Our Top Tips for CTA Copywriting for Your Industry

When it comes to CTA copywriting, there’s more to it than simply slapping a “Buy Now!” button on your page and calling it a day. 

After all, a good CTA (also known as a call-to-action) is all about hooking your audience and turning them from passive browsers into engaged customers.

But… where do you even start with CTA copywriting? And what’s the difference between writing a good CTA for, say, a travel business compared to a coaching business? 

Luckily, we’ve got the lowdown on all things CTA copywriting… and we’re about to share all of ‘em with you, too!

So buckle up, grab pen and paper, and let’s dive into a world where your CTAs don’t just sit pretty, but actually incite action.

Getting started with CTA copywriting

Alright, let’s take a minute to slow down. If you’re just getting started with your marketing and copywriting efforts, this all might sound ridiculously confusing – we get it, don’t worry.

First, let’s take a look at the term: CTA. An abbreviation of the phrase “call-to-action” a CTA is precisely what it sounds like: it’s a directive to your audience, prompting them to take a certain action or do what you want them to do.

That could be anything from “Sign up” to “Download here”, “Subscribe now”, and “Learn more”.

You’ll probably find CTAs pretty much everywhere in the digital world: from websites to blog posts, emails, social media posts, e-books, webinars, and –– yep, you guessed it! –– sales pages.

But, why do CTAs matter? Well, in a nutshell, they’re the bridge between your content and the action you want your audience to take. They also work to drive engagement, conversions, and help push potential customers through the customer journey.

Without a compelling CTA, you might end up with a ton of traffic… but no action.

4 things to keep in mind with CTA copywriting

When writing a good CTA, there are a few things that are important for you to keep in mind in order to make the most of your words.

1. Be clear and direct: People need to know exactly what you’re expecting from them and what they’ll get out of it. Make sure your CTA is clear, with no fluff, and that it gives direction.

2. Tap into emotions: Although you never want to manipulate your audience into clicking something that will bring them no benefit, you do want them to feel excited or curious and eager to click your CTA. Encouraging clicks through emotions is a great way to help them make their way down the funnel.

3. Make it stand out: Your CTA should always be visually appealing and noticeable on the page. Bold colors, contrasting design, and strategic placement help them stand out from the rest of the text –– and make them a lot more attractive!

4. Keep it relevant: Your CTA should always align with the content and the offer that it’s paired with. There’s no point in tricking people into clicking! CTAs should feel like a natural progression from point A to point B, not a random ask or a clickbait.

Understanding CTAs and what they do is important for turning your audience from readers into buyers, and from bystanders into active participants. 

CTA copywriting for different industries

Now that you have a more clear understanding of CTA copywriting in general, it’s time to break it down even further… by looking at the importance of writing good, compelling, clear CTAs for your specific audience and industry.

From travel to coaching, here’s how to write a bangin’ CTA that gets people clicking through.

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01. For the coaching industry

It’s no secret that, when it comes to the coaching industry, the stakes are a little bit higher –– and a lot more personal.

In this sphere, you’re not just trying to sell a product or service, you’re offering a pathway to personal transformation.

That’s why your CTAs have to hit juuuuust right, and speak to your audience’s desires, hopes, and aspirations in a deeply personal and authentic way.

Here are three ways to do that:

1. Be personal and relatable
In the coaching world, your audience craves connection and relatability. They want to feel seen, understood, and valued –– that’s why your CTAs should feel less like a directive and more like a friend extending an invitation.

Instead of a generic “Sign up now!”, try something like “Are you ready to embrace your X” or “Take the first step toward a X you”.

These CTAs don’t merely instruct, they inspire! And they’re also more about letting your audience feel seen, believed in, and hopeful.

2. Tap into their aspirations
People seek coaching because they aspire to better themselves, be it professionally, personally, or otherwise. Your CTAs should tap into these aspirations and paint a vivid picture of what the future could look like.

Instead of the classic “Buy Now,” try “Start your journey to X today,” or “Embark on a path to becoming X.”

These CTAs don’t just sell a service –– they sell a vision and a promise.

3. Highlight the transformation
Coaching is all about transformation, so why not make that the focal point of your CTA? 

Instead of “Click Here,” why not try “Claim your breakthrough today!” or “Unlock your true potential now!” 

These CTAs encapsulate the essence of what coaching is all about, and speak to that deep, inner longing for change and progress.

In the coaching industry, your CTAs need to do more than just prompt an action. 

They need to resonate with your audience on a deeper level, and encourage them towards a journey of personal transformation. So take a step back, put yourself in your audience’s shoes, and ask yourself: What would inspire you to take that leap?

02. For the travel industry

The travel industry is a realm where dreams and reality combine. That said, your CTAs should ignite the imaginations of your audience, taking them on a virtual journey even before they’ve purchased a ticket.

