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25 Regrets I have before turning 25 -- The Quirky Pineapple

25 Regrets I Have Before Turning 25

Oh man, the big two-five is here! Celebrating a quarter life century, y’all! To celebrate this big milestone in age (I can now legally rent a car in the United States for cheaper!), I thought it’d be interesting to list out the 25 regrets I have before turning 25. Usually…

8 tips for traveling with a political mindset -- The Quirky Pineapple

8 Tips for Traveling with a Political Mindset

The great thing about travel is that it knocks you off your damn high horse. It makes you rethink just how cool you are. And although your Instagram photos of beautiful backdrops and cute clothes make others envy you, travel can make you feel self conscious. Travel gives us the…


Letting Go Of Jealousy: We Need Strong Women

I’m pretty sure there is a saying out there that goes along the lines of “Guys fight rough, but girls fight dirty”. Or I could’ve just made that up, but I hope you get my gist. Women are known to be cattier, bigger gossips and a whole lot more dramatic….

Traveling as an Asian American can lead to different reactions and different questions. Sometimes, I'm asked ridiculous questions even within the United States! I've compiled my 15 favorite comments I've received as an Asian American thus far. No, no sarcasm here! (; -- The Quirky Pineapple

15 Favorite Comments On Being Asian American

I never thought that being Asian American would be such a big deal. Growing up in the Washington, D.C. area, I’ve grown up with a very diverse group of people all my life. In schools, we would learn about different cultures, races, ethnicities, and religions! While growing up, I always…

unhappiness -- The Quirky Pineapple

If You’re Unhappy, It’s Okay

I’m no expert at being happy or having it all together. I’m also no expert at what life after graduation is supposed to be like, when it stops being confusing and I only can talk about it from my own experience. I do know, from personal experience, that if you’re…

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