How to Find a Copywriter for Different Platforms

In today’s global market – where every brand out there is vying for attention – using the right words can make all the difference between standing out and falling flat. Whether it’s an attention-grabbing blog post, a series of engaging tweets, or a perfectly crafted email funnel, the impact of your message relies on the quality of its delivery. Easier said than done, right?

After all, finding a copywriter who can seamlessly slip into your brand’s tone and amplify your voice across various platforms isn’t always a straightforward process.

Don’t worry, though… Team Quirky (that’s us!) is here to help you out. So settle in, grab your notebook, and let’s go through all of the best tips that’ll help you find the right copywriter for your business.

Knowing your brand’s needs

Before you can go out there and start your search for a copywriter, it’s important to know what you’re looking for, the platforms you need content for, and the specific goals you want to achieve.

Here’s what that typically entails:

1. Identifying the platforms you want to use

Whether it’s social media, your official website, or email marketing, each platform may require a different style and approach to copywriting (more on this a little further down!). 

That said, knowing where your content will live helps tailor your search for a writer who excels in those specific environments. Once you know where you want to show up, you can find a copywriter to help you do just that.

2. Defining your goals

Are you looking to increase brand awareness, drive sales, or engage a specific audience? Your business goals will ultimately determine the kind of copywriting skills you should look for.

Not only will this clarify the scope of the copywriter’s work, but it’ll also help guide you in the right direction and toward a writer who can put together messaging that resonates, motivates, and inspires your audience.

3. Understanding your audience

With that in mind, knowing who your content is for is just as important as knowing what it’s about. 

A good copywriter should be able to speak directly to the interests and needs of your target demographic — all while maintaining authenticity and clarity. That means no exclusionary language, no can’t-be-kept-promises, and definitely no manipulative tactics.

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4. Assessing the volume and frequency of your content

Consider how much content you need and how often you need it to go out. This will impact whether you look for a full-time copywriter, a part-time freelancer, or even multiple writers to keep up with your content demands.

From there, once you’ve figured out what your specific needs and expectations are, you can then begin your search for a copywriter who fits these criteria.

There are different copywriters for different needs

As we mentioned a little earlier, copywriters don’t all fit into a single bubble. Sure, they all have the same ‘title’, but that doesn’t mean they are interchangeable or suitable for every type of project.

In fact, copywriters come in all sorts of backgrounds and specialties. 

For example, there are…

  • SEO copywriters: Specialize in writing optimized content to boost search engine rankings.
  • Technical copywriters: Focus on technical, scientific, or industry-specific content.
  • Creative copywriters: Excel at writing compelling narratives used in advertising and branding.
  • Social media copywriters: Specialize in catchy and engaging posts tailored for social media platforms.
  • Conversion copywriters:  Focus on creating compelling calls-to-action, optimizing landing pages, and inciting direct/immediate action.
  • Email marketing copywriters: Expert in writing email content designed to drive actions and conversions.

(And that’s just scratching the surface!)

All of these specialists possess a specific set of skills – think storytelling and strategic content creation – that makes them excellent at a specific type of communication.

How to find a copywriter for your business

Once you’ve figured out what you want and who you’re looking for, it’s time to start searching for that perfect match that can help you and your business spruce up your brand voice, increase engagement, and drive conversions.

That said, when it comes to hiring a copywriter for your business, there are several routes you can take that’ll help you find the ideal candidate.

1. Check out freelancing platforms online

Websites like Upwork, Strategically, LinkedIn (yep!), and Fiverr offer a wide array of copywriters with diverse skills and experience levels. Plus, once inside most of these platforms, you can also view portfolios, read reviews, and contact freelancers directly.

However, it’s worth noting that, while convenient and accessible, some of these platforms are known for being highly competitive – primarily between the freelancers advertising themselves on them. This means that you may run into a wide range of pricing and quality – and that navigating through to find the right fit might require some discernment.

Ultimately, though, you get what you decide to pay for.

2. Search for an agency that can take on the work

While freelancers are great for specific projects, if you need a variety of content or have larger-scale projects, an agency might be the way to go.

In most cases, agencies can provide you and your business with a diverse and specialized team of writers who can handle different aspects of your content needs. Not only does this streamline the content creation process, but it also means you can ensure consistency and quality across all types of content.

3. Leverage your professional network

When building your creative team, asking for recommendations from colleagues, business associates, or through professional social networks like LinkedIn can be a great way to find trusted professionals and streamline your search.

After all, if they come recommended by someone in your network, it’s already a good sign that they could mesh well with what you’re doing.

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TL;DR: Understanding how to hire a copywriter

Finding the right copywriter is more than just filling a position and calling it a day – it’s basically a way of investing in your brand’s future. 

How? Well, by bringing in the right person, your words can start to truly resonate with your audience and evoke the right emotions and actions – all of which helps ensure that your brand’s message isn’t only heard (or read) but also felt.

That said, the process requires careful consideration:
1. Check out freelancing platforms online
2. Partner with a marketing agency
3. Leverage your professional network

And keep in mind that looking for the right copywriter should be about more than just filling a gap. Instead, it should be about finding someone who can amplify and embody your brand’s ethos. 

That’s where the real word magic happens.

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