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Our Top Tips for CTA Copywriting for Your Industry

When it comes to CTA copywriting, there’s more to it than simply slapping a “Buy Now!” button on your page and calling it a day.  After all, a good CTA (also known as a call-to-action) is all about hooking your audience and turning them from passive browsers into engaged customers….


What Is Intercultural Copywriting?

A large part of intercultural marketing for global businesses is – you guessed it: intercultural copywriting. Much like intercultural communication, intercultural copywriting can help you get your point across in a way that doesn’t exclude a certain group of people, isn’t triggering to others and has enough power to create…


5 Reasons to Use Human-Centered Marketing in Your Copy

Nowadays, a one-size-fits-all approach to marketing simply doesn’t cut it. Consumers have become smarter. They’re more connected and hyper-aware of the techniques that marketers and advertisers use to get their message across. As such, they’re able to smell the BS from miles away… That’s where human-centered marketing comes into play….


How to Incorporate Feminist Copywriting in Your Marketing

Copywriting is, without a doubt, one of the most powerful tools that you can employ to help propel your business forward, spread your message, and build your community. However, traditional marketing techniques have (unfortunately) taught us that copywriting should be manipulative, exploitative, and mess with our audience’s emotions all for…

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5 Reasons Why a Liberatory & Culturally Competent Marketing Strategy Can Boost your Business

That nagging suspicion of yours is pretty accurate: terms like inclusion, authenticity, cultural competence, liberation, and feminism are not your typical marketing vocab. You only have to scroll through your Instagram feed to see that oppressive marketing tactics are still a mainstream thing. Yes, pressure tactics work – quite well,…

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