Why Your Business Needs a Story Toolkit for Efficient Marketing

What is a story toolkit for marketing?

Have you ever struggled with having ALL your marketing things scattered throughout your digital files?

You have your short bio written in that email you sent out, but your long, official bio is saved somewhere in your Documents folder…

Your team is pulling up screenshots and snippets about what your ‘brand voice’ should sound like, and you’re spending time searching through emails and social media captions you loved as examples of the perfect ‘brand voice’.

While you believe your system is down pat and your marketing is top-notch, the real kicker is only YOU know where everything is, while the rest of your team (or contractors) are scrambling to find examples and files.

We believe to create an efficient marketing strategy, it requires one fundamental tool… what we call the STORY TOOLKIT. In this post, we’ll share why your business needs one if you want to have an efficient marketing system that doesn’t cause stress or overwhelm.

Story Toolkit (aka Visibility Toolkit)

A story toolkit (aka Visibility Toolkit) is a physical or digital folder of your communications components. Things that can be included in your toolkit are:

  • Mission statement
  • Screenshots of social proof & testimonials
  • Elevator pitch
  • Branded Copy Style Guide

All of these things are then shared with your marketing team! This makes it easier for you, as the CEO, and for them to create consistent marketing materials for your business!

We’re going to share the positive benefits of having a story toolkit and how it can DEFINITELY save you and your team time!

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Make it Smoother for Your Marketing Team!

By having everything in one central place, all processes are so much smoother! If you work with a social media manager, community manager, or a marketing team, the work they do requires input from you. They need to talk like you, have the same brand personality, and the same voice across all your platforms.

The easiest way to make sure this happens every single time is by having a ‘story toolkit’ for your team. One that includes things like:

  • The why of your business
  • Your business core values
  • Your business story and your own personal story
  • Branding elements
  • Event social proof and screenshots of testimonials

When all your communication elements are in one place, it makes it less of a headache for everyone to run around looking for examples.

Focus Your Time on Other Important Tasks

When you have a ‘story toolkit’ for your communications or marketing team to work from, you don’t have to spend your hours fielding questions for them. There’s less back and forth, which means less time being spent on answering questions and looking for things and more time on responsibilities to move the needle forward.

By giving your team everything THEY need to do their best job, your business is more effective and efficient in its marketing strategies.

Ways to share your ‘story toolkit’ with your team:

  • Google Drive
  • Microsoft One Drive
  • Dropbox
  • Whatever project management tool you use

Having documents, snapshots, and examples in these areas empower your marketing team to have everything they need to create the content you want.

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Stay Consistent Across ALLZ the Digital Platforms!

Ever think to yourself…

  • “I’m worried my social media manager won’t sound like me…”
  • “I’m scared to outsource because this is so personal…”
  • “How is someone going to get all my personality? I feel like I’m cheating my audience and potential clients…”

It’s true that writing is a personal thing. The way we write, our syntax, sentence structures, etc. all add up to our writing style and brand personality. Conveying all of this to someone else can be difficult, especially when you’re unclear how your brand voice sounds and what your brand personality is.

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By creating a ‘story toolkit’ for marketing purposes, you’re bringing together all the required and necessary tools your team will need to write like YOU. With your Branded Copy Style Guide, examples of your favorite captions and emails, and even snippets of how your clients talk – this toolkit makes it easier for your copywriter to sound EXACTLY like you.

Instead of piecing things together, your team can now pull from this folder to create copy that makes sense and is cohesive on all your platforms! Here’s what you need to have beforehand:

  1. A concise and clear business message
  2. Examples of what your brand voice sounds like
  3. Swipe copy of some of your favorite pieces of content YOU wrote

DON’T HAVE THAT YET? We can work together to create a ‘story toolkit’ for your business, so your communications stays consistent across the board. Schedule a 30min clarity call with us here to talk about it!

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Want the quick and dirty tips? Here’s why you need a story toolkit for efficient marketing:

  1. Make the marketing process smoother for you and your team!
  2. You get to focus your time on other important tasks
  3. You can stay consistent across all your digital platforms, as well as, in-person events!

And how does this help your business grow?

  • Sometimes we don’t realize that we are the bottlenecks in our own processes. By creating a central hub for all the communications of your business, your marketing team won’t have to turn to you for everything anymore!
  • Besides answering and fielding questions from your marketing team, you can now focus on other important tasks like sales, service development, or just living your life!
  • And best thing of all – with a consistent message across the board, your business will be recognized for one thing and your clients won’t be confused!

Does your business have a story toolkit (aka visibility toolkit)? Let us know in the comments below!

*Want to hand off your content creation to someone you can trust, so you get your time back? View our content creation & management services – we’ll create a story toolkit for you and write in your voice!

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