5 Websites For Easy (and cheap) Travel!

Y’all know that I’m all about stretching my dollar, or euro, whatever currency you use. I love finding a good deal, traveling well and for cheap, and I am all about saving money. It might be because I’ve inherited bargain hunting genes from my mom and aunts, but while traveling, I’m always in search of the cheapest option without totally knocking off convenience. After living in Europe for two years, I’ve learned some tricks that help me plan my trips easily, without hassle, and helps me find the best deal. Although it does take a bit of researching and playing around with dates, numbers, and going incognito; in the end I am always stretching my euro further than I would have before!

I love sharing with people tips and tricks to make planning your next trip much easier, faster, and cheaper! I’m an advocate for traveling, so helping others travel is something I absolutely love doing! I’ve got a few of my favourite websites that I use below!

  1. Skyscanner
    I never heard about this website until I moved to Europe, and everyone was talking about it. This is probably the best website I use to find the cheapest flights possible. The website compares different flights from different companies to give you the cheapest option. It is also super easy to manoeuvre. Some of my favourite features are being able to change different dates easily (at the top of the page), to see which is the best day to fly out of, they also offer a calendar for the month, that tells you the cheapest or most expensive days during the month.

    Munich, Germany -- The Quirky Pineapple
    Munich, Germany

    *FUN TIP: Don’t forget to go “incognito” on your window browser while searching for flights. A lot of these websites pick up your cookies, record your data, and the next time you look, prices are usually more expensive.*
    *FUN TIP #2: I’ve been told that buying tickets on Tuesdays or Wednesdays are the cheapest days to buy. I was a bit skeptical at first, but have noticed that ticket prices drop a little during these two days.*

  2. Air BnB
    In the beginning, Air BnB wasn’t as popular and most people weren’t sure if staying in another person’s house was the best idea. After the big boom with it, and after traveling with Air BnB in many different areas, I’ve come to love the application! It’s much cheaper than staying in a hotel, you are able to have a kitchen to cook your own meals, and sometimes you can find a room at a great price that is amazing or perfectly situated. The boyfriend and I have used Air BnB around Spain, mostly, but we always search around for different offers in other countries when we travel.You can get really lucky with your hosts, who can be extremely welcoming, helpful, and always open to showing you around. As with everything, make sure to read the reviews on the listing and to go through all of the pictures. Don’t forget to check the location, either! A great price can mean that you’re located extremely far from the center and all the great night life and social scene. The boyfriend and I always try to find places at a decent price, and if it is about a 15-20 minute walk to the city center, we will take it.If you’re using Air BnB for your next trip, use this code to receive $20 off your next reservation!

    The Algarve, Portugal || Views from the rooftop of Rich & Poor Hostel -- The Quirky Pineapple
    Albufeira, Portugal
  3. Couchsurfers
    Y’all may have your reservations about this website, but don’t knock it until you try it! I’ve only used this site once, as a guest in Munich, Germany two Decembers ago, and I had a really wonderful experience! You’re definitely right that there may be some creepies on there, but generally, there are a lot of people who are open, kind, and doing this in good nature.In reality, this website is created on the foundation of hospitality and the true meaning of traveling and meeting people. You’re able to meet someone who lives in the city, see how they live and see the city through their eyes, and you’re able to make friends! Remember, they’re putting in a lot of fait and trust into this, too, by opening their home up to a complete stranger! Just like Air BnB, it’s SO important to read through reviews, check their pictures, and chat with a person before you accept or even ask if it’s alright to stay in their home. Be smart! If you’re getting a weird vibe from them, then it’s best to look for another host.*Hospitality Tip: Since your host is being so kind in opening up their home to you, sharing their living space, and sometimes in food (to a complete stranger), be kind and thoughtful and bring a little gift for them! This can be something typical from your area or maybe a bottle of wine!*
  4. Blabla Car
    This is a great application for transportation. I use Blabla Car very regularly to go to different cities, because I don’t have a car and also hate traveling by bus. It’s basically a carpooling system, where drivers will post where they are going, the location that they are picking up other passengers, and what time they plan on leaving. All you have to do is find the driver that fits the time that you are looking for (and has good reviews and seems safe), and pitch in for their gas.The best thing about this application is that they will indicate if a drivers price for the ride is expensive or cheap. For example, a normal car ride for me to Córdoba (one hour away) is 4 euros. The application will show me in green that this is an acceptable price, yellow prices are a bit more expensive but alright, and red is much too expensive.
  5. Map It Trips
    So, I’m a little biased since this is our company, but using our services definitely makes planning your trip easier, faster, and cheaper. Although it does require payment for planning and creating a personalised itinerary, in the end, Map It Trip’s focus is to find you the best deals while traveling, do all of the grunt work that you may not have time to do, and set you up with a personalized itinerary that is geared towards your style of travel.The boyfriend and I work hard behind the scenes to ensure that your trip is unique, memorable, and fun! Our mission is to help travellers who don’t have much time to look for information, want to enjoy their trip to the fullest, not part-take in “Google Style Vacations”, and ultimately experience something different. We can help you plan your trip and find you the cheapest ways to travel and enjoy your time!

    Map It Trips Logo || Your travel coach, to help you plan a budget friendly trip -- The Quirky Pineapple

What are a few of your favorite websites to use while traveling?

The boyfriend and I absolutely love traveling, but we also love to help others travel and travel efficiently/comfortably. We hope to inspire others to take on the adventure and experience a different culture, different setting, and meet different people; because that is something we love doing! If you are interested in our services at Map It Trips, please don’t hesitate to contact us, so we can help you plan your next trip!

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