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When Annabelle first reached out to me, she told me about her struggle with developing a clear and strong brand that had two different “branches” and focuses. She explained to me about her 14+ years of experience in teaching language, translation, instructing yoga, and that she is now buckling down and wants to focus on her business Spanish & Lessons. I am so happy and proud of all the work that we did together and the initiative that Annabelle had to work through all the homework I gave her! During our session, we had a deep dive into her ideal client avatar, developing a strong message that incorporated travel, language, and culture, and focused on how to better utilize her social media channels. We used her unique story to build a brand that included the importance of travel, culture, and language to connect her business to her ideal audience.

“I am very happy with Cassandra and our interaction. After working together I feel extremely focused on my ideal clients, goals, and honing in on the core of Spanish & Lessons. I can develop ideas so much faster because of the clarity I found after working with Cassandra! My business Facebook page is growing slowly and having more views and the biggest takeaway is that I feel super focused and have clarity in my goals and vision – to me that is the most important.” – Annabelle Reyes

Spanish & Lessons

Express Content Intensive

Express Content Intensive

  • 1 90-minute meeting
  • Resources, templates, and more
  • Brand Storytelling
  • Social media strategy (FB, IG)
  • Action Plan
  • Business Growth Plan
  • 1 30-minute client wrap-up call
  • Unlimited email & Voxer messages

Strategy Examples:


After an Express Content Intensive, Annabelle was able to clearly identify WHO her ideal, target audience was, how she can reach them, and create a consistent marketing plan. She focused on the types of clients that she knows will trust her abilities and are invested in learning Spanish and immersing themselves in the culture. Her messaging became stronger and more aligned with her ideal clients. She created exciting new offers to be marketed to her target audience that are geared towards her ideal client.

Annabelle now has clear goals and a brand message that she can share confidently with her online and in-person audience. She developed a brand story that is captivating and intentional, making her business in Madrid, Spain, Spanish & Lessons, unique and personable.

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