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3 Ways to Use Marketing to Become a Cultural Ambassador

There’s a common misconception that marketing is only good for creating profit, making sales, increasing your revenue, etc.  And while it is an important part of all of these things, there’s also a side of marketing that can be used to, say…create good or generate positive impact. How? By using…


How to be a Cultural Ambassador While Traveling

No matter where we’re from or what our stories are, there is one thing that follows us around. You can’t escape it, you can’t hide from it, and you certainly cannot agree to all of it! It’s worse than the drunken night we ended up passing out on the yard….


My Secret for World Domination

Wow, y’all must really mean something to me if I’m letting you in on my secret for WORLD DOMINATION. Seriously, is this relationship getting that serious? Where are my flowers and chocolates? Just kidding, I’m much more fond of plane tickets, souvenirs, and post cards with a handwritten note on…

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