Thanksgiving Thoughts: Gratitude

One of my favorite holidays is Thanksgiving! Although I do love Christmas and New Years, Thanksgiving brings something special with it. For the past two years, I’ve been celebrating my own version of Thanksgiving in Spain. Thanksgivings in Spain consist of chicken (because finding a turkey is difficult), lots of stuffing, mashed potatoes, and a few Spanish dishes thrown in for good measure. Now that I’m home, and celebrating this holiday with my family, it’s a good feeling to be with them.

Here are a few things I’m thankful for this year:

  1. My crazy, sometimes annoying, kindof nuts family
    Living away from my family for two years is a bit tough. It’s hard to keep me in the loop when I’m so far away, and it’s hard to keep them in the loop, too. Talking through Whatsapp messages and Facetiming occasionally just isn’t the same! I’m thankful that I’m celebrating ALL of the holidays with them this year and being surrounded by their company. They’re a bit crazy, kindof nuts, and sometimes annoying, but I’m happy to be with them (even if they do drive me crazy)!
  2. My best friend
    I’m lucky to have a best friend that just so happens to also be my boyfriend! He is always supporting me and rooting for me, no matter how crazy my ideas or dreams are. This year, I’m lucky to be celebrating this holiday with him in the United States, with my family!
  3. My job
    Although I complain about corporate America on this space, I am grateful to have a job. Since moving back home, it’s been a learning transition. Reverse culture shock is still real at times, but I’m so happy that I have a full-time job that I am learning a lot from. It does end up taking a lot of my time (8 hours a day in the office and an extra hour for commute!), it’s a great place to start my career.
  4. YOU, dear Pineapplers!
    Y’all are the reason that this blog continues to go forth! I first started this blog as an online journal, something that my family could read, and I could look back on. But, since then, it’s grown into something so much more! I’m so grateful to all the Pineapplers that take the time to read my blog, comment on my posts or Instagram posts, and go the extra mile to share my posts with others! I am so thankful and grateful for this Pineapplers family!

From the bottom of my heart, thank you so much, for supporting me and this creative baby child of mine! I feel so thankful to be home and celebrating with my family, working hard at something I believe in, and trying to make a difference. I am feeling extra appreciative of everything that I’ve received and achieved this past year! Y’all, we can do it! Wishing y’all a Happy Thanksgiving filled with warmth, love, and some good food (:

If you can, set some time aside to give back to your community. I’ll be donating some extra canned food and clothing this year! What are you thankful for?

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