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A quick update on my first month in Spain, finding a community, making friends, and a home video tour! (: Everything is going well and I've learned that patience is a KEY virtue when it comes to moving abroad and creating your own space in the city. -- The Quirky Pineapple Studio

First Month in Spain & Home Tour!

I can’t believe that I’ve only been in Madrid for one month! I feel like a lot has happened since then, and since I first walked through the doors to our new apartment. Which, by the way, I was so shocked by the size of it, I didn’t even know…


How Much Money to Save Before Moving Abroad: Auxiliares de Conversación

are you thinking of MoVING ABROAD or travelling for at least a year? then I have you covered! in this post, i share my insights and trips to save money for travelling. The big question everyone asked me when I moved abroad was: “Are you crazy? Do you even speak…

I thought I had great habits! But, I was proven wrong! These are 9 habits I lost while living in Spain. What are some habits you've lost?! Check out this article to read about some of my "bad" habits. Do you have similar ones? -- The Quirky Pineapple

9 Habits I Lost While Living in Spain

I want to say I’m pretty great. Just kidding, that’s a bit narcissistic! But, I thought I had some great habits and was living a lifestyle that I was proud of in the United States. Wow, was I wrong! It was tough transitioning and adapting to a new country and…

Coming home may sound exciting, but here is what travellers DON'T tell you about returning back to their home country and back to their "normal" lives. -- The Quirky Pineapple

Coming Home: What Travellers Don’t Tell You

After being abroad for two years, a lot of people would think that MAYBE it’s time to go home and get back into “real life”. It’s true that after two years working as an English and Culture Assistant through the Spanish government, the novelty of the idea has worn off….


Fighting Loneliness While Abroad

Let’s get to the honest truth about living abroad, shall we? I may talk about how wonderful living abroad is, how plentiful my opportunities to travel are, or how fun it is to live in a different language and a different culture. Not to mention, my 12 hour/four day work…

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