Holiday Gift Guide for the Travel Enthusiast

After making a holiday gift guide for the fierce diva, I HAD to make one for the travel enthusiast! If you have a travel enthusiast in your life, or are a travel enthusiast yourself, these gifts are perfect! A few of these items are necessities for having a successful trip, and others are little splurges for the traveler. I’ve even included a few items on here that I’d like for myself (*wink wink*). If you’re unsure of what to gift this person in your life, check out the gift guide for some ideas!

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  1. Fujifilm Instax Mini Camera
    What better way to capture adventures than with a Fujifilm Instax Mini Camera! I love these little babies! I have one that is a wide angle, and it is great for capturing fun and spontaneous moments with my sisters and my friends. It’s a great way to keep all of the adventure photos and have them in a “vintage” way, to decorate your walls!
  2. Desktop Globe
    For some reason, I’ve always wanted a desktop globe. For all of those wanderlust days and maybe for moments of dire travel inspiration, this desktop globe is the perfect way to symbolize ADVENTURE AND EXCITEMENT! Really, just spin the globe, put your finger on a random spot and look up travel inspiration on Pinterest. This gift is a great detail for the wanderlusting travel enthusiast in your life.
  3. Canvas Weekender Handbag
    A great bag to use for all of the weekend getaways the travel enthusiast in your life goes on. This bag is big enough to fit in a few outfit changes and a few pairs of shoes (just for those Instagram worthy photo-ops). It matches with everything and is easy to carry, since it includes handles and a should strap!
  4. Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker
    I recently just bought this speaker and I am in love with it! No adventure is complete without music, and this is the best way to have music with you all the time! This speaker is also waterproof (not that I would recommend taking it into the water), but that means you can take it on beach trips, road trips, or just hanging out in your hostel room. It can connect to all bluetooth devices and even to other speakers from the same company. INVEST Y’ALL. I LOVE THIS THING.

    Algarve, Portugal, Traveling Is A Privilege And I Am Privileged -- The Quirky Pineapple
    Algarve, Portugal
  5. Compact Converter & Adapter Combo
    THIS IS THE HOLY GRAIL OF ALL THINGS TRAVEL. Especially if your travel enthusiast friend is an avid international traveler, this is definitely a necessity! Although your friend may have one of these, let me tell you, it doesn’t hurt to have more! Especially if they’re a tech nerd and carry around a cell phone, laptop, and multiple cameras, this is definitely necessary. If you can find one with multiple ports, that’s even better!
  6. Travel Adventures Adult Coloring Book
    Just like the globe, this is a nice detail to have for the daydreaming travelers. We all get busy, but helping to inspire some travel is this adult coloring book filled with pictures of different cities and grand adventures. I’ve always wanted an adult coloring book for stress relief, but never bought one. This one is definitely going on my list to Santa!
  7. A travel journal
    A travel journal is a great way to record all of the travel enthusiasts adventures, thoughts, and emotions they have while on a trip. I have multiple travel journals that are filled up with post cards, thoughts, and random ideas I had while traveling. Reading through them, brings me back to all of the emotions I felt in that one city or country. My favorite journal has to be a Moleskin. They’re sleek, clean, and minimal and can be manipulated in so many different ways.
  8. Outdoor Blanket
    This outdoor blanket would be a nice bundle with the waterproof bluetooth speaker! Lazy days at the park in a new city? Beach days at the Mediterranean? This outdoor blanket is something that you don’t want to forget for lazy lounges and afternoon naps. Get the speaker and turn on some soothing tunes for an afternoon nap at the city park with your new hostel friends!
  9. GoPro Hero 4
    I FINALLY invested in a GoPro Hero 4 after wanting it for years! Although most people say that it’s only worth it for action shots, I think it’s great to use for any type of travel. The fish-eye lens allows for a wide panoramic shot for capturing great scenery and a big group of your new friends. It’s also fun to have to create fun videos of your day exploring a new city or “artsy fartsy” photos for Instagram!

    cadiz carnaval the quirky pineapple
    The Cathedral in Cádiz
  10. Travel Wallet
    A travel wallet is another superb choice for the travel enthusiast. This travel wallet features lots of small pockets for a passport, iPad mini (or Kindle), slots for credit cards, and even enough space for a small notebook. It’s a nice detail for someone who travels a lot and is always holding tickets, paper, etc in their hand. This travel wallet allows them to keep things all in one place.
  11. Infinity Scarf
    f there is one thing every travel enthusiast needs, it is a scarf. An infinity scarf in a neutral color with minimal accents is the foolproof travel accessory. Pick a neutral color that can be paired with multiple outfits. An infinity scarf can also be used as a blanket, pillow, or something to wrap your souvenirs in, in a backpack! I always bring a scarf with me wherever I travel to, despite the hot weather!
  12. Wanderlust Bracelet
    A wanderlust bracelet is another classic gift for someone who has adventure coursing through their veins! It’s a cute and small reminder of all the wonderful and beautiful places to visit!
  13. Portable Charger
     said earlier that one thing a travel enthusiast needs is a scarf, but a portable charger might just be on par with the scarf. A portable charger is a good tool for someone who is traveling abroad and may not have a camera, and only uses their phone. This portable charger has 6000 mah, which (I think) allows for up to two full charges of your phone. VERY NECESSARY IF YOU’RE USING MAPS ON YOUR PHONE TO GET AROUND AND USING IT AS A CAMERA!
  14. Wet Naps and Toilet Paper
    I’m not sure if you want to gift this to someone, but I included this on the list because this should be a golden rule to never forget these things. WET NAPS AND TOILET PAPER. Which can help clean up spills, stains, disinfect, and to wipe yo’ booty. You never know, and your friend may not thank you now for this gift, but I’m sure they’ll thank you on their next trip! *trust me, I wouldn’t steer y’all wrong!*
  15. Customized/Surprise Trip
    Although all of these items are great additions or reminders for the travel enthusiast, but the greatest gift of all would be a customized or surprise trip to their next travel destination! Map It Trips is your travel coach for all things related to travel in Spain and the United States. If the travel enthusiast in your life isn’t a seasoned traveler (but wants to be), Map It Trips can help to plan trips for newer travelers who may not know where to start. You can schedule a one hour coaching session with them, to help get you started and for support while you’re abroad!

holiday gift guide for the travel enthusiast -- The Quirky Pineapple

A travel enthusiast, most likely, values experiences over material items. Some of these gifts are a great item to help make a travel enthusiast’s experience more memorable! Or great reminders of the adventure that is out there!

Did I forget something? What would you add to this list?

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