When to Rewrite Your Website Copy

Your business has been running for over two to three years now.

You’re not considered a “newbie” anymore and you know exactly what your business offers and who you help.

The excitement to scale and grow your business, whether you’re in the tourism, hospitality, or gastronomy industry, is making you anxious and eager to see how it can reach more (of the right) people.

There are plans in the pipeline to expand and start offering new services and change what’s not working – but everytime you read your website copy, it doesn’t sound like your business anymore. It sounds bland, too new, and lackluster. It doesn’t excite or captivate you and your future clients like it used to.

It’s time to consider if rewriting your website copy is necessary for your business to grow.

Here’s how to know when it’s time to dump the old copy and rewrite your website copy to pack that punch and find your community:

1. You’re targetting different (or clearer) clients

Has your client based changed?

This can mean that you have a clearer idea of who you want to work with and who you’re targetting. For example, if you’re trying to fend-away all those “not-so-ideal” clients you’ve been working with as of lately, or you’re trying to bring in more “dreamy” clients you’ve had the pleasure of working with. It’s time to rewrite your website copy.

If you’ve been targetting Gen X clients that aren’t getting all of your innovative ideas – maybe it’s time to appeal to millennials? It’s time to rewrite your website copy.

*PRO TIP: If your website says one thing and you’re offering services to a different mindset – it may be time to audit your website copy and make sure your message is clear through all platforms.

2. Your business has grown

Business is doing great! You’ve got clients, left and right, new opportunities, more collaborations, and you’re getting a little publicity for the work you’re doing.

Your business is growing at a steady pace and your profits look good! You know the message you’re offering on your website doesn’t match what your business does, anymore. It looks like you’ve outgrown your original message and can’t keep up with all the change that’s coming at you (all the GOOD change, I might add). 

3. You offer new services (or stopped offering certain services)

If your business is growing and evolving – that means your services have probably changed. As a tourism, hospitality, or gastronomic business, sometimes we start with one idea in mind and after being in business for a few months (or years), we know what works best and what doesn’t have as much impact.

Our services change, we start offering different experiences, different activities, and special-curated experiences for private parties. Sometimes we stop offering services that aren’t popular or edit them to focus on something else.

Have your services changed? Are they updated on your website? Is your website copy inclusive of the changes your business has? If not – it’s time to rewrite your website copy.

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Desk with laptop and notebooks and pink flowers

4. You’re looking for a little more *oomph* in your copy

After being in business for a few years, the *oomph* that your website copy has started to dull and ware off. The words don’t sound heartfelt and they don’t connect with your REAL ideal audience.

Website copy should be updated and edited every 3-6 months – which you can totally do yourself!

But, if it’s been a few years since you’ve gone in and changed, edited, spiced up, and sprinkled back in some “bang” power – it might be time for a complete revamp of your website copy.

A revamp of your website copy should include:

  • Another deep dive into your true IDEAL client
  • The new services you offer and exclusion of the services you no longer offer
  • Highlights of how your business has grown
  • The personal story and how it relates to where you are in business now

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5. Your business has gained recognition or accolades locally or internationally

ALRIGHT – how many of your businesses have been featured in large publications, received national or international recognition, or won other types of awards?

How many of you have NOT updated that information on your website – so now your accolades are collecting virtual internet dust at the top shelf of your “bookshelf”?

It’s time to add all of the amazing highlights you’ve received and the recognition your business has brought into your website copy!

*PRO TIP: People LOVE seeing that you’ve been featured on XXX publication, received XXX award, or are a collaborating partner with XXX. It adds to the “know-like-trust” factor and makes your business more reliable.

Cassandra of The Quirky Pineapple Studio working at a computer

Is it time to rewrite your website copy?

Take a moment to scan through your website copy and take note if:

  • The clients you’re talking to have changed
  • Your business has grown (and your message has changed)
  • You offer different services
  • You get bored reading your own website copy (extra points if you asked someone who’s your ideal client to read through your copy and asked for their feedback!)
  • There’s no mention of the accolades and recognition your business has received

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If you’ve ticked off 3 or more of those points – it might be time to rewrite your website copy so you’re attracting the RIGHT clients into your door.

What did I miss? Are there other points to keep in mind before you start to rewrite your website copy?

* Are you in the tourism, hospitality, or gastronomy industry and want to rewrite your website copy? Let’s set up a time to chat!

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Is it time to rewrite your website copy? Do you feel like what your website says doesn't accurately represent your business in the tourism, hospitality, or gastronomy industry anymore? Here's when to know it's time to rewrite your website copy - because your web copy should get a refresher every so often, too! -- The Quirky Pineapple Studio

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