pitbull Songs That Make You Want To Dance

Now, I’m not exactly a fan of Pitbull. I consider him to be a bit of a misogynist and a lot of his songs and lyrics are questionable, in regards to his respect for women. Although I don’t like to listen to his music very often, there are times when his songs come on the radio and I can’t help but dance to them. Mr. 305, Mr. World Wide, has definitely got a way with making a woman want to dance; with his reggaeton beats, his Spanish lyrics, and something about that bass can make anyone want to get grooving and shaking their hips. Here are five Pitbull songs (or songs featuring Pitbull) that make me NEED to dance and get my hips swaying:

  1. Piensas ft. Gente de Zona

    Sadly, I don’t understand Spanish well enough to get everything that Pibull and Gente de Zona are singing. Sometimes, it’s just TOO fast! I had to search up the lyrics to this one (and the rest of them) to really understand the song. What is Pitbull talking about here? Well, I think he’s telling us he likes the “crazy ladies”, ya know, the “freaks in the sheets” type of women. The lyrics to this song aren’t as bad as other ones that I have found, but the video is a bit questionable. Comeon, do we need women shaking their romps in tiny bikinis with the camera zooming on their rear end? I think we could have skipped out on that one. But I have to admit, this song is so catchy that I can’t NOT bob my head along to it.

  2.  Baddest Girl In Town ft. Mohombi, Wisin

    THE OPENING SCENE LADIES AND GENTS. I can never tell if Pitbull wants to objectify women (quite possibly) or show that women are badasses who can get whatever they want.But, again, I had to look for the lyrics because Pitbull sings or raps too fast, and understanding Mohombi and Wisin is next to impossible for me. Surprise, these three gents are singing about the “Baddest Girl in Town”, which is a play on words, because in English, if a girl is “bad”, she’s not bad in the sense of good vs. bad, she’s hella attractive. Throughout the song, the three of them are praising how this woman moves and dances, and how a lot of people know her because of how “bad” she is. So, objectifying woman, or appreciating her beauty? I’m going to go with objectifying.

  3. Rain Over Me ft. Marc Anthony

    Does someone want to try explaining to me why Pitbull always looks so classy in his music videos? It could be because he’s always wearing a suit. For a man that has some pretty raunchy lyrics, he sure does know how to clean up really well… I already feel bad saying that

  4. Fireball ft. John Ryan

    Is it just me, or are all the women in Pitbull’s music videos dressed in scantily clad clothing and always shaking their butts? The one thing I can say is that any woman he does choose to dance in his music videos can really move their hips! A lot of Pitbull’s songs are usually about partying and having a good time, living in the moment, and in the pursuit of some beautiful woman. This music video falls neatly into that category.

  5. Timber ft. Ke$ha

    I might be biased because I actually love Ke$ha, but before I knew that this was one of Pitbull’s songs… I really thought it was Ke$ha’s. Although I’m sure “Timber” has other connotations to it, it’s so catchy! How can you NOT get up and dance to it, or at least sing along to it!

And here’s another one for good measure. Although this isn’t Pitbull’s song, he is featured in it, which makes this number extremely danceable! I know, as a feminist, it honestly pains me to listen to Pitbull; and now that my Spanish has improved, his lyrics are all sorts of wrong!

El Taxi by Osmani Garcia ft. Pitbull, Sensato

I first heard this song during my first year in Spain. Seriously, the radios wouldn’t stop playing it, the clubs wouldn’t stop playing it, and to be honest, I even downloaded it. I know, who am I?! In the beginning, I thought this song was just catchy. My Spanish at the time was extremely low, so I just thought that the song was talking about a taxi that picked people up to go to the clubs and there happened to be a pretty woman.

For someone with a low Spanish level, I have to give myself a start for effort because it’s a very basic understanding of the song! After listening to it again and again all last year, I finally understood that Pitbull was talking about how he was in a taxi to go to the club and a pretty woman stopped the taxi to talk to him, and something about how this woman makes wine for a living.

HAH. The boyfriend FINALLY explained to me that it’s a huge play on words in Spanish, when Pitbull sings “hace vino” which can mean “she makes wine”, or if you say it in a different way “ha se vino”, which means “she came”… what kind of came? I’ll leave that one up to y’all.

Pitbull, you dirty man, you. What other artists do you hate but still love their music? Share in the comments below!


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