Traveling While Asian and Sexual Fetishes by How Not to Travel Like a Basic Bitch

Kiona, creator of the popular travel blog, How Not to Travel Like a Basic Bitch, is a clap-back queen and a woman with a mission to share true stories and perspectives. Ahead, Kiona shares her story on traveling while Asian and sexual fetishes that many Asians face.

Chinita! Chinita!” was all we heard from below our dorm windows where four of us hapa haoles were studying.

Hapa haole, in Hawaiian, means half-white. And it’s assumed the other half is Asian or Pacific Islander. Having never come across another hapa girl since I left Hawaii, it was a small miracle that I just happened to stumble into three of them while studying in Spain.

So naturally, as people do when they look alike, we stuck together. I didn’t know it would cause such a stir in the community, with the entire local soccer team calling after us, or people­ knowing who and where we were just because we looked different.

That was the first time I was ever referred to by my race. I was 20. And it was always “chinita” or “little Chinese girl” even though I’m not even close to Chinese, and have never been to China.

It was also the first and not the last time I’ve dealt with fetishism, or being the object of sexual attraction just for being Asian.

The fact that I didn’t experience this until I was 20 is sort of puzzling to me, now that I experience it so frequently. Maybe because I was born and raised in Hawaii where everyone looked the same as me. Or maybe because when I moved to mainland America, I Latina-passed, often mistaken for a Mexican in my Texas town. But for some reason, in Spain, I was all of a sudden Asian. I think that’s the first time I was really recognized for that part of myself.

And the recognition was something like a fascination, an adoration, it’s something I didn’t mind. Although, I genuinely didn’t understand the captivation of my looks and had never been followed in the streets before.

“Las Chinitas”

Going on to travel throughout Europe, Africa, and Asia, being Asian has never worked against me in terms of treatment abroad. The fact that I’m half-White is a privilege in and of itself, especially because this makes me racially ambiguous. Being ambiguous means people can’t place you, and therefore have no preconceived stereotypes upon your first interaction. I can confidently say, I’ve never experienced racism really anywhere I’ve traveled. Unless you count the girl in Guatemala who pulled her eyes back with her fingers so she can slant them like mine. Or in Cuba when someone asked me if I ate dog. (This question has always confused me, because firstly, I have never seen this before, and secondly people ask me this as they’re eating goat or cow head or pig, which eat their own feces. What determines a specific meat as “off limits”?) Despite the curious and slightly offensive questions, it never bothered me enough to affect how I interacted with that person. The only problem I’ve ever encountered while traveling was being fetishized. And the place I’ve felt it the most has been in The United States.

I think in Spain I didn’t realize it, but the key to being fetishized is traveling in a group of Asians. As a solo Asian woman, I’ve never had a problem. But two or more Asian girls together, the sexual attention is a hundred-fold. I’m not sure what it is about the group, or maybe I’m not Asian enough to be fetishized solo, but I’ve only experienced this traveling with 2 or more Asian women.

For example, traveling in the south of France, a Korean friend and I went to a bar after celebrating the Monaco Grand Prix finale. A British man struck up conversation, but when the conversation started dying, we decided to exit by going to the restroom. As we walk out, we find him standing outside the women’s stalls with his pants down and his penis exposed. Was this because we were Asian? Maybe, maybe not. But I assumed this because of my experiences when I’m with other young Asian women in The United States, where people are much more direct about their fetishes.

Only in the United States have I felt downright disgusted or endangered for being Asian.

Having sushi and sake with a Japanese friend, two men saunter over, pay for our meal, then ask:

Is it true that Asian women have horizontal slanting vaginas?

I actually don’t know where this rumor came about, but since then I’ve been asked this question about a dozen times by different men. For the record, Asian vaginas are anatomically the same as every other woman. I also don’t know why a horizontal slanting vagina would be attractive? Does it feel better?

Is it true it’s extra tight?

They went on, either not noticing or caring how uncomfortable this was making us feel. Well, I’ve never stuck anything up any other woman, so I have nothing to compare it to. But just because a woman’s frame is small, doesn’t mean it correlates to the holes inside of her. Again, this rhetoric is something I’ve heard multiple times since then.

In college, fetishism has gotten downright dangerous for me. A 230-pound athlete flirted with me in the cafeteria, asking leading questions towards a date. Knowing this person exclusively dates Asian girls, I said no. It was clear why he was attracted to me and it wasn’t for my brain. Maybe my rejection was an ego bruise, but it resulted in a flurry of loud Asian slurs that attracted an audience. I had never experienced this before. But this was not the first time I’ve had to fight a man. So it seemed natural to recite similar slurs back to him, since we were going there.

