International Couples Series: Finding Love Abroad

The International Couples Series is an original series created by The Quirky Pineapple, that interviews couples who have found love while living abroad or traveling abroad with someone who is outside of their country, culture, and even language! The idea came about after being in a relationship with my boyfriend, who is from Spain. I never came to Spain expecting to date or to meet anyone. I never thought I’d end up dating someone from here, who doesn’t speak my native language!

Eventually, after admitting it to ourselves, Mario and I took the leap and started our relationship. We were scared of the outcome and scared that this could just be a huge disaster waiting to happen, but in the end, we let love win and we followed our hearts. It sounds super cheesy, doesn’t it? Even when writing it, it sounds cheesy! But, it’s all true! For the first few months we were worried all the time. And now as I’m writing this, we are living together in our apartment! We try to take things one day at a time and figure out how to be together when each of our country’s legal paperwork is very tricky and very confusing.

Everyday we scour the internet to look for information about paperwork or what we can legally do to be able to stay together. After going through a lot of blogs, a lot of websites and asking around our town, I started realizing that there are a lot of other people who have fallen in love abroad and are going through the same thing Mario and I are going through. Heck, there are other people who are going through it worse than Mario and I!

I decided to find couples who have an international love and interview them, and thus, the International Couples Series was born.

The International Couples Series

It’s filled with real and genuine stories and interviews from people who were living abroad or traveling abroad and met their significant other. Through all of the red tape, cultural confusions and frustrations of being an international relationship, these couples are choosing to make it work and fight through adversity. I’m so excited to be introducing this series here, because I’ve always been a big believer in “love” and a bigger believer that “love always prevails“. Heck, let’s just be honest, I’m a hopeless romantic and love a great love story!

Internation Couples Series Sagres, Portugal -- The Quirky Pineapple

The interviews are about the frustrations of being an international couple, long-distance hardships, visa worries, where to live, language barriers and even more about the good things. Their interviews are honest and thoughtful, and every time I read them I can’t help smiling because this is that good love, that true love, and these are couples that are making it work. It’s inspiring me to keep on fighting the good fight, so that me and my boyfriend can figure out a way to be together even though government papers, lots of red tape and expensive visa processes make it nearly impossible! I hope this series inspires you to fight the good fight for your international love, if it’s the real thing. Who’s to say you can’t find your “one” half-way across the world?

*If you are in an international, intercultural, or interlanguage relationship with someone outside of your country, culture, or language that you met while living abroad or traveling, I would love to feature your love story on my blog! (: Please contact me, so we can get an interview together!*

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