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BRAND: Nourish

SERVICES: Instagram & Email Content Management, Updated Website Copy

Through art and creativity, Nourish works with communities and organizations to deepen their cultural awareness and enhance communication skills. Focused on – as they define it – a “human-centered approach to DEI”, their work includes everything from creative coaching to facilitation, collage workshops, retreats, and other in-person events.


When Nourish founder, Michaela Ayers, first approached us, the brand seemed to be pulling in multiple directions at once.

Right from the beginning, the main challenge was that no clear narrative or cohesive message was tying together all of the elements that made Nourish what it wanted to be. 

This meant that their brand identity, the services they offered, and the ideal clients they wished to attract didn’t resonate as a unified or compelling story. Instead, everything felt more like a collection of different elements rather than a cohesive whole.

In addition to this, Nourish wasn’t consistent with its communication strategy – especially social media and email marketing. This meant that their sporadic interactions and outreach efforts didn’t work to truly foster a sense of community.


With all of this in mind, our task was clear: to streamline Nourish’s brand message and communication efforts, and create a harmonious and impactful brand presence that reflected their core values and mission.

We had a set of specific goals in mind, including the following:

  • Clarify the brand’s goals, purpose, and message.
  • Develop a cohesive communication plan for the brand, services, and founder’s story.
  • Highlight the importance of Michaela’s journey and its relevance to the brand.
  • Implement a consistent communication strategy through social media and email marketing.
  • Revise the Nourish website to align with the updated brand message and showcase their services.


At the heart of our strategy was the development of a clear, resonant brand message – paired with an organic marketing approach – that could leverage the strengths of Instagram, email newsletters, and Nourish’s website to engage and expand their audience.

First, to ensure consistency and maximize impact across platforms, we created a set of branded templates and curated content specifically designed to be shared on social media. The intention behind this wasn’t just to bolster the brand’s online presence, but also to make the brand more recognizable and cohesive.

In addition to this, a large part of our strategy involved writing community-building email newsletters. These newsletters then acted as a direct line to Nourish’s subscribers – keeping them informed and engaged with all of the latest news, upcoming events, and ways to collaborate.

Lastly, we also worked to introduce a series of fun and engaging pieces of video content – featuring Michaela – to help her get more comfortable with being in front of the camera.

Overall, our work aimed to build a more engaged and vibrant community both online and offline – one that would resonate with Nourish’s core values, and were eager to participate in events as the brand continued to grow.


Through our collaboration with Nourish and Michaela, we were able to achieve the following:

  • Strategic Content Planning: Achieved a consistent online presence with regular, strategic updates on Instagram, supported by a detailed content calendar that was planned months in advance. This ensured a steady flow of content and aligned with Nourish’s marketing goals.
  • Website Realignment: Successfully updated the Nourish website to reflect the brand’s evolved brand message. This included key pages: Home, About, Services, Events, Podcast, and Contact.
  • Boosted Community Engagement: Increased interaction and engagement along all platforms, fostering a more active and involved community. This included an email marketing strategy that had a 60% open rate with a 4% click-through rate.
  • Strategic Framework: Implemented a strategic plan for ongoing content and marketing efforts. This allowed for the flexibility to adapt as needed, and ensured that all of our marketing efforts were both purposeful and aligned.

“Prior to working with The Quirky Pineapple Studio, my brand was a bit all over the place. I needed help clarifying my message and rebuilding trust with my audience.

Cassandra and The Quirky Pineapple Studio team take a very relational approach to content marketing that is unique and impactful! I appreciate the integration of different creative practices to help draw out my story and speak directly to my ideal audience. The Quirky Pineapple Studio has an eye for details! They provided me with shot lists and anything else I needed to ensure that I show up better online. 

Thanks to our work together, I was able to reconnect with my audience more regularly and understand what is working/not working with my marketing efforts. I would recommend working with The Quirky Pineapple Studio because of their attention to detail and relational approach to marketing!”

Michaela Ayers
Founder, Facilitator, and Storyteller | Nourish Events


Through strategic efforts and collaboration, here’s everything we did to help Nourish get clear on its message and grow its community engagement across various platforms.

1. Six-Month Strategic Planning: With the help of our Quirky Octopus™ Framework, we developed a comprehensive six-month strategy across Instagram and email marketing that focused on posting cadence, content pillars, and branded content. At the same time, we worked to establish Nourish’s brand voice and message.

2. Brand Onboarding: Once we had put together a tailored strategy, we introduced Nourish to the brand strategy and messaging we’d put together, created a collection of branded templates, set the Instagram account up on a scheduling platform, and optimized a series of profile elements – like the Instagram bio, profile picture, and highlights – to elevate the brand’s online presence.

3. Optimized Content Creation: With the help of an innovative approach, we produced easily editable and collaborative content that included branded graphics, B-roll footage, mini vlogs from past events, recap videos, and other types of engaging posts that showcased Nourish’s work and personality.

4. Monthly Check-Ins: To ensure our strategies were aligned and effective, we held monthly meetings with Michaela to review performance metrics and adjust any necessary strategies moving forward. This included planning for future launches, evaluating audience engagement, and fine-tuning what needed to be updated.

5. Community Growth & Engagement: Through our time together, we worked to highlight and recap all of Nourish’s events through social media and email marketing. This led to sold-out events and workshops, as well as a significant increase in the audience’s trust.


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