Valentine’s Day Travel Gift Guide!

Ah, February, when the grocery stores are decked out in pink, red, and hearts. When Hallmark decides there is a new, cute, singing teddy bear that is a MUST for your beau. And, when love birds are buying/making adorable gifts, while singles are toasting to another year alone! Good ol’ Valentine’s Day will do that to you!

Although I am a firm believer in gift giving and finding the perfect gift for my someone special, I definitely believe in treating yo’self. This Valentine’s Day, I came up with a travel gift guide FOR you, so you can treat YOURSELF! Save the chocolate and flowers for another time, because these items are perfect for your next adventure abroad or in your home country!

Valentine’s Day Travel Gift Guide

  1. Hello Gorgeous” Travel Mug
    Probably my favorite item on this list, a mug that greets me “Hello Gorgeous” every single day. It’s a small gesture for treating myself, but early mornings and not a lot of sleep because I’m browsing Pinterest for travel inspiration means I need my coffee, tea, or hot chocolate in the morning. This mug is also a travel mug, which means less spills and ready to go with me, wherever I’m headed off to next!Valentine's Day Gifts -- The Quirky Pineapple
  2. Fujifilm Instax Mini
    This one is a bit of a splurge “treat yo’self” gift, but always something fun to have while traveling. iPhone-tography and point and shoot cameras are great, but nothing beats the retro feeling of watching your photo develop in front of your eyes! I love having one of these while traveling because most of the time the pictures aren’t perfect and the quality is a little grainy, but capturing adventures are always worth it!
  3. Sonia Kashuk Cosmetics Case
    I have a similar cosmetics case that I ALWAYS bring with me on trips. It’s the perfect bag that can be tucked away in an oversized tote, for carry-on luggage, or even on the train. The one I have fits all of my toiletries, makeup (albeit minimal makeup), and face products into one. I will even throw my accessories into it when I’m in a rush. Having everything compact in one place makes it easier when I’m on the move.
  4. Women’s Blanknyc ‘Easy Rider’ Faux Leather Moto Jacket • Blank NYC
    I love a great faux leather jacket while traveling. It’s so easy to be paired with, layered, or thrown over a “lazy outfit” to make me look a little less drabby and a little more fabulous! At one point in time, when I was traveling with my family for 10 days without a washer and dryer, I re-wore a lot of my clothes. And sometimes my clothes ended up a little wrinkly. Having my faux leather jacket to throw over a plain tshirt and jeans made me feel much more put together than I actually was!
  5. Sole Society ‘Thalia’ Crossbody Bag – Black • Sole Society
    SO IMPORTANT! Having a crossbody bag is essential while traveling, but having one that actually fits everything that you want to carry is another thing. The Sole Society “Thalia Crossbody Bag” is big enough that it can fit your wallet, cell phone, camera, and other knick knacks (or snacks), while still having a structured body. That means, when you’re carrying 5lbs of things in your purse, no one will tell! Trust me, I’ve stuffed my own crossbody bag with a water bottle, camera, GoPro, snack bars, wallet, tissue packets, and more…

    Valetine's Day Gifts
    This is everything I usually fit into my purse… not pictured: waterbottle & snacks
  6. Converse Women’s Chuck Taylor High Top Sneakers from Finish Line • Converse
    My packing list for shoes includes four essential pairs: flip flops, sneakers, dressy flats/slip ons/sandals, and a pair of comfortable boots that can pair with anything. I have a few pair of sneakers that are my go to, and the High Top Converse Sneakers in white are something I’ve been lusting after for a while. They make any outfit, no matter how wrinkly or worn, look good. They’re also comfortable enough to explore in them all day and if paired correctly, can transition to a night time look.
  7. Southfield Mockneck Sweater • Madewell
    I think having a neutral colored sweater while traveling is something we all need. It’s perfect for layering, tied around your waist with tights, or underneath a light jacket for extra warmth. This can definitely double for a small pillow while sleeping on a train or plane! I always make sure to pack a light and neutral colored sweater for all of my trips. Having one for the “just in case” moments are crucial, when it’s windier than expected, there is rain, or the temperature drops quickly.

    Valentine's Day Gifts
    My FAVORITE light sweater
  8. MAC Nude Lipstick – Antique Velvet (M) • M·A·C
    I don’t know about y’all, but lipstick makes me feel 100x more confident and feeling good. When your hostal has no hot water, the bathroom is a little less than ideal, and you barely got sleep because of your loud roommate, lipstick will come to save the day. That actually happened to me while in Dublin. Our hostal was VERY subpar, with no hot water, a very small and cramped bathroom, and roommates that woke us up at 3am. You can imagine what I looked like the next day – not good. Lipstick saves my life! Even if I put on minimal makeup, a deep lipstick color always makes me feel better (and cleaner, even if I may not be… oops).
  9. Brixton Drover Fedora with Real Leather Trim • Brixton
    If you haven’t splurged on a hat like this for yourself, WHAT ARE YOU DOING?! I LOVE having fedoras, floppy wide brimmed hats, or even a snapback while traveling. It’s a trusty travel companion that hides hat head, non-shampooed hair, and makes for some great Instagram photos. I love this wide rimmed fedora from Brixton Drover, because it can match with any outfit. Also, having a hat to grab on to in a photo just makes you look less awkward in front of the camera and more adventure-ready.
  10. Something Sexy For Yourself *wink wink*
    Now, this little number isn’t necessarily a must have while traveling. Unless you plan on traveling to see your significant other and surprising them with this number! This is another splurge item, but is a big treat for yourself. I don’t own any sexy lingerie, unfortunately, although I’m planning on buying some for myself later on this year! Maybe even for Valentine’s Day! For any of the ladies that do own sexy lingerie, how did you feel in it? Does it really make you feel confident and empowered? I want something lacy, and this bodysuit from Victoria Secret is REALLY cute. I could even justify wearing it around while traveling, if I’m headed out to the clubs!

Whether you’re spending Valentine’s Day alone or with  special someone, you deserve to treat yourself, too! These are a few of my favorite travel items that definitely help during a trip. Not only for organization purposes, but if you’re looking a little frumpy and jet-lagged, a lot of these items will definitely make you feel more put together while on the road!

Shop some of the items mentioned, below:

This Valentine's Day, save the chocolate & flowers for another time and treat yo'self! I'm sharing travel related gifts for YOU, because you deserve it! -- The Quirky Pineapple
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