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How to Degender Your Site and Implement Inclusive Copywriting

When it comes to inclusive copywriting, one of the most important things to keep in mind is gendered language – as in, degendering your language. Whether intentional or not, gendered language shows up… more often than you might think. Not only can gendered language reinforce societal stereotypes, but it can…

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Is All Copywriting Manipulative?

Jump on Google and the first result (and second and also fourth…) searching “manipulative copywriting” is an Amazon “bestseller” that touts the benefits of grasping “clients’ attention” and making “any offer inviting using enticing words”.  A book that teaches you how to emotionally manipulate (that’s literally the first chapter) people…


3 Ways Manipulative Copy Shows Up In Your Marketing Strategy

Manipulative copywriting can show up unintentionally and unconsciously, even if we have good intentions – especially if we’ve been taught “big sales tactics”! It’s on sales pages, tucked away inside an email newsletter, hidden in the middle of 💃dancing emojis on an Instagram caption…the list goes on. “Tell us where…

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