4 Tips for Rebranding Your Message to Attract More Clients

There comes a time in every brand and business owner’s life when it’s time to evolve. Sometimes, that change means opening up new channels of communication with their audience. Other times, it means going through a whole rebranding process of your brand message.

Both can be a big undertaking; but, at the end of the day, this just means one thing: your business is BOOMING. It’s gotten to the point where growth has taken it down a new path!

If you’re at the point in your business where you feel like it might be time to 🌶spice up your brand message🌶 in order to keep moving forward, attracting more clients, and generating more profit, you’ve come to the right place!

We’ve put together a few of our favorite message rebranding tips to help you do just that – find them below!

Why you should consider rebranding your message

Connecting with clients is one of the most important parts of running a successful business. After all, if you don’t connect with your audience, you won’t have anyone to sell to…

It’s also one of the most challenging things to do.

Enter: a strong brand message. 

Crafting a strong brand message from the beginning will help everyone. Your clients, your team members, competitors, and beyond will understand what your business is about, what you believe in, what values you stand for, and what differentiates you from the rest.

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That being said, it’s worth noting that building a strong brand message takes time.

And it isn’t just a one-time thing.

Your message goes through a rebranding process – even subconsciously – every time you add a new service or product to your catalog. It also happens every time you launch a new course or every time you decide to join a new platform. Even every time a new socio-political event motivates you to speak up…

Your brand message is dynamic, not static. It’s evolving, not stagnant. And it needs to be tweaked and refined every now and then to make sure you’re keeping up with your audience and still speaking to the right people.

By adjusting and rebranding your message to represent the evolution of your brand, you can plan and direct your marketing efforts with a lot more purpose and, ultimately, reel in leads who will turn into loyal customers.

A stagnant brand message, that doesn’t evolve as your business grows, can be confusing and unaligned for your business efforts and ideal clients as you enter new markets or offer other types of services.

DISCLAIMER: This isn’t to say that the core of your mission and vision change entirely! If that changes too many times, folx often get confused. We’re talking about rebranded messaging that becomes clearer over time, to clearly communicate the mission and vision of your brand. 

4 tips to help with rebranding your message

Now that you understand the importance of rebranding your message and breathing new life into your original brand message strategy, let’s dig a little deeper and get into the good stuff!

While a brand message rebrand – redundancy aside – might seem like a monumental task to tackle: it’s a lot simpler if you break it down piece by piece. That’s what we’re here to help you do 😉

Here are the top four things we believe you should keep in mind when the time comes to tweak your brand message and redefine what your business is all about.

1. “Does the brand message accurately reflect the brand?”

One of the most important signs it’s time to rebrand your message is when you feel that your original message no longer aligns with your vision, or that it no longer represents your brand and what it’s about.

So, ask yourself this: “Does my brand message accurately reflect what my brand is about and what it stands for?”

In order to find the answer to this question, you can look back (and within) to see what your brand values are and if they’ve evolved to include new ones:

  • Do you/your brand still stand for the same beliefs when you first started your business?
  • Is there a new cause that you/your brand have/has become involved with recently that needs to be included in your messaging?
  • Is there a disconnect between the values you say you stand for and the words and language you use in your communications?

Your brand message is all the communication and words that share about your brand. It paints a picture and helps people from the outside looking in, creating an idea of what your business actually is beyond what you sell.

When your brand message is off, your audience can have a tough time visualizing this “picture” and, therefore, can have an even harder time connecting with your brand and deciding to make a purchase.

PRO TIP: In our experience, your gut will probably notice that your brand message is not aligned to your brand long before seeing any “hard numbers” and data about this. This usually happens in 3 year cycles (in our experience) – after you’ve gained experience and knowledge about a certain niche, audience, or where your brand fits into the market. 

2. “Has the brand changed in terms of what it offers and who it helps?”

The same goes for your product and service catalog. You probably don’t offer the same exact things you did back when you first started, right? 

