5 Reasons to Use Video Marketing for Your Business

With the rise of platforms like Instagram and TikTok, traditional marketing techniques are slowly evolving – and, some, disappearing – to make room for more up-to-date features that will catch someone’s attention. 

And not only are platforms evolving, but consumers are too. We’ve become hyper-connected and ultra-sensitive to marketing attempts that seem vapid and empty. We’d rather connect with a brand rather than be told to shop, shop, shop from them. We like to see what’s happening behind the scenes: who’s working there, who’s making what we’re buying, and what happens after a sale.

But how can a brand do all this? Enter: video marketing. 

Not into the video buzz yet? Bad news: you miiiiight be missing out on ways to connect with your audience. Here are 5 reasons to use video marketing starting today.

What is video marketing?

Like the name suggests, video marketing is the practice of using video content to advertise a product or service, connect with your audience, provide solutions to a problem, or simply entertain. Sounds simple enough, right? 

From quick clips to highly-produced pieces, one of the reasons to use video marketing is that it employs the double-whammy magic of visuals and audios to paint a picture that speaks…five thousand words (just roll with it 😉).

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Think of a brand you really love. Now, think about what you’ve seen from them lately:

  • A Youtube video explaining how to properly use one of their products
  • A Reel that teases a new launch
  • An IGTV interview with an expert that teaches you something new
  • A Live where the audience can ask questions in real-time and get answers directly from the source

All of these are real-life examples of video marketing. Some are more produced than others, some are more authentic and on-the-spot, but they all work towards one main goal: to transform viewers into buyers.

5 reasons to use video marketing in your strategy

According to a 2020 study, 86% of brands and businesses are using some form of video marketing in their strategy. That very high number is a clear indication that, in order to stand out, it’s time to press that bright RED record button (is that an old reference? Are we showing our age here?) and start producing more video content. 

If you’re unsure, here are 5 reasons to use video marketing in your strategy, to pump you full of motivation and drive.

1. Social media platforms prefer video content

It’s no secret that today’s most popular social media platforms prefer video content. Given that social media sometimes plays such a vital role in connecting with potential customers, this prioritization is one of the main reasons to use video marketing. 

Adam Mosseri, head of Instagram, said it himself that the app was moving forward to focus on 4 key pillars: video, creators, messaging, and shopping. Hello, Reels, IGTV, Live, Stories…the list goes on.

And while that’s one hell of a move coming from an app that was initially designed to share quick captures, it goes to show just how important video content has become for this new age of consumers.

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When it comes to Facebook, research shows that most users spend about 1.3 seconds looking at a static post. However, with video, users are more likely to stay put and watch for 5x longer. And, if your content is engaging enough, they might sit there for the entire duration of the piece, boosting your numbers.

And don’t even get us started on TikTok: an app that was designed with video – and basically just video – in mind. Although mostly geared towards a very different and somewhat niche audience, the app was also the most downloaded in 2020! This makes it a great place to reach and connect with new and potential customers. All this to say: don’t sleep on TikTok, y’all 👏

The truth is, video content usually performs best with algorithms (that dreaded, dreaded word). This, in turn, leads to much better engagement rates. Paired with the fact that social media platforms like to give *not so secret* little boosts to posts that make the most of each app’s new features (most of which are geared towards video creation) means that you’ll be more likely to show up and stand out if you’re creating videos.

2.  Videos boost conversion

Another one of the reasons to use video marketing is that videos boost conversions. Having a video on a landing page, for example, has been noted to increase conversions by 86%. When it comes to email marketing, even mentioning the word “video” in your subject line can increase opening rates by up to 19%.

However, this doesn’t necessarily happen like magic. If you’re hoping to really see conversions from your videos, you must also work towards having strong conversion rate optimization (CRO) strategies in place. A few ways to do this are:

  • Working towards optimized video placement. This means choosing the right spot to feature your content: on your website, on Instagram, on Youtube, etc.
  • Understand the type of videos your audience wants to see. Do they want tutorials, BTS looks, or promos? Look at what performs best and work towards creating more along those lines.
  • Ensure that all your videos have a clear call to action (CTA). If they don’t, your audience won’t have any clue what to do once they’re done watching.
  • Storytelling comes first! More than worrying about if your video looks professionally-produced or homemade (pro tip: it doesn’t matter!), focus on what you’re saying and the message you want to convey.

Once you’ve gone through all the stops, video marketing is a great tool to give possible buyers that last push they’ve been waiting for.

Think about it this way: how many times have you felt more motivated to purchase something after watching a video about it? 

And, the best part is, this goes for products and services!

Seeing them brought to life through film is a great way to really understand them, see if they’re right for you, and it gives you an added sense of trust.