I think he was mostly shocked those words came out of my mouth. Is it because Asians are supposed to be domicile and submissive? He then threw a drink at my face. Did I mention it was also my birthday? I blacked out. There was scuffle, I pulled out a knife, other people got involved, the police were called. One of us was no longer welcome at school.

I was confused why these experiences kept happening. What was the origin of these stereotypes? Why was I being asked about my sexual make-up? Where did the fascination come from? Who gave them the confidence to ask that? And also, do other women experience this?

Sexual fetishes for Asians, who are traveling, is more common that most would think. In fact, it doesn't need to be abroad, sexual fetishes are rampant in our home country, too. Kiona, from How Not to Travel Like a Basic Bitch shares her experiences and opinions on the subject. -- The Quirky Pineapple Studio
Koh Phi Phi, Thailand

Walking into Phuket, Thailand, I immediately felt it: the raunchy sexual lawlessness of the area. But it wasn’t until night fall that I actually saw it. Sitting on a rooftop bar, counting with my friends how many Asian women paired with White men were walking below on the streets holding hands or making out. Why always White? Some of the Asian women were obviously men or lady-boys. Did the tourists walking next to them know? They had to know. Of course they knew.

Dodging these people back out on the street, we were bombarded with offers to see a ping-pong show. I don’t even play ping-pong, so I kept saying no. Until someone pulled out a menu.

“What’s this?” I asked.

“All the things you can see.”

As I was perusing the 30-item list, I saw ‘ping-pong’, ‘fish’, ‘12-foot chain’, ‘candle’, ‘bird’, ‘birthday cake’. None of these words had any correlation to each other. What does it mean? I looked up and saw the street man point to his privates. I was equal parts confused and curious, so I said…

“Yea, let’s do it.”

After negotiating a suitable price for this unknown experience, my friends and I were escorted into a dark room. There was a swinging door next to the parlor where screams and cheering were coming through the slit. I wondered what was going on. Then the door swung open. Neon lights lit up the stage. It was like a strip club, except the women on stage were exclusively Thai. The women were older and it was clear they had already had children since their stomach skin sagged as they danced around the pole.

On one end of the stage was a naked woman. On the opposite edge was a silver metal bucket. Men and women were cheering her on as she put ping-pong balls up her vagina and shot them into the bucket. When a ping-pong would land in the bucket, she would laugh. It seemed like she was enjoying herself.

Then someone pulled out a camera.


She slapped him across the face and told him to put the camera away. He did. Until the next time she pulled out of her vagina a seemingly never-ending metal chain and clanked it against the pole. He tried to take a picture again, despite the many warnings and signs to not pull out your cell phone. He was then escorted out, all the while laughing, thinking this was funny.

But the show got even more interesting. Those items on the menu were things she was pulling out of her vagina. I’m not sure how she got it all in there, but I remember feeling fascinated at her skill set. Like, HOW?

Then one woman put a glass Coke bottle on the ground. The bottle was full of clear liquid. She sat on it, sucked it all up with her vagina, and as the liquid streamed back into the Coke bottle, it turned brown, like a real glass of Coke. Then people started to bid for it. A girl paid $100 and gave it to her boyfriend. Was he going to drink it?

My friends and I had seen enough at this point. So we hopped off our bar stools and stumbled into a man below us getting publicly masturbated by one of the women.

I felt so…gross. Don’t get me wrong. It wasn’t the women who grossed me out at all. I actually felt admiration for them. How did they learn to do all of that? And to do it everyday is true skill, determination, entrepreneurship, ambition, I could go on. I was amazed by them. Maybe that is weird to say, but that’s how I felt.

But the AUDIENCE, though. The audience was so fucking despicable. Why couldn’t they see these women were playing into their sickest desires. While the audience thought they were objectifying the strippers, it was the strippers who were the real ones judging. It was as if they were performing in front of a bunch of howling monkeys and the Thai women treated them like wild animals, shooing them, physically and verbally abusing them, not caring about them at all, while the monkeys kept howling. Because, after all, what kind of humane person would be entertained by this?

Retreating back to our hotel, we stood next to a couple on the elevator. We quickly realized we were standing next to the man who got kicked out of the bar and the stripper who slapped him.

Sexual fetishes for Asians, who are traveling, is more common that most would think. In fact, it doesn't need to be abroad, sexual fetishes are rampant in our home country, too. Kiona, from How Not to Travel Like a Basic Bitch shares her experiences and opinions on the subject. -- The Quirky Pineapple Studio

It wasn’t until Thailand that I realized where these sexual stereotypes stemmed from. I didn’t know these things happened in the world. You hear about sex tourism on the news, but I had never seen it in real life.