Here’s how you can do that:

1. Use vivid and inviting language
Travel is all about the senses. Your CTAs can mirror this, using language that evokes vivid imagery and emotion. 

Rather than a simple “Book Now,” consider CTAs like “Dive into your next adventure,” or “Experience the unforgettable taste of Rome.” 

This language immerses your audience in the experience, making the adventure seem tangible and immediately desirable.

2. Prompt immediate action
Travel is also about seizing the moment, and your CTAs can tap into this spontaneity and excitement, prompting your audience to… take immediate action. 

CTAs like “Book your dream getaway now!” or “Your adventure awaits – book today!” inject a sense of immediacy and enthusiasm that can be the final nudge your audience needs to commit.

With this in mind, when it comes to working in the travel industry, your CTAs should not only promote your services, they also evoke the allure and excitement of the journey itself. 

Remember: you’re selling more than just travel plans! You’re selling experiences, memories, and the promise of adventure.

03. For DEI (Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion) initiatives

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) is a transformative and essential field that focuses on fostering equitable opportunities and celebrating diversity.

In the DEI space, your CTAs should evoke a sense of empathy, and inspire actions that contribute to a better world.

Here are three tips for CTA copywriting for business owners and thought leaders working in DEI:

1. Use powerful, action-oriented language
In the DEI space, your CTAs need to carry weight and invoke a sense of duty in your audience. 

Powerful and proactive language, such as “Join the fight for equity,” or “Take a stand for diversity,” can serve as rallying cries for action. 

These CTAs don’t just ask for engagement –– they call for commitment and active participation.

2. Inspire change
You’re not only advocating for fairness in the here and now, but for lasting, impactful change. 

Reflect this in your CTAs with phrases like “Become an advocate for inclusion,” or “Transform your workplace today.” 

These CTAs encourage your audience to become a part of the solution and instill a sense of agency and empowerment.

3. Convey the importance of the issue
It’s also important to express the significance and ongoing relevance of DEI issues. 

Using CTAs such as “Act now for a fairer future,” or “Demand change today.” drives home the message that action is needed now –– not tomorrow, not ‘someday’… but right now.

In the DEI space, your CTAs should not only encourage participation but also convey the importance and immediacy of these issues. After all, you’re inviting your audience to be part of a movement and a journey toward a more equitable, diverse, and inclusive society.

04. For the marketing industry

Digital Marketing is a fast-paced and results-driven industry. In this space, your CTAs should be clear, direct, and most importantly, highlight the potential benefits. 

This will, in turn, compel your audience to take immediate action. 

Here’s how you can achieve that:

1. Highlight the benefits
In marketing, your CTAs should underline the advantages your service or product brings. 

Instead of implying potential loss, emphasize what they stand to gain. For instance, “Boost your website’s visibility with our proven SEO strategies” or “Grow your customer base with our unique marketing techniques.”

2. Showcase expertise
You can also use your CTAs to position your business as an industry expert. 

For example, using phrases like “Discover why we’re the go-to agency for effective digital marketing” or “Find out how our innovative strategies can level up your marketing game.” can help create a sense of trust and motivate your audience to learn more. 

3. Encourage learning
Many audiences value opportunities to learn and grow. By offering informative content, you provide value and invite engagement. 

That said, CTAs such as “Learn how to skyrocket your online presence” or “Dive into our guide for successful online marketing” can be highly effective because they point at specific issues and offer a solution.

4. Foster a community
It’s no secret that people enjoy feeling part of a community, especially online and especially within an industry or sector they’re a part of. That’s why it’s so important to encourage this sense of belonging with your CTAs. 

Using phrases such as “Join our network of digital marketing enthusiasts” or “Become part of our community for the latest digital marketing insights.” can be a great way to inspire your audience to take the leap.

In the marketing industry, using ethical and genuine tactics in copywriting is crucial, and the most important aspect of CTA copywriting is to be genuine and customer-focused. 

Speak directly to your audience’s needs and desires, and they will naturally be drawn to find out more!

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Wrapping things up in the world of CTA copywriting

As you might be able to tell by now, CTA copywriting is a true art (not to get too cheesy on you!) that varies significantly across industries and sectors.

  • Whether it’s in the coaching industry, where CTAs that resonate on a personal level reign supreme 
  • The marketing industry, where it’s all about clarifying the value of your offer 
  • The DEI space, where CTAs demand a powerful, action-oriented approach

Your CTAs should aim to be specific, clear, consistent, and reflect your unique brand voice.

This, plus a combination of the specific industry’s tone, the audience’s expectations, and the unique value you and your business bring to the table, will further show that CTA copywriting isn’t a one-size-fits-all approach –– and that’s a good thing!

Because a genuinely good CTA isn’t just about telling people what to do next –– it’s about inspiring them to take the next step on their own.

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