How to Grow Your Business with an Online Editorial Calendar

We’re here to share the secret sauce to grow your business.

Which, if you’ve read this title… well, you’ll know that we consider Editorial Calendars to be the number one tool to help skyrocket your business growth, awareness, and visibility.

How you ask?

Well… Pineappler, grab a chair because we’re sharing how using an online editorial calendar has changed the way we run our business, how we grew exponentially in visibility and awareness, and how clients found us through the type of content we were creating – all without getting burnt-out or stressed with…

  • What we needed to post next
  • When we needed to post
  • Not having enough ideas
  • And not having enough time

To us, those are lame excuses and we’re calling you out on your bullsh*t if you’re throwing that at us! You can do better – we’re here to help!

Marketing Strategy

Creating a marketing strategy is one of the KEY factors in business growth – but most of the time, we see a lot of marketing strategies from our clients and audience with no clear objectives, goals, or metrics to measure their successes.

When we use an editorial calendar to complement our marketing strategy – we make it easier for our team to understand:

  • Current campaigns
  • What products/services we’d like to push for the next month or quarter
  • The new developments we’re working on
  • What to include in our marketing strategy (online or in-person)

To start including an online editorial calendar in your marketing strategy, consider our three musts:

  1. How often will you share relevant information?
  2. What days will you post?
  3. What is the timeline needed to actually close a deal?

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Two of the metrics we use for business growth are:

  1. Visibility
  2. Awareness

The more visible we are and the more brand awareness we have, the higher our conversion rates are for capturing client leads. The biggest help with consistently getting visibility and awareness has been implementing an editorial calendar at the heart of all our efforts.

Our editorial calendar is like the guiding light in all the content that we produce on all of our platforms, Instagram, Facebook, Newsletters, and Blog Posts. We refer to it for what blog posts need to be drafted next, when a newsletter needs to be sent, what we’re promoting, and keeping our content looking consistent and cohesive for our audience.


Before implementing an editorial calendar in our strategy, we struggled with knowing what needed to be shared next, when we needed to post, and felt like our marketing was all over the place.

Now, our editorial calendars are updated on a bi-weekly to monthly basis and planned out with content for up to 3 months (quarterly).

To keep consistent, start here:

  • How often will you share on a specific platform, weekly?
  • What is actually doable in terms of content creation?
  • What posting pattern can you follow that isn’t stressful?

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Less Stress

Have you ever dealt with the stress and possible panic of…

  1. Not knowing what to post?
  2. Not knowing when you “should” post?
  3. How often you “should” post?
  4. What type of content do people want to see?

Yes, we’ve been there, too. We’ve spent 1-2 hours crafting the “perfect” Instagram caption. We’ve sat in front of our computers with a new draft opened to write a new blog post, that took us 45 minutes to brainstorm. And we’ve dealt with burn out creating content on all platforms with no goal, system, or tool in place.

It was like throwing spaghetti to the wall and hoping that it stuck. The worst part, because we had no plan, we posted content when we “got around to it”. That led to A LOT of stress on our part because we didn’t see the visibility we wanted, the conversions we hoped for, and business was at a standstill.

Since implementing our TQP Studio Editorial Calendar, we’re less stressed, not feeling burnt-out, and know that we have a system in place that will keep our marketing strategies moving forward and help move the needle forward in business. It’s also an easy-to-use tool to implement within a team.

What if creating content and growing your business was easily planned, organized, and laid out for you and your team to follow?

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Editorial Calendars & Business Growth

If getting visible and building your brand awareness is part of your business growth strategy, an online editorial calendar can instantly streamline your processes and help you stay consistent. By integrating an editorial calendar into our business growth plans and marketing strategy, we’ve been able to:

  • Grow our followers at a consistent and organic rate on all of our platforms
  • Post consistent and engaging content for our clients
  • Funnel people into our services and products
  • Build The Quirky Pineapple Studio up as a credible source and expert for content strategy and copywriting

You can do the same to grow your business at a consistent rate. Start here:

  1. What is your marketing strategy?
  2. How can you create more consistency in your content?
  3. When you’re stressed, you’re not producing your best work. What tool can be implemented that can help streamline and lessen your workload?

What are your biggest struggles with visibility and awareness for your business? Drop them in the comments below and we’ll share some quick tips!

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How to Grow Your Business with an Online Editorial Calendar
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