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CoCreate Work is backed by a powerful mission: Helping leaders build sustainable and inclusive companies of the future through culture. However, they faced challenges when it came to connecting with their audience and magnifying their value.


CoCreate Work’s digital presence was an untapped gold mine of content, knowledge, and potential.

Although there was a lot happening behind the scenes, the team was inconsistently active on social media – which meant that brand awareness was stagnating. CoCreate Work had amazing results and 10+ years of knowledge in the industry, that they weren’t sharing online to grow and connect with their target audience/clients.

Combine all of this with a lack of a concrete content strategy – they struggled to know what to share, where to share it, and how to voice it – and their digital potential was severely underutilized.


Once we had clearly identified the issues, we worked with CoCreate’s Founder and Managing Partner – La’Kita Williams and Chloe Andersen – to put together a comprehensive list of goals:

  • Establish a consistent presence on social media.
  • Increase brand awareness for CoCreate Work.
  • Develop engaging content that showcases CoCreate Work’s unique brand personality.
  • Highlight the team members behind the brand, particularly La’Kita and Chloe.


We worked closely with CoCreate Work to create a clear brand message and content plan for two platforms:

  • Instagram
  • LinkedIn. 

This plan was created in close collaboration with La’Kita and Chloe. From there, we designed a batch of branded templates to help make content creation easier and more streamlined. 

In line with our goal to develop more engaging content their audience would connect with, we also introduced fun video ideas to encourage the team to connect better with their audience. 

On LinkedIn, we highlighted topics like leadership, company culture, and well-being.


Here’s how our collaboration with CoCreate Work increased their brand awareness and reach:

  • Digital Engagement: Through a hands-on approach, CoCreate Work maintained a consistent presence on Instagram and LinkedIn driven by a strategic content plan. 
  • Content Strategy: Ensuring that content was designed and scheduled in advance, we created a series of content calendars that were aligned with their messaging and larger objectives.
  • Contract Wins: Our targeted launch campaign directly contributed to securing contracts worth $70K.
  • Brand Visibility: We boosted the brand’s visibility and involvement through key campaigns – including the Leadership Well-Being Challenge, Leadership Brand Webinar, and the Hiring Course Launch.
  • Future Roadmap: Setting a solid plan for continued online growth, we ensured CoCreate Work remains at the forefront of their ideal clients, remaining top of mind for future opportunities.

“Cassandra and the TQP Studio are soooo collaborative, willing to jump in and help us get our message out there. The willingness to help us meet the needs of the moment when it comes to marketing are important and we also appreciate the consistent and shared accountability.

Now we feel more comfortable getting out there.”

La’Kita Williams, Founder, CoCreate Work


Using The Quirky Octopus™ Framework, we worked together with CoCreate Work to make some content marketing magic and amplify their digital footprint.

1. Setting the Strategy: With the brand’s vision in mind, we designed a 6-month strategy specific to each platform: Instagram and LinkedIn. This involved deciding on the content pillars, posting frequency, and overall brand messaging.

2. Onboarding: Through a comprehensive deep dive session, we integrated brand strategy elements into the digital realm, updating online profiles for a cohesive brand feel.

3. Content Creation: In order to create content that truly resonated with their specific audience, we collaborated on designing and planning specific content types and pillars – from branded graphics to videos – all tailored to highlight the unique voice of CoCreate Work.

4. Monthly Check-ins: Regular reviews with the CoCreate Work team to analyze performance, plan for the next phase, and ensure alignment with larger company goals.
5. Key Campaigns: Specialized campaigns like the Hiring Course Launch and Leadership Well-Being Challenge were rolled out, with each achieving distinct goals such as brand visibility, engagement, and revenue generation.


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