Content-Driven Success Group Program (Old)

rewrite-website-copy-the-quirky-pineapple-studioHave you ever thought to yourself…

  • I wish I had a group of creatives, entrepreneurs, or bloggers to bounce ideas off of and learn from.
  • I want to improve my content strategy, to bring in (more) income with my platform, so I can transition to a location independent job.
  • I want to take my platform more seriously and grow my community, so I am seen as an expert and have more opportunities for growth.
  • I feel burnt-out and unexcited about creating content because I feel all over the place and don’t get much done.

I’m so excited to introduce “Content Driven Success“, a group program for creatives, entrepreneurs, and bloggers

Having a group like this is something that I DREAMED of having when I started as a content creator, blogger, and now copywriting and content strategist. I wanted guidance from an expert that understood my passion for content creation and could give feedback on how to structure my time, create content plans, and grow a real community. I also wanted a close group of people (read: friends) that I could turn to, to bounce ideas off of, a mastermind that never felt competitive and supportive to grow my platform!

I wanted a small and intimate group that could be my sounding board to give me tough-love, a different perspective, and encouragement to pursue this career and lifestyle! I know how lonely it is to pursue this type of field and not have a supportive group to understand and support you – because that’s exactly what I dealt with.

That’s why I am creating Content-Drive Success!

Content-Driven Success, for creatives, entrepreneurs, or bloggers who want to get serious about their content marketing strategy and start leveraging an editorial calendar to make things easier for them.

Content-Driven Success is for people who are passionate, ambitious, and determined to create a cohesive content calendar that connects with their audience, positions them as an expert, and creates brand loyalty!

Here’s what Jeannie had to say after working together:

“Being clear about my message was everything – not only from my content calendar but also with social media strategy. It’s something that I’ve always wanted to put more effort into but never took the time to do! It was such a relief to know EXACTLY what was coming up and what to post across platforms.”

Keep scrollin’ to get details on Content Driven Success!!

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allz the details for ya!

Content Driven Success is an exclusive group program for entrepreneurs and content creators who want to grow their business/platform with a solid foundation, start working with brands, businesses and their own clients, and create an engaged community with their content. This program is created for entrepreneurs and content creators who feel…

  • Excited but confused on where to start and how to organize their ideas.
  • Ambitious but unclear with what they need to do next to create an engaged community.
  • Determined but need guidance to stay consistent and create content that resonates with their audience.



DATES: Monday, October 29 to Friday, November 30, 2018
BETA PRICE: $35 USD /week (total: $175 USD!)

*prices won’t be at this BETA price again! 


What past clients have said:

“Cassandra’s real knowledge and master of content strategy and creation were so helpful in bringing clarity to my brand!” – Annabelle Reyes

“You really opened my eyes to the issue holding my blog back from success. I don’t have an editorial calendar and a clear brand voice – your advice really gave me clarity!” – Ana

“Cassandra, your enthusiasm and badass work ethic to make magic happen gets me inspired and is the fire to get me moving!” – Julia D’Orazio


Content-Driven Success
5-week Intensive Group Program

Here’s what we’ll be covering:

  1. WEEK 1 – Editorial calendars (subtopic: goals for each platform)
  2. WEEK 2 – Planning Content (subtopic: your brand voice)
  3. WEEK 3 – Scheduling tools to implement (subtopic: streamlining & creating more time)
  4. WEEK 4 – Workflows & Batching (subtopic: admin tasks you need to have for content)
  5. WEEK 5 – Creating a community with your content (subtopic: leading and making an impact)

Each week is broken down to focus on ONE specific topic with an accompanying subtopic that compliments each of our goals. With a combination of video tutorials and group coaching calls, homework, and feedback/accountability, group members will be able to discuss ideas in a safe space, work through homework activities, and receive constructive feedback from an expert content strategist and their mastermind group.

Here’s what Julio Gysels said after ONE workshop on editorial calendars:

“After your workshop, I made my new content schedule for the coming months right away using your tips. I now have an enormous amount of clarity on what to do and the time needed per activity. Thank you!” – Julia Gysels

Are you ready to confidently create content that resonates with your audience?

Here’s an example of what we’ll be covering:

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Meet your instructor!

I’m Cassandra; creator of The Quirky Pineapple Studio; traveler, extrovert, and street-food aficionado with a passion for connecting people, content creation, and creating communities through words and content strategy.

I work with creative entrepreneurs and content creators in my group program, Content-Driven Success, to guide and support them to create a solid editorial calendar that grows their platform and creates an engaged community through their content.

My mission is to connect you to your community, through content and experiences.

Why work with me?

After years of wanting a group program that gave me a community of eager and ambitious content creators, I decided to create my own group and share all the knowledge I’ve learned over 10 years of blogging, creating content for different industries, and transitioning from a lifestyle & travel blogger to a full-time, location-independent, copywriter and content strategist.

Are you ready to have content driven success?

So you can…

  • Share your knowledge to help your community, and become an industry expert!
  • Have structure in your content planning, creation, and execution process, so you don’t feel overwhelmed and burnt-out.
  • Create an engaged community that is excited about your content, so you build more brand loyalty.
  • Increase your visibility and increase your profits!

It’s time to get organized, so you feel relaxed and MORE creative!

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