Why Blogging is NOT Dead!

Whoever says blogging is dead, clearly didn’t get the memo! And I don’t say this because I really love blogging. I’m not biased, I swear!

While other forms of social media are great ways to connect with people, blogging remains an amazing platform to grow and showcase your own talents. YouTube has surely become more popular, and it seems that everyone has a Vlog these days. But before videos, Facebook Lives, or Instagram Lives ever became a thing, blogging was it!

If you’ve thought about creating a blog, or calling it quits on your own blog to move onto “better things”, this post is for you. I’m here to convince you NOT to give up, just yet, and show you that blogging isn’t dead. I promise!

Blogging 411

What is blogging? In general, it is writing about an event, situation, topic, etc. and publishing it on a blog. Pretty simple. What ISN’T blogging? Blogging isn’t a venting space, it isn’t where you spill all your hate towards something, and it definitely isn’t the right platform for you if you’re going to be lazy about it. Blogging is a lot of hard fucking work.

Here’s the blogging 411:
  • It can serve as an online portfolio

Whether it be for photography or writing, a blog can showcase how your art has grown. It can be a portfolio of your past experiences and what you’re capable of doing in the future.

  • You gain social media and content creation experience

In this day and age, social media is huge. Having experience with social media and content creation is a very big plus, if that is the industry you are looking to move into.

  • You can hone in on your writing style and improve

Writing is something that I am SO passionate about. It’s the way the words flow together on the computer screen or on a piece of paper, painting pictures of scenery or emotions that really hits home for me. Plus, writing is an invaluable skill to have!

  • Finding a community

Who would have thought that finding an online community of other bloggers would be possible! I’ve found amazing networks of bloggers and others who I can connect with on a much more personal level!

  • Opening doors of opportunity

The doors of opportunity can open if you keep up with your blog. Who knows the people that can randomly stumble upon your platform and be completely inspired by your work? This leads to amazing things like a future job!


When we share our story and use our voices to do so, we can create change. We can impact lives, spark inspiration, and foster empowerment. Blogging is a platform that allows us to do just that.

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Why Blogging Is NOT Dead

Blogging is a platform to share your voice, opinions, and ultimately advice and inspiration. It’s a great responsibility to have a blog that people actually read, not just mom and dad! There’s potential to grow your blog into something more than you could even imagine. The reason why I love blogging so much, and believe in it, is because it gives me a platform to share MY opinions and connect with others. It allows me to share a part of my story and how I overcame certain adversities, to ultimately create a life I am proud of. By sharing my story, bits and pieces of my challenges, and what worked for me, I’m hoping that someone can read my words and find inspiration in them. Blogging gives me a huge platform (hello, the Internet!) to speak my own truths and be a voice for the Vietnamese-American woman, the feminist, the female, and any other label I can claim.

By sharing these little parts of my life, my ultimate goal is that it resonates with someone and they can find the inspiration and empowerment they need to chase after their adventure. That’s why I find blogging SO powerful. It’s a tool that can reach a lot of people who find solace in some part of my story and connect with it. I can be a representation of an Asian-American woman breaking into an industry like this! What about being a female traveler, talking about the empowerment of traveling solo to countries? I can serve as a voice to people who are in long distance relationships who are trying to figure out their next steps. Blogging gives me the opportunity to do all of this!

What’s Your Voice?

So, is there a little spark in you that knows that you have something to share? Is there a subject where you could be dubbed an expert? Have you been thinking about starting a blog to have a place to share your experiences to help people? Or you’re ready to let the Internet see what you’ve been working on and need a space to showcase your art. Maybe it’s time you sign up and create the dang thing! What’s your voice you can share? How can you empower, inspire, and motivate others with your story?

Let’s say, hypothetically, you create a blog. What the heck would you talk about! If you’re scared to do it, because you’re “not” a blogger and don’t have anything important to share, I beg to differ. My belief is that there’s a strong voice inside all of us. I know there’s one in all of the Pineapplers that visit this blog. There’s this sense of empowerment in y’all and I feel it every single time I read any comment on this page, or interact with you on social media. What’s your voice and how are you going to use it to make an impact? 

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Ready to get your voice heard and inspire someone else with your story? Let’s work!

Head here and send me a message! Through Blog Mentoring and some Strategy Sessions, we can hone in on your voice, get that inner fierce diva out, and get you sharing your unique story.

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Blogging is dead? Nah. Blogging is NOT dead and I'm sharing the benefits of blogging, harnessing your voice, and sharing your story to inspire and empower! -- The Quirky Pineapple
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