I also never understood why I felt so uncomfortable seeing Asian women with White men and why I’ve felt uncomfortable dating a White man myself. It wasn’t until I realized that it’s impossible to parse out the fetish from actual love with men who have historically used Asian women as sexual slaves. Men have gone to war in the process of colonizing Asian countries, only to come back with Asian wives who were prevented by either culture or language barrier, to speak on what was happening to them. However, the Asian mentality is so colonized, that I’d bet a lot of those women felt privileged to be with a White man. A White man means economic stability and opportunity compared to their Asian male counterparts who were stuck dealing with the aftermath of wars started by White men. And unfortunately, this process still continues in many Asian countries: where travelers take advantage of economic differences, and continue the sexual oppression that Asian women born in the West may not have ever seen or experienced.

However, the colonist mentality didn’t stay in the East. Standing next to a White man is still seen as a privilege to many Asian families in 2017. I’ve seen Asian families disown their daughters for dating Latino or Black men, but have begrudgingly accepted a White son-in-law, despite him violating basic Asian courtesies, and have even smiled in his face.

Looking around, I see that if Asian women don’t date White, they date within other Asian groups. I wondered if this is because they know other Asians won’t fetishize them? I personally wouldn’t know since an Asian man has never asked me out, always leaving me to wonder if it’s because I’m not Asian enough. Like maybe I’m 30 pounds over what an Asian is supposed to be? Maybe it’s because I don’t speak the language? Maybe I’m just culturally not Asian.

Despite this, when engaging in a romance, an Asian woman will always have to question if it’s out of love or fetish. Can she ever just be loved for who she is?

Sexual fetishes for Asians, who are traveling, is more common that most would think. In fact, it doesn't need to be abroad, sexual fetishes are rampant in our home country, too. Kiona, from How Not to Travel Like a Basic Bitch shares her experiences and opinions on the subject. -- The Quirky Pineapple Studio

Moving forward, while I have no profound solution for changing the stigma of being a sexual object, I hope Asian women will use the added attention as learning moments for the people trying to exotify them. And also for allies to question comments made about the sexual nature of Asian women. Asian women should not be defined by sex. Asian women have more to offer than “a few tight holes and a horizontal vagina”.

I know I’ll hear those questions about my private parts again. But I’ve never spoken out against them until now. I just felt lucky that it was something of desire rather than hate. I’ve seen hate in action, and I’m forced to see the glass as half full; as if hate crime and sexual assault are on somehow different levels of the racism spectrum. My culture has made me think I should just be grateful. Just let them admire you, be quiet, don’t complain.

But actually, being fetishized is oppression and inherently racist. It means you’re only worthy if you’re sexually admired, putting value on what they think of you rather than what you think of you, and your value being deemed by your race and what’s in-between your legs, rather than your personality, creativity, or intellect. While others have been silenced with physical slavery and oppression, sexual slavery and oppression are tools being used to silence Asian voices to this day.

Fetishism is racism. Don’t let them admire you.


Meet Kiona

Kiona is a full time PhD, fun time travel blogger for the blog How Not To Travel Like A Basic Bitch, that specializes in making travel feasible to the woke budget traveler, while also presenting local voices and perspectives. She enjoys long walks on the beach in a thong and internet trolling.

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Sexual fetishes for Asians, who are traveling, is more common that most would think. In fact, it doesn't need to be abroad, sexual fetishes are rampant in our home country, too. Kiona, from How Not to Travel Like a Basic Bitch shares her experiences and opinions on the subject. -- The Quirky Pineapple Studio
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12 thoughts on “Traveling While Asian and Sexual Fetishes by How Not to Travel Like a Basic Bitch”

  1. Incredible post that I happen to stumble upon by chance! While my experiences are incomparable to what women have to endure, this made me realise of how I am perceived in the gay community (especially white) whilst traveling. As an ambiguous Asian, I was with a Spanish guy who called me “exotic” because he said Spanish men would normally not know exactly where I am from and they would be curious. There are also other similar incidents. I am used to casual racism having living outside my home country most of my life but your post made me take a hard look at my decisions. Thanks.

