How to Incorporate a Video Content Strategy for Your Business

We all know CONTENT IS KING, right? I mean, if you didn’t know… now you do!

Today, there are so many different mediums of content that can be utilized in a brand and content strategy. Some of them are:

  • Photos
  • Texts (Blog posts, newsletters, captions, brochures, etc.)
  • Graphics
  • Podcasts
  • Voice notes
  • and of course, VIDEO

Video content has taken a HUGE leap in the past years, with platforms such as Snapchat, Instagram, YouTube, and Facebook, taking the lead in how we consume and produce videos.

The Quirky Pineapple Studio focuses heavily on written content, but we know that video content is a huge asset to have in a brand strategy. After meeting Vlogger and Digital Nomad, Andrea, from It’s a Travel O.D. (through Job Trippin’ and traveling together through Latin America), we sat down to ask her advice and opinions on how to a incorporate video content strategy into your business (for the best results)! I’m excited to introduce the Pineapplers to this powerhouse content creator and all-around fun lady!

TQP Studio: Hey Andrea, first of all, it’s so great to finally meet you in real life – after following each other on Instagram for 2ish years! Can you share with us who you are and what’s your brand?

Andrea: I’m a digital nomad originally from Panama. I started my career as a TV News Reporter and then transitioned to storytelling through vlogs. I love the power of social media, so I can be seen sharing my remote lifestyle there!

I make vlogs for travel-related companies for their own platforms or partner with them for sponsorships on my content. I also share my knowledge with other creative entrepreneurs or companies to help them brainstorm their vlogging strategies through my ‘Pick My Brain’ sessions. Oh, and I have a book to help people start their vlogs!

Brand: it’s a Travel O.D. #overdoseintravel

TQP Studio: So interesting! So how did you get started with video content and building your lifestyle/travel brand?

A: I’ve always been a fan of putting videos together. In college, I took video production classes which made me fall in love with the art form even more. I also had a TV show in the college county’s TV station. Those are the amateur beginnings.

Professionally speaking, my first job out of college was as one-woman-band TV news reporter, which meant I had to shoot and edit my news package… on a deadline. That helped me create faster and to think on my feet – skills I value very much nowadays as a digital content creator.

While getting a Master’s Degree in Entertainment Business, I started vlogging as a creative outlet. When a company reached out to me to pay me for vlogging, that’s when I realized I could do what I love and monetize it.

My first vlog channel was about Pop Culture & Entertainment, but later I realized I had evolved from those topics. Never too late to start over and rebrand, right? That’s when I started creating my travel brand (which has vlogs as cornerstone content) about 3 years ago.

Andrea from It's a Travel OD

TQP Studio: In your opinion, what is the biggest advantage of adding video content to branding strategy?

A: Multiple reasons why video content is… where it’s at, to put it simply! Haha!

One: You get to tell your stories in a way that your personality shines through. That’s harder to do via text or still images.

Two: Your potential clients or audience will find it easier to relate to you, which creates more brand loyalty.

Three: People’s attention spans are short, and a short video might get your message across in a more effective way than written content would.

Four: You can share content in platforms made for video like YouTube, which in turn helps you with your SEO. Or on Facebook where shareable videos can allow you to be discovered by new eyes.

I can keep going, but I’ll stop… for now! Ha!

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TQP Studio: What are the 5 factors that need to be considered when creating video content for a business?

#1 – On-screen camera personality: Whether you’ll hop in front of the camera yourself or hire someone to do it, make sure that person is relatable, natural, and entertaining.

#2 – Invest: For professional vlogging, I would say invest in a microphone. Good audio (no echo, no background sounds, no music overlapping the voice) is key.

#3 – Content & storytelling: You don’t need to have a drone. You don’t need the latest camera equipment. You don’t need the best videographer on the planet… but you do need a good story. Whether you want to educate, inform or inspire, make sure your story is clear and engaging.

#4 – Organic Promotion: I know your ultimate goal might be to sell a service or a product, but if all you do is push that, you can turn your potential clients off. Offer value first. Then, offer the possibility of hiring your services

#5- Distribution: Know that all videos don’t go viral. It’s actually quite hard to get views on video content. Create good stuff, and be patient. In the meantime, try all the distribution methods possible. Whether it is organic (SEO, your social media audience, collaborations with other creators) or paid (advertising, influencer marketing), make sure that you have a distribution system in place.

video for brand strategy with it's a travel o.d.