Which brings us to…

3. Video marketing builds trust

Let’s face it: marketing is all about trust – and it goes both ways.

When you’re real and genuine with your customers, they begin to trust you and see you as a person who knows what they’re doing (a sort of authority figure). Similarly, this foundation of trust also means that you can trust your customers to spread the word about you and your brand and generate awareness.

Another one of the reasons to use video marketing is that this trust is easier to obtain. 

How? Well, people are more likely to believe something when they actually see it and not just when they’re told about it. 

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Whether it’s a product test or a conversation with someone who’s purchased a service, videos allow for a much more conversational exchange that feels more engaging and personal when compared to a static post that doesn’t necessarily reflect your or your brand’s personality. 

After all, there’s a reason 57% of people say they feel more confident when purchasing online after watching a video.

4. Consumers love mobile, and mobile loves video

Mobile use has been constantly on the rise for years. We all walk around with tiny computers in our pockets, meaning we have direct access to pretty much anything and everything we want with just the tap of a screen.

Today’s modern consumer does most things from their phone:

  • Respond to work emails
  • Write down to-do lists
  • Read the news
  • Entertain themselves during their free time
  • Shop for clothes, furniture, groceries, etc.

Consumers are head over heels for mobile…and mobile feels the same way about video content.

Research has shown that 90% of consumers watch videos from their phones or tablets when they’re on the go. And this number continues to grow with more people gaining access to smartphones.

This is important not just as one of the great reasons to use video marketing, but also when it comes to planning for video marketing. Watching a video from your phone is different than watching one on a computer, mainly because of the screen size and orientation.

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With that in mind, two elements to keep in mind when creating video content for mobile are:

  • Ideal recording format (vertical is king on TikTok and Reels, horizontal is preferred on Youtube)
  • Captions and subtitles (69% of people watch videos on mute)
  • Clickable buttons or “Swipe Up” links

5. Videos are a fun way to explain your business

One of the reasons to use video marketing is that…it’s fun! 

Really, it is!

Video marketing is a great way to showcase your business’s personality and go beyond the pretty promotional photos to present audiences with the reality of everything: there are real-life, feeling, breathing humans behind the screen.

Video marketing, especially on platforms like Instagram and TikTok, is where your imagination can run wild: no holds barred, no guidelines to follow, no “but I need to…” excuses 👀

It’s a perfect stage to let your audience know what you’re about beyond the veil of marketing and sales!

Photo by Zackary Drucker as part of Broadly’s Gender Spectrum Collection.

A few examples of video marketing you can use today

If you’re still struggling to see past the blinking light of a camera (again, a semi-outdated reference that shows our age…), we’re here to help.

Here are a few ways you can start using video marketing today:

  • Create a how-to guide that teaches someone something new
  • Film a big announcement and release it alongside your new product/service
  • Share testimonials and showcase past customers
  • Host a Q&A session with guests or previously-submitted questions
  • Go behind the scenes and showcase what you do in a day
  • Highlight your team members
  • Repurpose a blog post and summarize it
  • Host a giveaway 
  • Recap an event you attended

TL;DR: 5 reasons to use video marketing (in a nutshell)

To wrap things up, I think we can all start to agree on one thing: video marketing and video content are growing in popularity.

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It doesn’t matter if your business sells products or services, video marketing is here to help you stand out and engage with your audience in ways that were previously unexplored. Although generally a little more time-consuming than static posts, video usually brings more rewarding results that are worth it in the long run.

Nervous about showing your face on camera? No biggie! There are still ways you can participate in video marketing without popping up as the protagonist of every piece! A few things you can do instead of showing your face are:

  • Go behind the scenes and film from your POV
  • Spotlight a service or product
  • Use stock footage to illustrate your points
  • Create a how-to guide
  • Use text-only slides with graphics
  • Record a voiceover
  • Showcase and highlight your community of supporters
  • Explain something on paper (old school!)

Plus, once you start filming and creating more video content consistently, it’ll become so day-to-day that you’ll find ways to speed up the process. 

That being said, if you still need a little more convincing, five of our favorite reasons to use video marketing are…
1. Social media platforms prefer video content
2.  Videos boost conversion
3. Video marketing builds trust
4. Consumers love mobile, and mobile loves video
5. Videos are a fun way to explain your business

Not only are videos preferred by today’s platforms, but they also tend to have a much longer shelf life than other pieces of content. 

For example, if you upload a video to Instagram Reels or TikTok, it’s possible that the same video will show up on someone’s phone even if they’re scrolling days, weeks, and even months after it was first released!

Do you use video content in your marketing strategy? If so, how’s it worked for you in the past? Let us know below!

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