VIPiña Brand Retreat 2023


A Brand & Marketing Retreat for Small Businesses in Toledo, Spain! The goal of the VIPiña Brand & Marketing Retreat was to bring together small business owners to refresh their brand message and marketing strategy.

We opened this retreat only for past clients of The Quirky Pineapple Studio, so for many of them, we knew their brand message and bird’s eye view marketing strategy. The retreat was held closer to the mid-way point of the year so participants could use the time to refresh and re-evaluate their strategies and update them for the next 6 months.

A secondary goal of the retreat was to give business owners dedicated time to work on the business, instead of in the business, get and give feedback from others on a similar journey, and network with folks from around the world. 

Participants had the opportunity to mix ‘play/travel’ with ‘work’ – learning about a new culture, exploring local dishes, and understanding the culture of business in Spain and Europe.

There were so many moments of inspiration throughout the retreat, from conversations to exploring the city!


Both of our retreat participants came in with clear goals for the retreat.

Julia, of Julia Renee Consulting, wanted feedback and ideas on the second business that she was planning to launch.

Rocio, of Marketing by Rocio, wanted feedback on her updated website copy, as well as, how to tie in other projects she was leading under her brand so that it wasn’t confusing for clients, key partners, or collaborators.

Being part of this retreat allowed both Julia and Rocio to work on the bigger picture of their business and brands, instead of being caught in the day-to-day client deliverables. It also gave them new ideas and perspectives from a trusted group of people who understand their business and can spot areas where they may not have considered.


During the retreat, Julia was able to bring together the brand message, services, and marketing of her second business!

She left the retreat with a brand name, new website, and new services and was able to launch her second business one week after arriving home from the retreat.

“The VIPiña Brand Retreat was the second retreat of Cassandra’s that I’ve been on, and it was so fun and helpful! I literally created a second business while I was there, and getting feedback and ideas from everyone was incredibly valuable. I also loved the mix of business with fun activities and meals, so there was a lot of time to get to experience Toledo!”

Julia Bochesse, SEO and Pinterest Consultant


During the retreat, Rocio received direct feedback on their website copy, marketing strategies, and brand congruency for all the projects they have!

They left the retreat with updated website copy that better reflected their values and mission as a digital marketing agency, as well as, a clearer idea of how all their projects can fit under one brand, Marketing by Rocio.

“If anything, I wish the retreat was longer! This was a great retreat from A to Z. I’ve gotten really valuable and thought provoking feedback from everyone at the retreat and have had the time to implement the feedback immediately!”

Rocio Sanchez, Digital Marketing Strategist and CEO of Marketing by Rocio


We have experience in event marketing campaigns, specifically for workshops, retreats, and brand activation events. Thanks to this experience, we’ve created an event marketing campaign structure that can be adapted to different types of events, as well as, different sizes.

Here are a few of the responsibilities and tasks we completed for the successful marketing of the retreat, taking into consideration before, during, and after the event.

  • Pre-launch of the retreat to past and current clients
  • Email marketing campaigns
  • Social media marketing
  • Behind the scenes of planning and executing the retreat
  • Building a client testimonial bank (videos and written)
  • Collecting feedback for improvements
  • Using the success of this retreat to sell the next year’s retreat


Photo credit: Claudia Guerra Photography

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