How to Use Copy to Target Luxury Travel Clients

If you’re a travel/tourism business attracting luxury travel clients – the way you market your experiences and how you present yourself online is tremendously different than tours or excursions for budget, family, or adventure travelers.

Your clientele has certain expectations for their experience.

Expectations that could include:

  • Little to NO stress
  • Extravagance
  • The top products and experiences
  • Detailed and personalized support

So when you’re writing your website copy or sharing content online, do you know how to target luxury travel clients? Sure, when people see the prices for your tours, they’ll know right away if this is for them or not. But here’s something to keep in mind, you don’t want to “turn away” those types of people because they looked at your price and realized this isn’t for them.

Using copy and content to ATTRACT luxury travel clients means writing and creating content in a way that brings in more of the right people, besides “scaring away” the travelers who can’t afford your trips. We’re going to flip the script a bit and look at it from a different perspective.

How to target luxury travel clients

You want to use copy to invite more people in, besides scaring them away with pricing.”

How do you do less “deflecting” and more “attracting”? I’m sharing 3 tips to use copy to attract more luxury travel clients:

Be specific

Of course, everything starts with being specific. Luxury travelers want something specific, exactly what their money paid for, and to know that it was worth the investment – right?

When writing copy, how can you be more specific, describing the experience and what the trip offers?

Here’s an example:

DON’T DO THIS –> “A luxury all-inclusive tour to explore the beauty of Thailand.”

This is all sorts of vague because:

  • What’s luxury about this trip?
  • What’s included in the tour?
  • What’s beautiful in Thailand?
  • Where will they be going to Thailand?
  • What are they getting out of this?

Instead, TRY THIS –> “A seamless 20-day trip to explore the beauty and culture in 6 major cities and islands in Thailand. You won’t need to left a finger, we’ll take care of transportation, lodging, provide 1:1 support, and more, to make sure your trip is stress-free.”

Why this works better:

  • We know what’s included in the tour (20-days, transportation, lodging, etc.)
  • Travelers know they won’t need to do a thing – and everything will be taken care of
  • We know where they’ll be headed (6 major cities and islands)
  • It is more specific so that clients will be more inclined to learn MORE about the tour and are more convinced to purchase

*PRO TIP: When you write, ask yourself the 5 W’s and make sure your copy covers at least 3/5 of them. By the way, the 5 W’s are: who, what, where, when, why, and how (well, that one starts with an H).

Luxury travel car on a train

Paint the picture

The power of words is that they can make readers visualize exactly what you’re describing, using their imagination to fill in the gaps, and sharing about the experience that they could have if they book the tour.

Descriptive adjectives and verbs will pack a punch and give strong imagery. Then, the visuals that are used on a website or content can be a complimentary marketing tool to guide website visitors on a “short” trip, giving them a taste of what their own experience can be like.

Let’s work again with examples and break-down what works and doesn’t work:

DON’T DO THIS –> “Unique trips that give you the opportunity to explore the exotic culture and food in Thailand.”

Firstly, this is lazy copy:

  • What does unique mean in this context? Also, unique is a very relative term…
  • I think that the word “exotic” to describe ANY type of culture or food is completely wrong and terrible copy AND marketing.

*PRO TIP: NEVER use “exotic” to describe another culture because it perpetuates a form of white supremacy and unhealthy stereotypes, unless used in the correct form.

  • What type of food will trip goers eat?
  • This copy doesn’t paint any type of picture of what Thailand has to offer as a country, nor what travelers will experience in Thai culture.

Let’s DO THIS, INSTEAD –> Break out the itinerary to get more specific. One way to do this is breaking the itinerary up by activities! For example:

Culture – “Walk through the beautifully detailed Royal Palace and imagine yourself living the life as one of the Kings of Siam.”

Food – “Thai food is rich in coconut milk, peanuts, and hot chili peppers, all combining to bring a dynamic experience to your taste buds.”

Language – “Learn about the history of Siamese, the official and national language of Thailand, and practice important phrases to get you through the city on your own!”

This works better:

  • By breaking down the itinerary into activities, we can focus on each sensory activity that it focuses on
  • We aren’t jumbling everything up and mashing it all together (this means you lose focus)
  • You can describe each activity in a more in-depth way that shows tourists what the tour will include
  • Your audience members can imagine themselves doing all of these things!

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Use the right vocabulary

Using the right vocabulary in copy for luxury travel experiences is KEY to draw in and attract clients. Below I’ve added a small chart of swipeable words that you can use on your website copy and content.

Remember, words matter and using the correct descriptive words to paint a picture and get specific are necessary to attract more luxury travel clients.

Tying it all together

To tie it all together to target luxury travel clients, focusing on the experience that a luxury traveler wants to have is key.

Travel is a sensory experience, involving a mix of multiple senses at a time. Using copy and words to play on these, to create an enticing and lucrative online experience for a luxury traveler is an easy way to attract and target more of them to book tours.

Glasses of champagne overlooking the ocean

Are you a luxury tour provider who needs MORE bookings and fewer questions about price? Let’s chat!

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What do you think? What sensory words would you use to describe a luxurious travel experience?

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