Content-Driven Success Recap

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CONTENT-DRIVEN SUCCESS, The Quirky Pineapple Studio’s group program, has officially wrapped-up! Here’s a peek at what it looked like on the inside of this inaugural program:

  • 8 women creative entrepreneurs
  • 5 intensive weeks
  • Video tutorials
  • Group coaching calls
  • 1 workbook
  • and getting cozy with an editorial calendar (seriously)

We walked through setting content goals, planning, and how to lead and make an impact with our content – all to build brand loyalty and an engaged community! This is what the 5-weeks looked like:

Week 1: Editorial Calendars & Goals for Each Platform

During Week 1, we started off with the Editorial Calendar Template that everyone received with the program! I talked through how to use it, what needs to be included, and how to keep track of all the content. If you’re thinking about creating your own editorial calendar, here’s what you need to consider before creating one:

  • When do you plan on posting?
  • How many times do you plan on posting?
  • What’s your cornerstone content?

From there – you can start creating an editorial calendar that works best for you!



As we set goals for each platform, we dived into what SMART goals look like and how not every business needs to be on every darn platform. Yes, it’s true, you don’t need to be on every platform! 


Week 2: Planning Content & Your Brand Voice

Week 2 is when we dived more into the content that we want to start creating. We talked through topics like:

  • Content buckets
  • Themes, Categories, Series, etc. for your content
  • Using your cornerstone content to create
  • and honing in on our brand voice!

During the subtopic of creating a brand voice, Content-Driven Success participants walked through my 1:1 client exercises to develop their brand message, find a core emotion with their content, and create their own branded word bank! The branded word bank helps them create content that’s relatable, SEO-friendly, and has some of their own personality!


Week 3: Scheduling Tools to Implement & Streamlining

As we headed into the middle of the course, we got into how content works from a marketing perspective. Content strategy and content marketing are long-term investments that will provide and build more of a foundation and strong community/base. Things that we talked about are:

  • Brand visibility
  • Brand loyalty
  • Engaging content

We also went into how to repurpose in a way that made sense to each person and the complementing platforms they decided to use – on top of their cornerstone content. From there, we streamlined the entire process by using our editorial calendars as the base for all the content that we share!

Grab your own TQP Studio Editorial Calendar here!

Week 4: Workflows, Batching & CEO Days

One of my favorite topics that we covered was all about workflows, batching, and creating administrative tasks for our content! All of these paired together help us move forward with our content, besides getting caught behind the upkeep of creating, scheduling, and keeping up with content for marketing purposes. In this unit, we figured out what admin tasks can either be delegated or automated so that we spend more of our time growing our business, instead of maintaining everything.

Things that were brought up and good to keep in mind:

  • Energy levels throughout the day
  • Having “uh-oh” posts because we didn’t plan ahead
  • Automation
  • Staying on top of business besides getting lost IN business with content marketing
  • Setting aside similar tasks so you don’t waste time switching from something new

Each participant worked through when they would plan their CEO Day to work on tasks in four different categories:

  • Research
  • Create
  • Schedule
  • Build

From there, we shared our new “schedule” for creating content!


Week 5: Creating a Community & Leading/Making an Impact

Having content driven success is when you’re able to create and share content that is:

  • Inspirational
  • Motivational
  • Educational
  • and Entertaining

to your audience based on what they’re interested in learning about and what your expertise is! This is where your content starts shifting from “all the other content on the Internet” and content that engages, makes an impact, and leads your community.

We talked about important questions that can help us be seen as leaders in our respective industries. From those questions and our own opinions, we’re able to share content that is packed with personality, great and actionable information, and makes it interesting for our audiences!

Each of the participants received video tutorials, access to a private Facebook group, and a PDF workbook to guide them through the course! Here’s look at what the Content-Driven Success workbook looks like!

And of course, I’m excited to introduce the 8 fabulous women that joined the inaugural program!

Meet the Content-Driven Success 2018 Alumni!

Thank you, ladies, for joining the inaugural program and working so hard these past 5 weeks, with me! I’ve learned so much from all of you and I’m so proud of the progress that everyone’s made! Thank you, again!!

If you weren’t able to join this round of Content-Driven Success – keep on the lookout for the next round! Make sure you’re subscribed to the Pineappler Newsletter to get the news on when the next round is happening and I hope to see you in there!

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Content-Driven Success, is for creatives, entrepreneurs, or bloggers who want to get serious about their content marketing strategy and start leveraging an editorial calendar to make things easier for them.

Content-Driven Success is for people who are passionate, ambitious, and determined to create a cohesive content calendar that connects with their audience, positions them as an expert, and creates brand loyalty!

Running my first group program has really taught me even more about community building, creating engaging content, and being a leader in the industry. I’ve been pushed out of my comfort zone and stretched further as a content strategist! I’m so grateful for the opportunity and am so excited to tweak this program even further to help others with the content strategy!

If you’re just getting started with your content strategy, I highly recommend getting an editorial calendar in place! I’ve created one for all of my clients (and myself) to help them get organized, stay on top of their content, and plan for the future.

Grab yours in the TQP Studio shop now!

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Content-Driven Success Recap of the 2018 inaugural round! A group program based on editorial calendars and creating a content strategy with one.  // The Quirky Pineapple Studio
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