Spanimerican: On International Dating

I’m sure there are some people who have romanticized the idea to meet someone with a “hot accent”, run off traveling the world, receive dual citizenship, and have cute mixed babies who are bilingual and have a twang of two different accents. I think I thought about that when I was younger, but never did I imagine that I would be living abroad, and actually be in an international relationship!

My family and friends all teased me and joked around that I would find a Spaniard and stay over here forever. I certainly thought the idea was ridiculous at the time. I barely even spoke Spanish, and who has time for “feelings” when I’m trying to dominate the world?! And here I am, sitting next to my Spanish boyfriend on the couch, writing out this blog post about international dating… funny how things work out, eh?

International Dating, Spanimerican -- The Quirky Pineapple
Río de Escalona, Spain

Relationships are hard. Relationships are hard work, time, and a lot of communication. International relationships are hard! The two things that I’ve learned with my relationship with my boyfriend are: patience and communication. And by those two things, I’m talking about A LOT of patience and A LOT of communication!

Finding Love Abroad & International Dating

And so, the boyfriend and I have sat down and brainstormed a few new ideas to add to my blog, and this is one of them! I wanted to start a new series on international dating. The series will be sharing some of our funny stories, silly arguments, cultural differences, and more. With this new series on the blog, named Spanimerican (because we don’t really like the sound of “Spanglish”), I’m hoping to share more about my life and a bit about how our relationship works. I would like to feature other international relationships, sharing their love story, and how to confront and get through cultural differences.

I’ll be sharing a small tidbit about our relationship, and maybe the boyfriend will take to writing a blogpost to share his side of things (hehe). If you’re in an intercultural/international relationship, please contact me! (: I’d love to feature your love story, some tips, advice, or suggestions you have! But, just a disclaimer, we’re actually a pretty normal couple; minus the double languages that we speak and the miscommunication we may encounter, and asking the other person to repeat their sentence 5x before we actually understand (oops…).

Toledo, Spain - International Dating, Spanimerican -- The Quirky Pineapple
Toledo, Spain

Check back for a little peek into how we are working with our cultural differences! 

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