How to Reset Your Mindset to Increase Business Growth

Reset your mindset?

Increase your business growth?

How do these two things affect your marketing and visibility? They go hand in hand with how a business can scale with the right marketing, content, and campaigns.

Business growth, in our experience, involves a few factors:

  • Systems and processes,
  • Delegation and having the right team,
  • Consistent marketing and visibility,
  • And a clear brand message and communication strategy.

Without those, a service-based business can easily stall and plateau. What most business owners don’t realize, however, is how much mindset plays a part to help increase your business growth.

In a study done by Standford University, researchers found that embodying a ‘growth mindset’ closes achievement gaps among students by 30-50%. This can also be applied to service-based business owners who need to reset their mindset for business growth.

This blog post will walk you through various steps to reset your mindset for business growth in terms of brand messaging and content marketing strategy, then help you see where you may be holding onto a ‘fixed mindset’ that could be hindering your growth!

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“Fixed Mindset” vs. “Growth Mindset” and how to reset your mindset

A “fixed mindset” believes our character, intelligence, and creative ability are static. They can’t change in any meaningful way, and any successes, achievements, or accomplishments we have are affirmations of this.

Applied in a business sense through the lens of brand messaging and content marketing strategy, a fixed mindset believes the business has reached its peak (in any sense) and can’t grow further. An example of this is when service-based business owners work towards success and plan their marketing strategy to avoid failure – to give the illusion that they are always ‘right’.

A “growth mindset” on the other hand sees challenges as opportunities to learn and grow. With a growth mindset, failure is only a lesson that brings more knowledge and perspectives. A business with a growth mindset views failures as an opportunity to stretch their current knowledge and adapt for the future.

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In business and marketing strategies, service-based businesses can adopt a ‘growth mindset’ to learn from their failures, see how their knowledge can be expanded and what can be adopted and applied to new areas. If you find yourself in a ‘fixed mindset’, here are a few ways to reset your mindset for business growth.

Reset your Systems and Processes

A fixed mindset in your systems and processes could look like:

  • Using too many programs because you are not building on the systems and processes you already have
  • Doing ‘what’s always been done’ in your processes, without trying something new for fear of failure
  • Not building on systems to make your marketing more efficient, so you choose to be scattered

RESET YOUR MINDSET BY getting clear on what your processes are and which systems can best support that.

Instead of focusing on trying to find all the programs or opting into all the free programs others are using, shifting your mindset to only choose what works for YOU and YOUR BUSINESS will help simplify and streamline.

Besides hopping from one program to the next, learning new software, or migrating important documents – you can now focus on fully utilizing the systems you have with the processes you have. Many times we think it’s a systems problem, but in actuality, it usually is because our processes are unclear. That needs to be fixed first.

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Reset your Team and Company Culture

When your team and company culture have fixed mindsets, this could be a problem that really holds your business growth back. A fixed mindset in a team and company culture setting looks like:

  • Goal setting alone and not involving your team because you don’t believe they will be interested or eager to help
  • Doing ALLZ the things within your business, especially in marketing, because you believe that no one else can write as well or like you
  • Placing people only in their professions, without asking for input on if they’d like to explore other areas

RESET YOUR MINDSET BY involving your team in the process, decision making, and opening the conversation to see what else they are interested in learning or want to contribute.

When you involve your team in the process and decision making, it empowers them to find creative solutions and ideas that can ultimately move your business forward, business growth!

This mindset shift takes the pressure (and burden) off of you to do everything and instead shifts your team to feel empowered to take initiatives that will help you grow. Their mindset shift comes in empowerment and yours will be to trust your team with other tasks.

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Reset Your Marketing and Visibility

If you feel like your marketing and visibility have been STUCK for some time, you may be experiencing a fixed mindset in this area of your business. In this case, signs of a fixed mindset in your marketing and visibility are:

  • Fear of failure, so you never test or try new marketing or content ideas
  • Copying what has worked for other businesses instead of testing and tweaking to see what will work for you
  • Fear of asking for feedback from your audience and clients, because you are afraid of what they will say

RESET YOUR MINDSET BY understanding feedback makes your business and marketing much stronger and marketing is all about testing to see what works best!

A fixed mindset views feedback as criticism and failure. Businesses with fixed mindsets tend to become defensive and feel victim to any sort of feedback. This hurts their business growth because instead of learning and understanding what the feedback means, where it came from, and who it came from – they take it as an attack on their character.

By resetting your mindset to value feedback as a way to improve and learn, you have such an advantage! You can take all this feedback to understand who you best serve, what your clients need, and where you could offer more services or products that meet your clients where they are – ultimately helping your business grow!

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Reset your Brand Message & Communication Strategy

Reset your mindset in your brand message and communication strategy can help to increase business growth. How does this work?

  • Your message is clear and concise, making it easy for clients to understand what you do
  • You have a communication strategy that is straightforward, not confusing your audience members to reach out
  • You field questions from your clients in ways that empower them to make decisions on working with you or not

When you reset your mindset, these areas can be improved within your business. When you have a fixed mindset, your brand message and communication can falter because you are…

  • Worried that making any change to your brand message will immediately result in no sales and an uproar from your audience
  • Feel that you know best and want to use vague and fluffy language that isn’t helping your audience (or your business)
  • Not getting clear on your message and ‘why’ because you feel other aspects of your business are more important

RESET YOUR MINDSET BY going back to your ‘why’ and core values. Then once you have those, have one sentence that shares what you do and how you help. K.I.S.S. – Keep it simple, sweetie!

When you reset your mindset with your brand message and communication strategy, you are allowing new opportunities to come, especially when you get more clear.

Once you reset your mindset to a growth mindset, by getting even more specific (sounds ironic, doesn’t it?), there is no room for confusion. No doubts, questions, or misleading remarks because your brand message and communication are SO clear, there can’t be. When this happens, your business can start serving the right types of clients – leading to business growth.

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Conclusion & TL;DR

We get it, being a service-based business owner gets busy so if you scrolled all the way down to the conclusion for a quick wrap-up, here it is.

To increase your business growth, it not only takes investment and other aspects like marketing, sales, etc. It also requires resetting your mindset. These are the four areas we’ve seen business owners need to reset their mindset to increase business growth:

  1. Systems and processes
  2. Team and company culture
  3. Marketing and visibility
  4. Brand message and communication strategy

To reset your mindset in these areas, you can:

  • Systems and processes – audit your processes and see how to simplify them, then find systems that work with what you need
  • Team and company culture – empower your team members to take more initiatives and remove the stress/burden from you
  • Marketing and visibility – test out new ideas in your marketing and visibility strategies and learn to accept feedback as an opportunity to improve your business
  • Brand message and communication strategy – revisit your ‘why’ and core values and write one sentence that summarizes everything you do

What types of mindset resets have you gone through to help your business grow? Let us know in the comments below!

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