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Bandung, Indonesia is high on my list of places to see due to the heavy influence in fashion! What inspires you to travel to a new area? -- The Quirky Pineapple

Fashion Inspired Travel: Bandung, Indonesia

I travel to humble, inspire, and push myself. When I organize my trips, there are always three main components that I try to experience. The first is culture (which is pretty broad). While traveling, I want to be able to experience the most culture I can from a country. This means…


5 Things I Learned About US Politics While Abroad

Politics are always a touchy subject. I rarely bring it up and always feel uncomfortable discussing it. I am not a confrontational person. So, the thought of a political debate to discuss different view points sends signals to my brain to flee the scene IMMEDIATELY! I get it, politics and…

International Couples Series featuring Fern and Mau, who are living in Playa del Carmen, Mexico! Read their interview to learn about their love story! -- The Quirky Pineapple

International Couples Series: Fern & Mau

I’m so excited to be featuring Fern and Mau on the International Couples Series! Fern and I first “met” when she reached out and nominated me for the Liebster Award! Since then, I’ve been following her on her blogging and instagramming journey. When I learned that she had a boyfriend…

I'm always asked "How are you making time for travel?" Which is then followed up by "I just don't have time!" Traveling is one of my biggest priorities and this is how I make the time to do it every month! -- The Quirky Pineapple

Finding Time For Travel

I receive a lot of questions from people about traveling, but the one question I ALWAYS receive is: “How are you finding time for travel?” And later, this comment usually follows: “I just don’t have time to travel.” With busy schedules and other obligations, finding time for travel can be really difficult….

Traveling is a privilege that sometimes we often forget that we have! Thanks to my parents, who immigrated to the US from Vietnam, I grew up privileged, to be able to do what I want and travel -- The Quirky Pineapple

Traveling Is A Privilege And I Am Privileged

My parents migrated from Vietnam in the 80’s. They arrived without knowing English, without money, and not knowing what to expect. They fled from Vietnam due to the Vietnam War and the communist government. I’ve heard bits and pieces of their stories, but never the full tale. It’s always been hard for…

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