The Quirky Pineapple x Bobbi Brown | Beginner Beauty Makeup

Here’s to Strong, Resilient, and Courageous Women

The Quirky Pineapple collaborated with Diron Carr from Bobbi Brown to create a Beginner Beauty Makeup Class, for some fierce diva makeup! It was so much fun spending the day with Deanna Delgado, the sales and education coordinator in the DMV area, listening to her walk us through everything! Two groups came in, bare faced, and ready to learn about Bobbi Brown cosmetics. The day started with the first group of six women coming in and excited to learn! The second group kicked it up a notch and took the makeup class, ready for their big night out.

A HUGE thank you to a few of our sponsors for the event: Kate Bakes Bars and Bobbi Brown at Nordstrom Pentagon City! Also to Deanna and her assistant, and Diron, for coordinating everything! We had an amazing time and can’t wait to come back and learn more!

What Makes You Feel Confident?

After the makeup class, the women shared about what makes them feel confident. This is a topic that we don’t discuss often. Sure, we know we’re confident or we’re told to be confident, but have we ever thought about what MAKES us feel that way? The ladies shared their thoughts and opened up about the things that make them feel damn good.

“One thing that makes me feel confident is actually when I don’t think about anything, because I have a tendency to always go out and overthink “Oh my gosh, is my hair ok? Do I know what I’m doing?”, but it’s really when I forget all of that, that I’m really, truly myself and that is when I feel the most confident.” – Amber

“I feel confident when I am exercising and kickboxing because it helps me build power and strength.” – Chasta

“One thing that makes me confident is having a really good support system, like family or friends, who kinda hype you up when you’re looking good and feeling good, and you know, it just makes you feel extra good – when you already feel good!” – Thatianna

“One thing that makes me feel confident is where I’m from. It’s not like “Oh, the country”, it’s where are the roots, either culture or the thing I just learned, the dream or the thoughts I had at the very beginning. It’s every time when I think about it, or think back about it, I feel very confident. For instance, I came to America to study abroad, four years ago, and every time I thought I had a problem with studying or have problems with pursuing my dreams, I always thought about the first reason that brought me to here. ” – Fay

“So, I’m super indecisive so I’m going to say two things. Physically, I think my hair because it’s so diverse, it can be curly, it can be straight, I’ve learned to embrace it over the years. Emotionally or personality-wise, I think my sense of humor is awesome, if I do say so myself! I think I can start a conversation with anyone and I’m really personable, and with the combination of my hair and my personality, I’m super bomb!” – Bistiat

“So one thing that makes me feel confident is when I feel like I’ve done a really good job on something. And I know that sounds kinda weird, but the reason why I’m trying to do this is because I used to be the kindof person where I really relied on other people telling me that “Oh, you did a good job”, and of course that makes me feel good, right? But I want to try and have a more internal source of confidence and validation, so I think I’m working towards that and I think it is something that really brightens my day and makes me feel more confident from myself.” – Grace

“One thing that makes me feel confident about myself is my smile because it’s genuine and I feel like it’s pretty infectious, if that’s not too bold to say!” – Alexis

“I’m most confident when I’m with my family, my close friends, and my boyfriend because I can be as dorky, as silly, or as snooty as I can, but at the same time feeling very normal and accepted by them.” – Han

“One thing that makes me feel confident is when I see someone walking and I smile, and they smile back knowing that I was able to brighten somebody’s day!” – Laura

“I think making other people feel confident, if I’m in an environment where I think everyone feels good and they’re giving those vibes, that makes me feel better than if I’m just alone and not feeling as great.” – Adrienne

“One thing that makes me feel confident is being extra in everything I do!” – Adrianna

Future Quirky Pineapple Events

Thank you so much, ladies, for joining a day full of learning, pampering and sharing in what makes you confident! This was the first Quirky Pineapple event, and it was a huge success! If you missed this one, don’t worry, there are more coming soon! Be sure to join the Quirky Pineapple Newsletter to be the first to know about any upcoming events and tickets!

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