Take a look at your portfolio and look out for…

  • Any new products/services you might have added to your roster
  • Products/services you no longer offer
  • Other types of content that you might have available like freebies, courses, etc.

If your brand has evolved way past what you initially set it out to be, it’s time to shake things up and consider rebranding your message in order to include all of these new goodies that you want your customers to know about and recognize you for.

Or in the opposite way, updating your brand message to remove all the services and offers that you no longer offer and don’t want to be asked about!

This goes hand-in-hand with analyzing how (and if) your audience and clients have also changed over time. 

Chances are, if you’ve added new products/services to your portfolio… You’ve also had new types of clients roll in. If your client pool has grown and transformed, it’s time to take a closer look at the language you’re using (your brand voice) to make sure that you’re still “speaking the same language” as your clients.

Ensuring that your brand message is aligned with your audience will help you…

  • Avoid miscommunication
  • Create a stronger bond
  • Transmit what you want to say easily and effectively
  • Remain culturally aware and inclusive

3. “Has the market evolved without me?”

Rebranding your message isn’t always about looking in. 

Sometimes, looking at what your competitors are doing and saying is a great way to measure your brand against others who are working in the same industry – and succeeding at it.

Businesses, like people, change. Their goals change, their audiences change, the way they do marketing changes… And these are all things that end up affecting their brand message (and vice-versa).

So, when deciding if a message rebranding is upon you, it’s a good idea to look around at how other similar brands have changed and grown over the years and how they’ve gone through the process.

This isn’t an invitation to go out and copy a brand’s process – that’s a definite no-no! Plus, stealing another brand’s ideas will leave you with a brand message that’s messy and unauthentic (talk about misaligned brand messaging). Your brand is unique, it speaks in a unique way, it stands for a set of values that draw from your lived experiences, beliefs, and culture… And no one can replicate that.

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This is your small nudge to inspire you to take a look through the “competition” and what other industries are doing to see if there’s room to update your brand message.

4. “Will rebranding my message help me create more impact?”

Ultimately, the most important question you need to ask yourself when rebranding your message is whether or not you believe it will be beneficial to your brand’s future goals and your desire for more impact (impact could be more sales, a larger community, more loyal clients, etc.)

Rebranding your message is a detailed process that requires attention, time, intention, and – let’s face it – money. It’s not something you can do in an afternoon and move on from immediately! A full brand message update requires you to adapt your communications to reflect the changes on your website copy, your brand message manual, and more.

With that in mind, message rebranding is an intentional process that brands go through at least once or twice in their business lifetime to adapt to their market, audience and clients, or their offerings. 

Some reasons brands start the rebranding process:

  • Growing your audience by X%
  • Doubling your profits by [INSERT TIMEFRAME HERE]
  • Selling out a newly-launched product/service
  • Connecting with clients in [INSERT NEW COUNTRY HERE]
  • Etc.

Rebranding your message can help you tackle these goals on a much more profound level. If you want a quick and superficial fix: we suggest you look elsewhere to start with – brand messaging is not for quick fixes!

And, if you truly feel like your brand message no longer represents what your brand is about or where you want your brand to go in the future, there’s really no reason to keep it as it is…

Rebranding your message to attract more clients

Rebranding your message is a great way to keep your business moving towards its goals, attract new clients, and generate more income – especially if you do it for the right reasons.

Your brand message is the bridge between you and your clients: it helps them understand what you’re about, how you can help them, what you believe in, and what you have to offer that other companies don’t.

With time, these things are bound to change! And that’s when a message rebranding might be helpful.

So, when it comes to figuring out if you need a message rebranding, start by asking yourself these questions:
1. “Does the brand message accurately reflect the brand?”
2. “Has the brand evolved in terms of what it offers and who it helps?”
3. “Has the market evolved without me?”
4. “Will rebranding my message help me create more impact?”

Have you ever gone through a message rebranding process? How did it go and why did you make the decision to do it?

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