2023 Social Media Trend Review and 2024 Marketing Predictions

The 2024 marketing season is upon us – can you believe how fast time flies when you’re having fun? 

Honestly, it feels like just yesterday we were prepping for 2023 with brand new content calendars, a growing list of goals, and a mind bursting with ideas on how to connect, share, and grow the VIPiña community (pssst… that’s you!)

Now, there are roughly 3 weeks left of the year – deep breaths, please – and 12 months ahead filled with new opportunities.

Sound overwhelming? We get it. And we feel it too. But here’s the thing: marketing doesn’t have to be about constant reinvention. We’re firm believers in the fact that you can create a holistic and sustainable marketing strategy that doesn’t involve switching things up over and over again every time the year ends.

So before you start endlessly scrolling through Reels looking for the “next big sound” and setting up your ring light, let’s look at the lessons that 2023 left behind – and what’s coming in 2024 for marketing. 

What we learned about marketing in 2023

Looking back on our 2023 Trends and Marketing Predictions, it’s safe to say… we pretty much nailed it. 🪄

Whether or not we followed the trends is a different story – SPOILER: we didn’t follow all of them – they still made their impact on how other businesses and Creators handled their marketing strategy.

Notable mentions include the ever-growing use of video, enlisting influencers to create content that feels more “organic”, and choosing connection over manipulation when selling a service or product.

One thing we missed out on, however, is a brand’s needs and strategies to connect with younger audiences – Gen Z specifically – as they become what’s projected to be the largest group of consumers by 2026, according to reports by Business Insider.

As difficult as it might be to accept as Millennials who are terrified of “growing up”, Gen Z’s spending power is on the rise. They’re no longer just “kids”, and they’re also way more connected and aware than other generations before them. 

They’re online, they know how to work with tech from the moment they take their first steps, they demand that brands take a stance for social and political issues, and they’re not scared to let other people online know that they’re tired of being fed BS by large corporations.

All of this goes to say: Gen Z is quickly becoming the generation to watch – and speak to – when it comes to marketing and content creation. 

What’s coming in 2024 for marketing

Along with this newfound desire to catch Gen Z’s attention, there’s a lot more in store for 2024 marketing. 

Luckily, most of the upcoming marketing “trends” for next year don’t involve completely reshaping what you’re already doing or learning a completely new skill set. Instead, they’re all about building on what you already know – and leveraging them innovatively to your advantage.

Let’s take a closer look at 4 of the main things we believe are coming in 2024 marketing.

1. Ethical and inclusive marketing practices

With attention turning toward Gen Z, it’s no surprise that ethical and inclusive marketing practices are slowly becoming the norm. After all, today’s generations are hyper-connected and hyper-aware – and they don’t take kindly to brands and businesses that either try to trick people into purchasing something or don’t use their power and influence for good.

This means that “traditional” ways of marketing aren’t working like they used to. Those neverending countdowns? They know they’re fake. That “today only!” sale? It’ll probably be on tomorrow. Using shame and manipulation to coerce people into signing up for something? Gross, bye – or as Gen Z might say… “It’s giving us the ick”.

Consumers today are quick to see through manipulation and lies – and they’re even quicker to dump a brand and find an alternative that does align with their values. 

This means that, in 2024 and beyond, more and more brands will veer off course from “business as usual” and strive for authenticity and human-first marketing techniques that don’t leave a bad taste in anyone’s mouth.

Will it take longer to make a sale? Probably. But no amount of quick sales can justify tricking people into spending their hard-earned cash (in this economy?!) – at least not for brands that are worth it.

2. Short-form video content (again)

There’s really no escaping the fact that short-form video content continues to be pushed by the Instagram algorithm (and all other algorithms). 

With this in mind, incorporating some form of video marketing into your strategy will be a big thing for brands and businesses in 2024 that are looking to grow continuously on the platform and find new ways to connect with a diverse and dynamic audience. In fact, most people agree that video content isn’t going anywhere – and it’s just going to keep getting more vital.

However, this doesn’t necessarily mean camera-facing videos – especially if you don’t feel comfortable doing that yet. From voiceover announcements and launches to using user-generated content (more on that later!) and teasers, there are plenty of ways to leverage short-form video.

Don’t believe us? Check out what @introvertgonefaceless is doing on Instagram to grow their brand!

3. AI-driven strategies

AI has been the topic on everyone’s minds and mouths for the entirety of 2023 in various industries across the globe – and 2024 marketing won’t be any different.

For brands and businesses, the arrival of AI doesn’t just mean a new era of data analysis and customer insights – it also means that automated personalization and predictive modeling will become even more mainstream.

Whether it’s enhancing customer experience, automating content creation, optimizing SEO strategies, or providing detailed market analytics, AI tools like ChatGPT and others are here to change the way we do marketing forever. 

And no, it’s not as daunting as it sounds.

The most important thing here, however, is to not fall into the trap of letting AI do “all the work” for you. At the end of the day, no form of AI can fully replace the role of a multicultural marketing agency when it comes to planning, creating, and sharing human-centered content.  

Robots are smart, sure… but they’re not human. And that makes all the difference.

4. Working with microinfluencers

Influencer marketing is nothing new. However, it’s looking more and more like 2024 marketing will be more about microinfluencers taking the stage.

What’s the difference between them? Well, while influencers typically hover around 10k or more followers, microinfluencers are on a much lower end of the spectrum. With anywhere between 1,000 and 10k followers, these “lesser-known” voices can carry more power and influence than their larger-following counterparts.

According to Statista, the industry is even expected to reach a whopping $22.2B in value by 2025 – and that just can’t be ignored. Just take a look at Later’s most recent deep-dive into influencer marketing for a peek at the possibilities.

With smaller audiences, specialized niches, and with accounts fueled by more personal connection, microinfluencers interact on a different level with their community – and their engagement proves it. Plus, they’re also known for producing content that feels more relatable and genuine than the full-scale productions of some influencers. 

By leveraging this type of user-generated content, as well as making the most of these microinfluencer’s communities, brands have a much better chance of expanding their reach and getting to audiences who wouldn’t have found them otherwise. 

Remember: follower count and likes aren’t always the tell-tale sign that an influencer will resonate with an audience. Community-building and genuine interactions often go way beyond vanity metrics.

Here’s to an exciting year of 2024 marketing opportunities!

All things considered, 2024 marketing is gearing up to be an exciting opportunity for brands and businesses to play around with what they’re already doing.

Instead of trying to do everything at once, let your 2024 marketing be all about a fresh twist that ensures you’re not just trend-hopping or throwing things at the wall to see what sticks, but that you’re staying true to your goals and brand message.

Here’s a quick breakdown of what that might look like:
1. Using ethical and inclusive marketing practices
2. Creating short-form video content
3. Leveraging AI-driven strategies
4. Working with microinfluencers

Ready to embrace 2024 marketing and kick the year off with a bang? Get in touch with Team Quirky to see how we can work together in the new year to transform your marketing strategy from a bore into a sustainable and FUN process for everyone!

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