TQP Studio: Alright, we’ve covered the 5 factors for creating video content – but are there any common mistakes you see brands and businesses commit when incorporating video content, even if they’ve covered all 5 things?

A: The main mistake is making their content all about them and not about their audience (and potential clients).

Through your content, you want to be able to solve people’s problems. To tell them how to get to “point B” by offering tips and/or inspiration. You want people to feel like they’ve learned something.

What you don’t want to do is hit them with shameless promotion of what you do, your service/product, your company, you, you, you. It’s about them!

WATCH: Facebook LIVE with Andrea about Vlogging and Video Tips

TQP Studio: Let’s say a business HASN’T started creating video content yet, how can they start creating more video content for their brand strategy to increase visibility and loyalty?

A: The brands can start their efforts by having their employees pitch in with behind the scenes videos of what they do daily. People like seeing people and what’s behind the company they’re purchasing from. Make them feel like an insider through your video content!

Also, feature your clients in your videos. Do you have a bed and breakfast and your client was working on a great project while staying there? Have them star in a video about “The Guests That Moved Us” which you publish monthly, for example. They’ll share it, so you’ll increase your visibility. Also, this might motivate potential clients to book because they relate to a client who stayed there, or they could even want to be featured in a video like this.

video for brand strategy with it's a travel o.d.

TQP Studio: Thanks so much, Andrea, for sharing all of your insight with us! We know you’re also a digital nomad – and have been for the past 3 years, using vlogging as your main income provider. I’m curious to know what are your top 3 travel destination recommendations and top 3 tips for video content!

A: Yassss, I like this question because it’s a mix of my 2 passions… to overdose in travel and to do what you love!

I think you should book a trip to Mexico if you haven’t already. If you like cities, Monterrey was a great surprise with its proximity to outdoor activities, a fabulous music scene & the overall fab vibe of Mexico.

Head over to Caye Caulker (Belize) if you’re into really cute and small islands… really small ones. Perfect for a romantic trip.

Finally, how about Antigua, Guatemala for a quick solo trip?

And top 3 video content tips? Here we go!

#1 – Don’t overthink it!
You don’t need the latest equipment. If you don’t like your voice, people usually don’t care. If you’re going to worry about one thing, worry about the story. If your edits aren’t the coolest, if your story is great.. you can still create an engaging video! Just post it!

#2- Not confident enough talking to a camera?
All I can say is… practice. In front of the mirror or record yourself with your webcam. Then, watch it back and try to start fixing anything you don’t like. Get in front of the camera as soon as possible, because the more you do it, the more comfortable you’ll become. Being comfortable is key because you’ll appear more relaxed and natural on screen… which will make you more relatable.

#3- Get help!
If you don’t know where to start, talk to someone who has experience with video to guide you. You can also purchase a course or a book to learn more about what goes into it… or, you can find free resources online to help you with editing tips, for example. Making videos can be overwhelming at first and very time-consuming, so you want to find the best ways to make the process a seamless one.

Purchase Andrea’s book:“So You Want to Vlog?” on Amazon for more tips!

Andrea from It's a Travel OD

Thank you, SO MUCH, Andrea, for sharing all of your knowledge on the TQP Studio blog! Since being around you – I’ve learned so much about storytelling through video content and guiding your audience through a specific purpose to get to the end of the message. I’m so used to written content that video content definitely pushes me out of my comfort zone! I can’t wait to see what you’ve got planned for the next months and years – and where your digital nomad lifestyle takes you.

Being around like-minded and ambitious entrepreneurs is something that I absolutely love and I’m even more excited to share their knowledge with this community.

Do you incorporate video content in your brand strategy? I know I’d like to incorporate more!

*This post was sponsored by Job Trippin’, but Andrea’s knowledge on video and vlogging strategy is real, also we are actually friends in real life – just watch our Instagram stories! Thank you for supporting The Quirky Pineapple Studio! 

Meet AndreaVideographer Andrea from It's a Travel OD

Former TV news reporter, Andrea Valeria took a risk and transitioned her side hustle into her dream job of fulltime travel vlogging and living as a digital nomad. Just six months after dropping her first vlog in 2012, she was nominated for a Shorty Award now called Vlogger of the Year.
Her motto (which she has tattooed on her body) is “Do what you love.” With her passion for digital media and seeing others reach their creative and professional goals, Andrea offers the motivation and knowledge you need to do just that.

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How to Incorporate a Video Content Strategy for Your Business
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