How to Attract New Clients Through Experiences

I am a customer service snob.

This can come from two reasons:

  • My home culture, in the United States, focuses on experience and attention to detail
  • My parents, who are also business owners and service providers, have instilled in me that to build a steady and loyal client base, I need to add my own personal touch

Whatever the reason, I am a huge stickler when it comes to creating a unique and amazing experience for my audience. Creating an incredible customer service experience builds brand loyalty, customer retention, and higher referrals. If you listen to your people and give them what they want, they’ll come back.

And even if you don’t listen to your people – but give them something TOTALLY better, they’ll come back and trust you even more. The question is, how do you attract new clients who you would love to work with through experiences if they interact with you online, first. How do you transmit the experiences and customer service you offer through website copy and content?

Website copy and content creation aren’t just the words you throw on your piece of Internet real estate. If you aren’t creating with intention and with a goal in mind, you’re filling up the Internet with mindless and useless information. It sounds harsh – but what’s the point of creating all that content if it doesn’t have a purpose?

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Let’s start with the basics of attracting your ideal clients through ONLINE experiences, first, that bring them into your business. An important point to remember is this:

“Customer service does NOT start when they walk into your establishment. Customer service starts with their first interaction with you online. This is where you can showcase your attention to detail to attract your ideal clients.” 

Website copy and content, such as social media posts, blog posts, newsletters, or videos will be what your clients see FIRST before booking a new tour with you or staying at your hotel. Here’s how to attract your ideal clients through online experiences – because that’s all they can base their information off of!

Who are your ideal clients?

Who does your business work with? What type of people are they?

As a marketing professional, I hear “ideal client avatar” way too many times. Honestly, if we had $1 for every time we hear “ideal client avatar,” would we even NEED our business? (just kidding!)

Although this phrase gets thrown around often, it’s still important to sit down and design one. Someone who your services are exactly designed for. Who do you work with, who do you serve, and what type of people are they?

For example, in the tourism and hospitality industry, the types of clients I serve are:

  • Busy and overwhelmed business owners who don’t have time to keep track of creating online content AND providing an experience for their clients
  • Businesses and entrepreneurs who have great ideas to grow their business, but need a little direction on how to get there
  • People who understand that connections and relationships are at the heart of everything
  • Clients who know that working hard is important, but enjoying life is equally as important
  • Businesses and entrepreneurs who are in the business of serving people

From there, it’s time to understand what they want.

Photo of women's hands on a laptop keyboard

What do they want?

So your ideal clients are a type of person, with specific personality traits, and enjoy specific activities.

What do they want? What are they looking for?

How do you translate your experiences into written words and content to share that you provide EXACTLY what they want?

When we start creating content, we need to remove ourselves from the entire picture. Throughout my experiences creating content for various outlets: social media, videos, newsletters, blog posts, and in-person events, I’ve had to learn that it doesn’t matter what I want.

I am not here to create content that serves me, I am here to create content that helps you! 

It was a hard lesson to learn because when I first started blogging, I thought people wanted to hear about my teenage angst stories, dramatic relationship woes, and how hard life as a teenager was. When I started The Quirky Pineapple as a lifestyle & travel blog, in the beginning, I wrote about things I thought were fun and interesting – mixing around subjects and topics.

I thought if I write well and make my life sound interesting, people would come. People don’t care about what YOU want. We are innately selfish and want to know how the content we consume will help and benefit us.

Your clients are the same way. They want to know how your business and services can benefit and help them. Before creating your content, run through this short list to make sure you’re covering all your bases:

  • Who are you writing or creating content for?
  • What will they get out of your website copy or your online content? (ie: tips, tricks, inspiration, motivation, etc.)
  • How can you put your own spin on what you’re sharing (because let’s face it, there’s a lot of the same stuff on the Internet)
  • Will this content share some of the core values in your business so your audience knows exactly what you’re all about?
  • KEY CHECK: Do you sound like you’re trying to sell them all the time or are you opening the conversation up for engagement and building a relationship with your customers?

If you don’t know the answers to the majority of those questions, it might be time to sit down and think about what you’re sharing online and how it portrays your brand in order to attract new clients.

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How do they want to feel?

Most importantly, how does your client want to feel while working with you and afterward?

In the tourism and hospitality industry – our audience has lots of feelings and emotions! They are different types of people, with different wants, needs, and experiences. But returning back to my first point – who are your clients?

Who is this ONE person you want to work with ALL the time? How do they want to feel?

Once you know those key describing words – sprinkle that into your website copy or your content! From writing out your processes for specific services, sharing a quick how-to video or blog post, or even a social media caption that taps into someone’s unspoken feelings, you’ve struck gold!

Want more in-depth exercises to hone in on your ideal clients and build a brand that can truly serve them? We’ve designed something for you! The Your Soulful Branding workbook is 100+ pages of tips, strategies, and more, written by 2 branding professionals to help you create a soulful brand you’re proud of!

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Are you connecting with your audience?

An experience, according to Dictionary.com is:

“An event or occurrence which leaves an impression on someone.”

In the tourism and hospitality industry, that’s all we focus on – something that leaves an impression, so you come back.

Through words, we can do the same thing. Take a look at your website copy or the content that you share, does it:

  • Connect with the people you want to serve? The EXACT people you want to help?
  • Share information that your audience wants to know? Give them something they can implement?
  • Make them feel some type of way – the emotions they’re looking for?
  • Add your personality and your sass, showing your audience what you and your brand are all about?

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If your content isn’t connecting – it’s time to think about the intention and goal behind it.

How do you attract new clients? Share with us in the comments below!

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How to Attract New Clients Through Experiences  How to Attract Your Ideal Clients Through Experiences  How to Attract Your Ideal Clients Through Experiences

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