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3 Ways to Use Marketing to Become a Cultural Ambassador

There’s a common misconception that marketing is only good for creating profit, making sales, increasing your revenue, etc.  And while it is an important part of all of these things, there’s also a side of marketing that can be used to, say…create good or generate positive impact. How? By using…


How to Use Intercultural Marketing and Communication

We’ve already discussed the importance of intercultural copywriting in a previous blog post. However, there’s an even bigger way to ensure you’re reaching the right audience. Enter: intercultural marketing. By ensuring that you’re working on a more inclusive approach to your marketing and communication strategy, it’ll be a lot easier…


What Is Intercultural Copywriting?

A large part of intercultural marketing for global businesses is – you guessed it: intercultural copywriting. Much like intercultural communication, intercultural copywriting can help you get your point across in a way that doesn’t exclude a certain group of people, isn’t triggering to others and has enough power to create…

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