  2. Not crazy at all, I’ve travelled 700,00mi since 2007 all for leisure (no business) and I totally affirm your testimonial in the article and it’s so wonderful to see it written up for all to know they, too, are not crazy. The length is no barrier rather it’s a pleasure to read such heartfelt testimonial which I confirm from so many travels to so many of the same places minus the vag shows of Phuket-area, I stayed in the more placid Koh Samui. At the same time, the incessant anger of Asian women like yourself being fetishized is hard to stop, the disrespect and lowly debased judgemental nature of it is just intolerable. The notation that the worst is in the US is accurate as overseas they really are ignorant and I’ve found easy explanation rights silly to outrageous to offensive stereotypes, but in the US that ignorance is less applicable versus outright bullying and denegration. Love that you called out the economic disparity and other taboos that everyone already feels and knows but which even within this group are so rarely said because they’re taboo. Blah, whatever, truth always wins and we’re on the winning side. I’ve a daughter and it’s totally fully important to me that she speak out fully when disrespected in so much as it helps her coping and understanding and venting. Hopefully, she will have your way with words, I will share the article widely amongst my many Asian female frequent traveller friends for whom this will be therapeutic, thought-sorting, and focusing reading.

    Most of all, I hope you are loved for who you are, fully and purely.

  3. Love this post, more people should write about this things. Sadly i would give credits to porn industry, since there is a lot of western men enjoying the fantasies of asian women … i am so sorry you have to go through this, but speaking up is a good start!!

  4. This is awful, but I WISH I was surprised. I hate that we have to have this conversation. #nevershuttingupaboutthis

    I’m impressed that you’re so polite. I’m definitely not, and have a few set answers I use when men make an unsolicited comment about my appearance. Something like “Those comments aren’t appropriate, and I’d like you to leave me and my friends to our evening. Please do not try to engage us again.” or – this one I learned from a street harrassment project “That is not an appropriate way to speak to a woman”. I use that one constantly, and it always knocks them on the defensive.

  5. Wow, what a read! I suppose I’ve heard of some men having fetishist ideas about Asian women before, but never knew it was anything like this. I’m glad it doesn’t stop you travelling though it must be horrible.

  6. Wow, I really appreciate this read. While I am not Asian, I have come to learn that I am often viewed as ambiguous—something I’ve also learned from traveling. My physical appearance causes me to be mistaken for Middle Eastern, Mexican, Egyptian, Spanish, Italian, so I’ve heard the wackiest range of comments while traveling. I’m actually none of those things, so it’s been a really interesting thing to experience, albeit a bit different and less specific that what’s being discussed here. I really loved this post and admire this story being shared! I think sharing your story makes such an impact by spreading awareness that this treatment is not acceptable. I noticed the same things when I recently went to Thailand for the first time and it honestly left me so put off by the country. I’m sorry you’ve had to be treated this way by men. It’s not acceptable!

  7. Thank you for this! It’s such an important read and a topic that needs more attention. Blows my mind how some men can openly talk about racial fetisization not even realizing why it’s a problem, or that people don’t see how racist and dehumanizing it is. I’m sorry you’ve experienced these things.

  8. Wow….thanks for your courage to share your story, Kiona.

    Still trying to wrap my head around your experience in Thailand (the skills of those women included!). My stomach was literally turning reading it, I can’t even imagine. My parents traveled there in the 80s and my mom said that the sex tourism was so rampant that it’s one place she wouldn’t want to return to. I imagine the situation has only gotten worse over the years, and of course the government has 0 motivation to crack down on sex tourism, after all it’s bringing so much money into the country. 🙁

  9. Kiona, thanks for sharing your experience and opinion! It’s horrible to hear these stories and it reminds me of how comfortable I felt in Thailand as a white women, seeing these white men with Asian women. I hope with more women speaking out and more white women recognising their responsibility to be allies, it will change people’s mindset!!

  10. Very well written. Thanks for sharing your experience Kiona. I’m sorry you’ve had some pretty awful experiences!! That guy waiting outside the bathroom for you and your friend…ewww!!

    I can’t think of a time I’ve ever experienced fetishism like this in my life. Even though I am Asian I don’t look fully Asian so maybe i am just “not Asian enough” to experience it, thankfully.

  11. This is an interesting insight – as someone who grew up in HK and studied in the UK, I’ve different insights. I love the blog post and how you stand up and tell the truth! It’s certainly not okay for people to do that.

    As for the Asian family disowning daughters for marrying people with skin colour darker but not white – not completely true. Chinese has always had a preference for white skin (cue the whitening product), and it’s a long historical thing that probably relate to religion and foreign laborers, but I would argue against family considering it a ‘privilege’ for having a white son-in-law. I have aunts who married Malaysian and Indian, and friends who married black, it’s less common, but not none-existance

  12. This was super insightful! Ive never seen sex tourism in person, but I’ve definitely heard of it – especially in reference to Thailand. I totally feel that line about “not being enough” though. #hapaproblems

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