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Live AND work abroad? If this is on your bucket list of things to do - I walk you through the important details you need to cover first. -- The Quirky Pineapple Studio

Live & Work Abroad as a Female Entrepreneur Pt. 2

*To catch up with part 1 of this series – head here to read on how to live and work abroad as a female entrepreneur part 1! Now to all the juicy stuff I know y’all want to get the details on! STEP 2: THE PROCESS OF WORKING ABROAD AS…

Work & Travel, is it glamorous or a giant pain in the ass? In this guest post, Brooke is breaking down the honest truth of what it's like to work AND travel -- The Quirky Pineapple Studio

Work & Travel As a Digital Nomad, Glamorous or a Pain in the Ass?

From what Instagram would have us believe, the existing concept of travel as a “digital nomad” is a genetically enhanced individual who takes their laptop to destinations they can’t possibly afford on a seemingly eternal basis, doing no work whatsoever. In other words, by the current definition, digital nomads are…

Want to live and work abroad as a female entrepreneur? I'm breaking down ALL the steps in this two part series on how to live and work abroad as a female entrepreneur, from prepping, setting up your business, to integrating yourself into your new community. Let's get the adventure started! -- The Quirky Pineapple Studio

Live & Work Abroad as a Female Entrepreneur Pt. 1

The fierce woman has arrived and she’s taking on the world! She’s looking for more out of life than what’s expected of her. She doesn’t want to take orders from others and she isn’t playing into typical stereotypes. She’s kind, intelligent, bold, fierce, AND filled with adventure. Her goal? Work…


Programs For Teaching English In Spain

For all of you wanderlusters out there who are trying to find a way to legally live and work in a different part of the world, without marrying a foreigner for a “Green Card” (that’s illegal btw), I definitely recommend finding a program that allows you to teach English abroad. If…

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