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Travel is more than your inflated ego, the viral social media posts, or the envy that people feel towards your lifestyle. Get off your high horse! -- The Quirky Pineapple

Travel is MORE Than Your Inflated Ego

Let me start by saying y’all might want to grab yourself a cup of tea, a comfortable seat, and sit back for this one. I will first start out and say that I am also guilty of the travel inflated ego syndrome. My photos on Instagram and social media are…

Beginner's Guide to Traveling with your Significant Other -- The Quirky Pineapple

The Beginner’s Guide to Traveling with your Significant Other

Imagine exploring new areas, romantic getaways, and always having your significant other to adventure with. Sounds like the dream, right? Running off together and exploring an unknown city or navigating through a country where you both are lost in translation. No one seems to mention how difficult it can be…

This month's International Couples Series feature is Tarah & Tip from Fit Two Travel! I loved reading through their love story! Check it out on the blog! -- The Quirky Pineapple

International Couples Series: Tarah & Tip

The International Couples Series was a small series of interviews I created to find international couples! While living abroad, I found out that dating is common, but international marriages are a lot more common than I expected. After meeting so many different couples from all over the world, who come…


How to be a Cultural Ambassador While Traveling

No matter where we’re from or what our stories are, there is one thing that follows us around. You can’t escape it, you can’t hide from it, and you certainly cannot agree to all of it! It’s worse than the drunken night we ended up passing out on the yard….

International Couples Series ft Munnawar & Angie

International Couples Series: Munnawar & Angie

There are countless movies that talk about meeting someone while traveling. At least in the United States, while I was growing up, there was always this romanticized idea of having a summer fling, a rendezvous with a cutie at the beach. Comeon y’all, High School Musical is all about a…

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